The Sky is Falling….Oh wait, it’s only Philbin’s Credibility

Master Conspiracy collector Philbin is predicting over on his blog that we’ll be under marshall Law.

Apparently (while discussing the recent $800 billion Bail Out) California Democrat Brad Sherman revealed that Martial Law is already under effect in Congress. According to a recent revelation from Dr Bill Deagle, Total Martial Law will finally be announced in Los Angeles tomorrow, Tuesday 7th October. Coincidence?

Apparently he couldn’t be bothered to find out where that quote was taken from. A quick google reveals there was nothing to even take that out of context from. Good job, Mikkake!

He also writes at the bottom,

NB: If Martial Law’s not officially declared in the USA by Wednesday, I’ll take this ridiculous post down.

Sorry Mikey, the egg is already on your face.

Philbin and Dagstine, together again

It never seems to fail, when one nitwit pops up like Nikita did today, the other two follow. Dagstine was a busy, busy ear cancer survivor today posting on most every topic on the first page over at shocklines tonight.  He even manages to create a topic of his own: What’s your fiction approach

Lorenzo, you should learn how to write fiction first before trying to pretend you actually know something about it. BTW, I guess the ear cancer miraculously vanished as well, you haven’t been pumping that for attention lately. Or maybe you finally realize no one takes you seriously. Not as a writer, or as a person.

Not to be left alone, brit-hack Philbin is whoring another review of his crapic (a shiity epic is what that is), over here: Do I even have to say the first (and only) one to comment on it, is his favorite butt buddy Lorenzo?

Looks like they’re all gearing up for another clusterfuck this weekend. 

Don’t worry, I have plenty of popcorn to go around.

Neglecting the Nitwits

While I’ve been following politics the last few days, I fear I’ve neglected the Legion. Fear not my Legion, I’ve not forgotten you1 There are more important things than a trio of hacks with ego’s the size of a Montana sky. why just this morning, Lorenzo, in an effort to further cozy himself up Phoolbin’s rectum started this thread on Shocklines. Well, Lorenzo, the fact is, the only conspiracy at work is the one between you and Mikkake who keep touting conspiracies, books of reprints, and an ever changing amount of credits (some to good and respected to tell anyone). Nikita was very busy! So busy, I don’t have the time to recap all his madness, so I refer you over to my friends at for all his current illiterate ramblings. If you want see La Femme Nikita’s homophobia on display-again-he posted a couple of lovely comments here:

As for what Phoolbin is up to, he’s too busy obviating.

Philbin’s quest for the tin foil hat award

Not one to rest on his ample laurels after getting hatchecked on his goodreads page, Phoolbin is once again skating on the already thin ice of sanity. This time he’s promoting Loose Change, a “documentary” about the never ending 9/11 conspiracies.

He’s so intent on trying to make himself seem so underground and hip, that he doesn’t see that no one takes him, his crackpot ideas, or his Alex Jones worship seriously. 

I disagree with everything Bush and company stand for. but they can’t wage a successful war, find bin Laden, lower gas prices, ease the middle class struggle but can orchestrate 9/11? Not bloody likely. The guiltiest Bush is, is simply the fact he NEVER read a report entitled Bin Laden’s plans to Strike US.” a full month before the attacks.

Yet Phoolbin has shown that like NIkita and Daggy, he doesn’t let facts get in the way of his thoughts. One more cry for attention and one more failure.

Philbin full of more than Bukkake

What started as simply posting a negative review on Philbin’s goodreads page for his ejaculate run amok tome BukkakeWorld has turned into something incredibly ugly and typifies the nitwits. Philbin seems to think that a bad review is libelous and worthy of a lawsuit. He’s threatened Janrae with extradition to merry old England for his thin skinned reaction. The entire thread can be found here:

 Given his predilection for tin foil conspiracies (his worship of Alex Jones is becoming the stuff of legend), he sees cabals the way most people see grass: everywhere. He assumes that TRN is the head of this cabal and we take orders from Rusty.

I hate to break his heart, but all one has to do is read the first chapter of BukkakeWorld (which he’s put up online) to see it for what it is, pretentious, badly written crap.

And like his fellow nitwits Nikita and Lorenzo he ends one post with the vaguely threatening,

 I’ve been protecting the L.A. cover-artist from this issue but were he to find out what’s being said about his work…

What, Mikkake? What would this protected artist do? Have a philbin style hissy fit? Threaten his own lawsuits? Or maybe he’d be an adult and ignore the crticism, something which seems beyond your grasp.

Nitwits-Two for one special!

Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with nitwits. Not only does La Femme Nikita have a new post up, Philbin is whoring his silverpress interview and becoming a psychic!

The Amazing Philbin

Not one to leave a dead horse unbreaten, Philbin felt the need to bump up his SL thread whoring his interview on Silverthought. To add a little spice he has seen the future and says:

 so, what am I saying?
well, I’m saying that if we contine to tacitly support THE NEW WORLD ORDER many of us’ll end up in the death camps just like the Jews did in the late 30’s/40’s.

you heard it here again – yes, they’re really out to get you.

Is that so Mike? Sounds like the ravings of your new poster boy for truth, Alex Jones once again. Or maybe this is another load of Bukkake your tossing in the wind.

Nikita whines some more

The one thing you can credit La Femme Nikita for is his consistency. Of course, that’s not very hard when you repeat the same three things over and over again.  The only difference in his rants is who he decided to attack. His new rant is replete with threats of ass kicking, whines about the injustices he thinks he suffers, and ignoring the fact he does the same thing he accuses others of doing.

 Leave the family out of this, what did they do to you

he writes. That could be taken directly from granny’s letter from 2005 (posted here on Rusty’s for your reading pleasure notice it’s also missing the question mark at the end. He writes this in spite of the fact he accuses people of snorting their dead brother’s ashes, and wishes my late ex in hell.

My favorite bit, is this little nugget:

I got eyes and ears in Chicago and all over the Midwest. So they will tell me when you try something stupid and this stupid you’ve done; this is personal. Encouraging people to stalk me, not cool. I could get people to actually boycott you if you’re not cafeful. Belive me that is coming. Any night you are actually the DJ, it will be boycotted.

First of all, the fact that anyone other than his granny cares about anything that happens is laughable. Those many eyes and ears are the ones snorting with hysterics over his overly developed sense of power. No one encouraged anyone to stalk you Nikita. Most of us don’t have all the shots we need to get withn 500 yards of your greasy haired ass. for all your whining and talk of a boycott, most people will support DJ Pathogen when he plays simply because you said don’t go. As has been pointed out here and elsewhere, your only Friend is Granny Bates, and that’s only due to blood ties. I have no doubt if she weren’t your grandmother (who apparently gave Nikita his writing ability) she’d want nothing to do with you.

Nikita, the next time you accuse people of bad behaviour look at what you’ve done. Of course that would mean looking in the mirror and I hear they keep shattering when you peer at one.


Philbin continues to stir

With 57 views and no responses yet, Philbin tries again to stir the pot, this time under the guise of discussing the work of Philip K Dick. His thought process is so transparent in this, no wonder no one has taken the bait.

He says he’s interested in talking about the horror in Dick’s work, yet continues to quote conspiracy charlatan Alex Jones. He also digs up his dead horse of “evil corporate america” in an attempt to make himself relevant.

Mike, no one cares what you think. No one is interested in your crackpot theories. No one has interest in Bukkake or Owls. No one with a modicum of intelligence cares about your writing. The fact you keep trying to stir shit and fail, with matt’s blessing, it seems, shows how truly desperate you are.

Philbin reacts

Responding to a review on bookworld, The “waanebe-neverwill” bad boy of genreclectic writing, Mike Philbin, felt the need to create a post on SL about the comment,

Not to be outdone, Tracy Carbone responds taking the comment maker to task. It’s also apparent that Carbone hasn’t read Philbin’s pedophiliac take on corporate America or she wouldn’t have made her own ignorant remark.

Philbin’s sarcasm in his comment is duly noted, though I can’t help wonder why he continues to think comments like his actually help his books. As a reader it alerts me to novels not to buy (or writers who support him for that matter) and as a writer he shows me everyting not to do. If he spent more time honing the little talent he does possess, he might not find himself in the cross hairs all the time.

The Circle Jerk Continues

I’ll post more on this when I get home from work, but these are good for some lolz in the meantime.


Two threads with a total of 1600 pus views combined. 19 replies also combined divided by 4 people: Larry, Philbin, Purpleverse and Dudgeon.

If they can’t see by those numbers that no one cares, then not only are they lousy writer/editors, they’re also lousy at math.

The problem with Shocklines is…

…not the Legion of nitwits. It’s not even the obsessive paranoia of Islam by some. No, the problem with Shocklines, in my view, is the owner, Matt Schwartz. I have no axe to grind with him on a personal level. Business wise he’s treated me well with my purchases from his perpetually closing store.

I came to SL later than most, about a year and a half ago. I was on briefly before I moved, lost my partner and had no internet access for a few months. When I got online again back in October of last year everything seemed somewhat okay. At that point I was blissfully unaware of the nitwits. Fast forward a bit and with Nikita, Phleabitten and Dagstine taking center stage things changed for the worse.

Comments were being snipped, threads were being locked and messages telling people to knock it off or be banned were sent. Here’s one Matt sent to me on 06/18/08 Titled, Knock it Off: Stop the baiting and looking for an argument (the “kindling” remark). Official warning.

Yet Nikita can call Bob Freeman a cocksucker in a thread and not get banned. I don’t know Mr. Freeman, have never sent an email, traded posts or had any interaction with him but he didn’t deserve the attacks by Nikita. Allowing Nikita to keep posting is a slap in the face to everyone he’s insulted. Matt’s action’s are a big Fuck You! to everyone who is a serious writer. When Philbin and Dungstain get caught in lies and someone calls them on bullshit, Matt cuts and locks.

In a post on the new Sheepnet blog, Matt wrote: “…of course it would be better if no one felt the need to set up blogs just for the purpose of making fun of other people. I often look at those blogs and wonder how grown adults can somehow manage to reduce themselves to the antics of particularly immature 12-year olds. But there’s certainly nothing MORE immature about this blog than of the blogs it’s making fun of.”

That alone makes it clear he either has not read the blogs or simply has the reading comprehension of La Femme Nikita.  If these blogs were simply to make fun of people, I’d feel the same way. But they’re not. As I’ve said on TRN and TODP they show new writers like myself, what not to do. Okay, granted it should be obvious by reading their works and posts what not to do; but when a topic like the Blue Phier fiasco comes
up it’s to the credit of TRN and others that they blog about it. If Matt had truly read these blogs he would see that what the nitwits are up to elsewhere stains the reputation (or what’s left) of his forum.

Why keep going there then? Good question. There are some who post on SL I enjoy talking with and it’s easier to do it there. Other than that I have no reason aside from watching the train wreck that is SL with Matt at the wheel.