First sale

I can now announce, that I’ve made my first sale, a poem, to be included in Rich Ristow’s collection, Death in Common. 

What started one warm AZ night on Oct. 14th, and included 11 revisions, numerous emails, and a small ulcer has culminated in a sale. I spent a lot of time writing this one, and kept on trucking even when I wanted to give up.  Were it not for Rich’s comments, care and patience, it would have been impossible to finish.  I want to thank him for giving me the chance, even though I never thought I had one.  Poetry isn’t my thing. I appreciate it, even more now, but this was a bitch to write. Over the next couple of days I’m going to detail the process I went through to get Misplace Chldhood publishable.

Make no mistake. Rich is a friend, but I had no guarantees it would be accepted. fortunately, I’ve worked with friends in the past and had my work radically changed or rejected, so it would have been okay. 

But I got accepted. So now Nikita, I AM a published writer, with HWA rates to boot! It pays to work hard and have a bit of talent.

A hell of an editor doesn’t hurt either.