Orgrimmar attacked, then mail disappears

In what can’t be considered a good sign, Blizzard’s weekly maintenance yesterday, scheduled until 11 AM PST, was extended until 8PM PST. Mail for the last 15 days went missing, PVP gear was being given away, there were some glitches on different classes, all one day before the expansion comes out. 

I’m a new wow player, started back in April of this year, so I wasn’t around for the first expansion. I have heard from fellow guild members who were there for TBC release, all the problems that occurred. It was ugly. Servers up and down, lag, queues…much like it’s been the past few weeks. I’ve gotten very frustrated, as I’m trying to hit 68 asap to get to Northrend, and already at 64. Yet what would have made me say screw it in other games, one thing keeps me going.

Blizzard knows how to tell a story. when I made a weekly run to Orgrimmar to AH some items, the city was under attack by ice dragons and abominations. All the major Horde leaders were in town; and in some inspired fanboy service, Thrall and Garrosh Hellscream were fighting in an Arena. for those of us who have played WC since the first game, seeing lore unfold before your eyes is an inspiring, and goose bump raising moment. 

So in spite of not being able to log on at all yesterday, I’m eager to see what happens next. Lich King gets a midnight release tonight, and while I won’t be at one, I’ll be up first thing in the morning banging on a box store door for my death knight.

Good thing I took the day off.