Ebay auctions

Well, I’ve been selling some things on ebay in order to keep up on rent etc, and though I’ve been doing this for a month now, never thought about posting about it on my blog. At this point, I’ve got some DVD boxed sets up for auction. If anyone who’s interested in checking it out and maybe bidding, I’ll direct you to what I have for sale here:


If you have any questions please let me know. I’ll also have some more DVD’s going up for sale within the next week, as well as my 4th gen ipod Nano.  I’d appreciate any bids you might want to place.

End of pimping my wares.

1000 Posts, 1500 Quests, 5250 Dollars and 3 Weeks

In other words, the numbers that have popped up in my life over the past week. 

1000 posts

I made my 1000th post over on SL this morning, and have learned this: nitwits aren’t limited to SL. On each and every forum I go to there are nitwits aplenty, always ready to share their ignorance on a global scale.  Fortunately the legion outside of SL tend to not take it outside the forums into blogs, or other websites. However, I have yet to see a forum run as badly as Matt runs SL, with his constant snipping, thread deletions and obvious way he play favorites and coddles the nitwits.  If Matt’s intent on doing this is to drive SL into the ground he is indeed doing a splendid job.

1500 quests

I recently got the achievement for completing 1500 quests in Warcraft, as well as doing 5 daily quests consecutively and 50 daily quests total. Hey being 80 has advantages; you can go back and cleanup all those low level quests you skipped or missed as you leveled up. 

I also want to say it’s been a blast playing with Cussedness and chatting with her over ventrilo as we play. Stay away from the lava Cuss!

5250 dollars

Is the average amount of money it’s going to take to have all my lower teeth removed. Due to the expense and my mother not being able to pay that much, I’m looking into other dental plans to see if it can be done for something more manageable. 

And no, a reach around isn’t included in that fucking the dentists are giving me.

3 Weeks

Is how long I’ve been unemployed. I’ve been on two interviews despite my creating a blizzard of resumes. Unemployment is behind and I still haven’t gotten my first check yet, but at least I did get the 401K check yesterday.

2 Podcasts

I’ve recorded segments for two podcasts for my warcraft guild. One is up and the other will be released later this week. If you’re interested, it’s available as an itunes download, simply search for alea iacta est. My segment is on episode 18.

1 new pet

Not being happy with how my corehound was working, I abandoned the drooling green mess in favor of a cat, a cursed child of Har’Koa and I’m very pleased with her so far. I named her Gilead, from the area where Roland inKing’s Dark Tower series hails from. Here’s a pic of this oh so sexy beast.


Upcoming Unemployment

I got into work today, and was immediately taken into my bosses office for a sit down. Seems that word went out Friday, that as of Jan. 15, our  call center offices here in Phoenix will be closing. In an effort to save money, everything will be consolidated into our Houston headquarters. No one, not even the bosses it seems, saw that coming. If I wanted to move to TX and keep my job, I could. But frankly, that’s not an option.

I’m sitting at my desk and wondering what the hell, to do next. I’ll update my resume on monster.com and start going through the want ads obviously; but if a company like mine, is now having problems, then the economic situation is a whole lot worse than anyone thought.