Shameless Promotion for The Instance

About two weeks ago I posted about the podcasts The Instance and ExtraLife Radio. As fate would have it, on the most recent episode of  The Instance, they’re running a contest, where you post something about the show in order to win some loot cards.

You can also check out the official instance website at I love The Instance, and it’s what got me into wow in the first place, so for all you wow players, check out the podcast, visit the website, and have some fun.

“He’s Like Dick Clark Without the Stroke.”

That was the line Scott Johnson uttered on the most recent extralife radio podcast, that prompted this blog entry. I’ve been a fan of his two podcasts, ExtraLife Radio and The Instance for a few months now. When I heard each show for the first time, last Spring, I went and looked for earlier shows.

I was shocked. At the time, The Instance was close to it’s 100th podcast, and ELR was airing its 150th show.  I’d stumbled on The Instance while looking for video game podcasts. I wasn’t playing Warcraft at the time (which is what the show is about), but downloaded it anyway and was blown away. Scott and Randy, with plenty of help from others, put together a show that is so infectious, fun and entertaining, you can’t help but smile. Their unbridled enthusiasm for the game led me to play it, and then join the AIE guild (which is made up mainly of instance listeners). 

I then found out about Scott’s other show  My ExtraLife, which is a geek’s delight. I say that, as a compliment, as I consider myself a geek as well. Topics ranging from movies, to tv, to video games, and everything in between, incuding columbian transients taking dumps on the highway.

Yup, it can be that kind of show. Sometimes, juvenile, but always with an air of innocence, Scott, Brian and O work so well off one another, its easy to see why not only ELR but The Instance both won podcast of the year awards from They’re both well deserved honors.

Then there is Scott’s website, Her you’ll find links to his podcasts, his artwork, 3 times a week comic strip and a host of other goodies.

I heartily suggest you give one or both of these podcasts a listen, as I think you’ll enjoy them both. Even if you’ve never played a videogame in your life, the instance is still well worth listening to for entertainment.