A Return to Form

I was quite content to let this blog remain dormant; having said all I wanted or needed to say about the nitwits, it was time for me to move on. Rusty, Cussedness and everyone else have been doing a great job in dealing with everyone and it allowed me to continue with my career.

For those who haven’t been over to my current blog (99.5% nitwit free!), I’ll recap quickly what I’ve been up to. This time last year a former friend and I started Bandersnatch Books. In April of last year I took over the company in a rather abrupt attempt to keep it from going down the toilet-which is the direction it was headed. Those not involved chose to think of it as a dick move, while others wanted to play at revisionist history. I simply went on with business and after some initial turmoil was able to get back on track. We’ve released T.M. Wright’s “The People on the Island” and will be releasing K.H. Koehler’s “The Dreadful Doctor Faust” in a couple of weeks. I’ve put together an anthology of weird western stories chock full of award winning writers which will be out early next year, as well as sold my novella “Barbed Wire Kisses” to Skullvines Press (due out in 2011).

So I’ve been busy. I’ve generally stayed away from the nitwits and tried to be more productive with my time knowing others were fighting the good fight. Even La Femme Nikita’s rants were nothing more than a distraction. Yet now I find myself having to set the little nitwit that never could straight (so to speak), about a few things. Because I suck at taking screen shots, I’ll simply cut and paste all relevant posts, which you can find here, before Matt the Boy wonder can swoop in with his +3 scissors of Nitwit enabling and cuts the thread: http://shocklinesforum.yuku.com/topic/16903?page=2.

Since Nikita began the thread backpedaling on his “pen name” Lloyd, after spending months trying to convince everyone he was a real person, and attacking everyone in sight doing so, I thought I would have some fun and post the cover for Karen’s upcoming release and adding that Nikita should meet the Dreadful Doctor Faust. Nikita responded thusly:

Colbert — I like the opposite sex and only the opposite sex. Would it kill you to find yourself a woman once in a while?

Well the fact is it doesn’t kill me at all Peaches. See, I can find woman who not only a) find me attractive but also b) enjoy my friendship. I don’t slander women, refer to them as “fucking cunts”, call them whores, and other misogynistic epithets. I respect and love women. I just don’t want to sleep with them.  I find it rather amusing he thinks I’m trying to set up a sexual encounter with a fictional character-though that’s something he’s certainly used to I imagine.

Also I am addressing Black Death Books, Bandersnatch Books and Skullvines Press — if you don’t have anything of value to say on this thread get out of the thread because all you’re doing are being snarky little pricks.  Now you may go crawl into the world where you have your heads shoved up your ass.

Kudos for spelling Bandersnatch correctly, it’s not something everyone does.  However, no one under the Bandersnatch account made any comments in your preciousssssessss thread. My posts were as myself, and not representing my company.

Now Colbert I didn’t say that on here, didn’t I. Yeah you’re reading between the lines. The reason I admit that I am Lloyd Campbell now is because some troll kidnapped the pen name and trying to pass him off as a half-naked idiot with a unicorn fetish.  I wanted to make people think Lloyd was a different person because I really guised up my style as him.  People in the magazine actually thought he was a different person, well that’s part of being a pen name in that sense of the word — when the troll started lifting him for blurbs on plagiarized titles that is when it was time to let it all lay on the table so to speak.

Uhm, yeah Nikita you’ve not only said it on Shocklines but damn near every place that hasn’t banned you yet.  And here’s a hint, you can take any pen name you want, but you’re awful writing skills ooze through no matter what. Rearranging a turd to make it look like a snickers doesn’t make it one.

Colbert — the last time I got some action was in 2008. It wasn’t ten years, in fact it was only two. I will not mention names of the woman because I am not the kind of guy who would boink and tell.  I get letters from females all the time asking me to date them from time to time.  That’s the fun in being a bachelor author.

Which if I’m not mistaken was the time you posted a screencap showing your search for sleepsacks. You won’t “boink” and tell because there was no woman two years ago. If there had been we would have seen the police reports by now. I get letters saying I can be a millionaire as well, doesn’t make it so.
It’s nice to have Cynical, Solkirk and dogpoet say nice things about me (which i won’t cut and paste out of modesty :P) and they’re far more trustworthy in their poinion than Nikita ever could.
So, I hope this clears somethings up Nikita. I know you hate hearing the truth, but there it is.
And for those interested in what I’m up to writing wise, check out www.scottcolbert.com.

More Fun With Shocklines.

Matt, proving once more what a dipshit he is, has locked the thread started by Dimstain about Nikita’s “health”. Of course he let Nikita have the last word. At least wwe don’t have to wade through more posts of sympathy for the wretch that is Nikita-though new annoyance Damastes has to put her two cents in-even when she has no clue about anything.  here’s Nikita’s post in that thread, and afterwords I’ll deal with Matt and SL. 

 BELLS PALSY is nothing to joke about when it is on the onset. Though I’ve seen people laughing at the fact that I had this for a good part of a month. All of January was the hellish three weeks that this came on and I was in the ER twice for it. I thought I was having a stroke because of the facial paralysis. I couldn’t eat right or sleep the entire time. I am glad the fucking thing is gone, I wish it upon my worst enemy because it would humble them some when they post about it on their blog stealing my entry and going around making light of something like that. My advice to them is have a heart before you do something like that, even when I said I wouldn’t buy a dead author’s books in life and also in his death. That is an honest statement but when they go around mocking my Bells Palsy, that isn’t a cool thing to do. The bells palsy I could not even listen to the radio without my head going haywire. 

You mean that phantom disease that the doctor said you didn’t have? Seriously, how long are you going to stay on the cross with this one.  You even said that the doctor called it horseshit on your facebook blog. You can’t even put a coherent thought together, yet you expect everyone to think your some sort of medical savant?  Sorry Nikita, just another whiny plea for sympathy and attention, in hopes of selling that incoherent alphabet soup you call writing. In fact, if I opened a can of alphabet soup and poured it on some paper, I’m certain what came out would make more sense than anything you could write with you “19 years of writing”. Then you have the nerve, the gall, the cajones to tell others to “have a heart?” Contradict yourself much ferret boy? Wait, strike that, ferrets are lovable and playful creatures-you’re not. Talking about the deceased loved ones of others, their health problems is okay for you, but not anyone else? 

Anything you say or do is fair game NIkita. You have no boundaries, and neither do we. Remember that.


Now onto Matt and his smothering manlove for the Legion. He is so obsessed with trying to protect the nitwits at all costs, I think he honestly doesn’t see the damage he’s doing to his own credibility.  Not that it matters anymore, as many of those who used to post have gone on to their own boards, or migrated over to Keene’s board. With the exception of 3 or 4 people on SL, it’s nothing but idiocy and rampant favoritism there. Mention Keene’s board, get deleted. Call the nitwits out on their lies, get deleted and warned of being banned. Post something halway intelligent, and some yahoo like Damastes, TrentTaylor or another moron will derail it.

Even Odark is being overrun with stupid of late, but at least the stupid remains there and not cut or deleted. One of the few things in Odark’s favor anymore.

Over the past few days Phoolbin and Dimstain have been running amok, posting their ignorant, paranoi driven drivel, and being allowed to continue without so much as a crossed eye from their buddy Matt.

Yes, it’s Matt’s board and he can do what he wants, but maybe it’s time for Matt to hand the reins over to someone who actually gives a shit.

La Femme Nikita Stands His Ground

Never one to let psychosomatic diseases like his phantom Bell’s Palsy keep him down, Nikita has been active once again, and still repeating the same things he’s been spewing forever. Rusty has done another smashing job of dissecting his incoherent babble, so I’ll cut to the chase and focus on a few things. 

I am not threatening anyone here, but I just got done taking a shit in someone’s urn, the fucking fag kept going on and on about this dead lover.   Get yourself a woman and stop acting like a woman.  I am going to comment on the blogs but I will say this of the spineless cocksuckers.  They need to really get a life and stop pissing onmine!

First of all Nikita, Damon was never cremated.  I’d like to know where you think I go on and on about him. I’ve only mentioned him a handful of times on my blog and in random posts on Rusty’s or SL.  However, I’m glad you’re reading my posts; see what real writing looks like?  and for all your tough talk, you’re nothing but a coward and pussy.  What would you do if I came to your neck of the woods and knock on your door? Hide behind Granny? Run to your little basement hovel Nick two kitchens Pacione? More likely you’d just shit your pants.  Well I wouldn’t waste my time or money on a douchebag like yourself, so you’re safe.  I don’t make threats, I take action. 

Action, like writing a blog post on what an unkempt, paranoid, lying, plagiarizing, piece of shit you are. Blame your problems on your mental defects all you want, the fact is Nikita, you’re nothing but a lowlife piece of shit. Rather than listn to some of the criticism that’s offered, you get defensive, and have an asshole like Dagstine make posts on SL for you. Remember, this is the same guy who stalked you under an alias you dumb fuck. do you think he actually cares about anything or anyone (aside from his butt buddies Philbin and Matt “Legion lover” Schwartz) other than himself?  You’re nothing but a tool to him. Well, you’re a tool in many ways, but in this instance, even a dull butter knife like yourself has at least one use.

As for Lulu, don’t get comfortable there again, just yet. something tells me you won’t be there long. 

Then over on SL (and I’ll have something to say about SL again in another post), he writes, 

I am doing well and did a new blog reflecting on it — the fact I am doing some new stories right now, I don’t have writers block either. R.N. we had our bad blood, you just never gave me the chance to really push my publications on here. I am celebrating on here by offering TABLOID PURPOSES IV signed for $20.00. 

Doing well is not talking about someone’s dead lover. Doing well is not accusing me of molesting someone. Doing well is not lying about why you never pay your writers. That’s doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.

That’s insanity. But you know what it’s like to be insane, as no normal person would ever behave as you do. $20.00 for a signed roll mag not even suitable for toilet paper? give me a fucking break. If you think anyone would pay 20 cents for your work, well you’re as delusional about your nontalent as Dagstine is about his. 

 I lost this one because of one unruly writer with contracts. She signed a contract but voided it out when she started bashing on me and shit. I’ve been a writer of 19 years coming October. Halloween 1990 was when my first horror story was written.

Yes, damn those unruly writers and their contracts. Imagine wanting to be paid! and maybe she never would have said anything about you if you’d paid her as you said; but no, you have a long history of not paying writers, so why should anyone be surprised? 

19 years as a writer, and you still have less talent than a 6 year old with severe learning disabilities.

Try 30 plus years as a talentless douchebag.

Dagstine and Trawlingfrogdog – new lows in douchebaggery

I’m pissed off. I mean really, really pissed. It’s not enough to attack a respected, published author like Janrae Frank, but the mean, and vicious personal attacks are over the line. I’m not surprised, sad to say, that dagstine has to refer to the special olympics as something bad, or less than, but for him to condone this absolute scumbag trawlingfrogdog’s comments about Janrae’s disability is sickening.  for those with a strong stomach, the comments can be found here: http://shocklinesforum.yuku.com/topic/6184?page=2.

Naturally Matt’s left those comments up. He’s too busy masturbating to lolcat pictures to do anything productive.

Others may take a high road, but I won’t. If the douchebag brigade choose to fight that way, so will I. Nothing is sacred. Nothing off limits.

It’s one thing to critisize someone for their writing, but to jump on someone for their disability shows that person even more crippled than the one they try and hurt.

Matt gets his snippers out again

I saw this thread over at TODP http://theotherdarkplace.com/mboard/index.php?topic=15272.0 and had no idea the thread had gotten so-err, short.

Seems the new Barker book is being published by Bad Moon Books, in several editions to gouge your wallet. This is a company run by a well known (and absurdly proud) bigot and homophobe. He’s made no bones about his hate for gays, has called people faggot on SL and harrassed JReitan to no end over some books. however he has no qualms about making money off a well known faggot to line his own pockets. I guess if there’s enough money to be made it doesn’t matter who you fuck. so much for upholding your principles.

Principles, or lack of is where Matt comes in. Seems he’s snipped every post pointing out the homophobia of this publisher and calling Matt out for it. Typical Matt behavior. Proclaim to not tolerate hate speech, yet snip everything that challenges it. As a gay man, I’m deeply embarrassed that I’m part of the same community as Matt.

Matt, if you can’t deal with criticism, it’s time to hang up your crotchless panties. You sir, are pathetic.

More problems with Shocklines

Bryon Morrigan pointed this out over at TODP http://theotherdarkplace.com/mboard/index.php?topic=15227.0 . Hank yet again taking after anyone who isn’t him. He calls himself a libertarian but he’s not. He’s a bigot, a racist, a xenophobe. Call it what you will, but I’ll refer it to as the ugly american syndrome. Every stereotype that can be said about Americans, Hank has rolled all into one big skid mark of a post.

Yet he is entitled to his opinion, as disgusting as some of them may be. So offensive are his thoughts about any religion that isn’t Christianity, caused one veteran SL membber to call it quits. I don’t blame her one bit, but I do blame someone and that’s Matt.

For all his talk about not wanting or tolerating hate speech on his board, or putting down others, he’s allowed Hank free reign to create a blight of said hate speech all over his board. Yet Matt does nothing.  Well he does post LOLcat pictures but that’s in his comfort zone.  When it comes to actually doing something useful like cutting truly hateful posts, he leaves them and will snip the reactions. It seems as if he no longer cares about his board and what it meant to so many people at one time. He’s content to let people leave one by one and let the lunatics run the asylum.

Way to go Matt.

The problem with Shocklines – continued

So Larry feeling crushed I didn’t take his advice, makes a post on SL asking Matt to lock a thread because of his denial of being involved with sheepnet. He ends it with this: “Otherwise, might I suggest going to Raingod’s blog.”

That, I think was his sole intention. To get Matt to read my post about SL. For what? To get me banned? Warned? Who knows.

That thread which was 2 pages is now locked and cut to 3 posts. That’s right 3 posts.  Larry’s original post, WrathofSquirrel’s post (which to be fair took Larry to task for his bs) and Matt’s “Because I’m the boss” foot stomp of a post.

Matt begins by quoting WrathofSquirrel’s post, which read, “You know what this reminds me of? The last three times Lawrence tried starting trouble and hiding behind an alt, and then started a thread on Shocklines claiming he wasn’t the alt after he’d been found out.”

Matt then went on: “I can’t believe the hostility and nastiness of the posts I deleted here. While a couple of you being assholes was par for the course, it was particularly disappointing to see others of you, again, diving in for no reason other than to humiliate or insult someone. It makes me ill.

I’ve already banned one of you until he/she can promise to behave like a mature adult. But consider this a warning to anyone else — the next post I see from any of you that are made on here that serves no other purpose than to insult someone or make them feel like shit gets you banned. Case closed. Take it elsewhere.”

Know what makes me ill? Hypocrisy. Lack of common sense. Lack of basic logic. In other words Matt. He’ll cut the posts of and ban every person who brings something of worth to his forum and leave the dregs. I don’t see how he can be so blind to what’s going on. Or is he so content to hold onto past grudges he happily fiddles while Rome burns?

The problem with Shocklines is…

…not the Legion of nitwits. It’s not even the obsessive paranoia of Islam by some. No, the problem with Shocklines, in my view, is the owner, Matt Schwartz. I have no axe to grind with him on a personal level. Business wise he’s treated me well with my purchases from his perpetually closing store.

I came to SL later than most, about a year and a half ago. I was on briefly before I moved, lost my partner and had no internet access for a few months. When I got online again back in October of last year everything seemed somewhat okay. At that point I was blissfully unaware of the nitwits. Fast forward a bit and with Nikita, Phleabitten and Dagstine taking center stage things changed for the worse.

Comments were being snipped, threads were being locked and messages telling people to knock it off or be banned were sent. Here’s one Matt sent to me on 06/18/08 Titled, Knock it Off: Stop the baiting and looking for an argument (the “kindling” remark). Official warning.

Yet Nikita can call Bob Freeman a cocksucker in a thread and not get banned. I don’t know Mr. Freeman, have never sent an email, traded posts or had any interaction with him but he didn’t deserve the attacks by Nikita. Allowing Nikita to keep posting is a slap in the face to everyone he’s insulted. Matt’s action’s are a big Fuck You! to everyone who is a serious writer. When Philbin and Dungstain get caught in lies and someone calls them on bullshit, Matt cuts and locks.

In a post on the new Sheepnet blog, Matt wrote: “…of course it would be better if no one felt the need to set up blogs just for the purpose of making fun of other people. I often look at those blogs and wonder how grown adults can somehow manage to reduce themselves to the antics of particularly immature 12-year olds. But there’s certainly nothing MORE immature about this blog than of the blogs it’s making fun of.”

That alone makes it clear he either has not read the blogs or simply has the reading comprehension of La Femme Nikita.  If these blogs were simply to make fun of people, I’d feel the same way. But they’re not. As I’ve said on TRN and TODP they show new writers like myself, what not to do. Okay, granted it should be obvious by reading their works and posts what not to do; but when a topic like the Blue Phier fiasco comes
up it’s to the credit of TRN and others that they blog about it. If Matt had truly read these blogs he would see that what the nitwits are up to elsewhere stains the reputation (or what’s left) of his forum.

Why keep going there then? Good question. There are some who post on SL I enjoy talking with and it’s easier to do it there. Other than that I have no reason aside from watching the train wreck that is SL with Matt at the wheel.