My newest pet

Meet my newest pet, tamed in the marshes and bog of Zangarmarsh, the quite colorful wasp, Sparky! While her health and strength isn’t as high as Bobo’s, her swiftness, and ability to dodge makes up for it in the long run. I’ve used Sparky to take down a group of 4 bog giants and only had to cast fend pet once. A remarkable pet.


…and even more shots

Well, now that I’ve been able to log on, I was able to take screen shots for today’s adventures. Unfortunately I was disconnected twice and haven’t successfully logged in with my Ally toon. The pics here are of Stormwind, the human capital city, Cuss and I pondering our fates, after being mauled by Hogger, the nasty kobold, and finally one from Feralas.