Finally Got Him!

From the moment I was able to tame exotic pets, I had one thing in mind: a corehound. Those slobbering, two headed beasties were too cool to resist. The only one not in a dungeon was in Shadowmoon Valley.  For weeks now, I’ve gone there one or twice  for each of those weeks to tame the damn thing with no luck.

Unless you consider dying in a puddle of acid luck, which I don’t. It seemed everytime I got close, he’d knock me back, disrupting the training process and I’d have to start over and hope it worked before I died. I can’t even begin to count the number of times I’ve tried. How much gold I’ve spent in repairing equipment as a result of my bulleaded, yet, predetermined death.  Probably enough to get my cold weather flying training, most likely. 

Since I was home sick today, I decided to try again. I mentioned this in guild chat, and made some comment about hoping he doesn’t knock me back yet again.  And then the miracl came.

“Use frost trap, freeze ’em in place.” Someone said.  I’d never felt so dumb in my life. Well, okay I have, but not in a long time. At least three days, maybe two.  Even though I’m a hunter and I’ve trained in traps, I’ve never really used them. Bobo, Detta or the rhino I picked up did well enough, I didn’t need them. I rarely run instances-yet-where they can be used effectively, so it never dawned on me. 

I am he who the name huntard was destined for. 

I go down to Shadowmoon Valley, find my prey, spring the trap and voila! Spanky is mine!

What? what’s wrong with naming a green, two headed drooling monster Spanky?


Why I WoW

It began innocently. I’d finished playing The Witcher, and was looking for a new game. Browsing through itunes for some new podcasts, I came across The Instance, a podcast devoted to World of Warcraft. I listened and loved the show. Scott Johnson and cohost Randy Deluxe are as enthusiastic a pair of hosts as you could imagine. It was infectious, really. I’d played the previous RTS warcraft games, and enjoyed them, but balked at spending 15 bucks a month for a game. I downloaded the 10 say trial, and got hooked. When Scott and Randy started talking about the AIE guild, I was intrigued, and checked it out.

It didn’t take long to join the guild, beome a regular on the forums, and immerse myself in the world of Azeroth. My Blood Elf Hunter, Kharisi, and his trusty Gorilla sidekick Bobo, travel the world, seeking gold and adventure.  In spite of being in the largest US guild, I rarely quest with anyone, have only done one instance, and listen in to the ventrilo chat more than I talk. The grinding for the next level can be tiring. The world so big, I never know where to go next. Once I hit level 30, I got my mount that made travelling much easier. Sure it’s a big chicken looking thing, but it’s faster than walking. Besides, my blood elf looks awesome on it.

For an hour or two every night, and more on the weekends, I lose myself in quests, the auction house, avoiding zombies, and traveling. I’ve met some great people through the guild, and know if I ever need help, someone is always willing to help me.

It’s not perfect, nothing is, but for all its flaws, I keep coming back, because I have fun. I don’t watch a lot of tv, and this is my entertainment, my stress reliever. And many times, guild chat, is my comic relief.

I enjoy my time there, and don’t regret a moment of it. There’s always something new to see, someplace to discover, and always, always, some zombies to kill.

Nascar gnome style

So I was running around Azeroth, on my way to Gadgetzan (the main city for gnomes) when I came across a race car circuit. 

I didn’t stick around very long-but I’ll be going back to see if there are actual races. WoW, just when I thought I’d seen it all, Blizzard amazes me with something totally unexpected.


The third picture is on the flight path to Orgrimmar, and obviously not a picture of a race track.