Larry and the Glass House

Never one to let a bandwagon go by that he won’t jump on, Dimstain now takes on Stephanie Meyer’s book The Host.

now Larry, I have no love for her work. I couldn’t even get past the first page of Twilight, let alone want to try anything else she’s put out; however, as bad as her writing is, it’s still miles above and beyond anything you’ve ever written. Perhaps when you stop making logical leaps (splintering marble rolling pins come to mind), them maybe you might have a right to say something. Of course, that’ll never happen, as you seem to think you have talent, and that all your 4theluv subs actually mean something.

They don’t. In fact they illustrate how bad your writing truly is, as pro markets won’t even touch them.

And then over here, , Sir Dimalot threatens us with a “historical weird tale” of Cleopatra. Apparently the King Tut exhibit has emboldened him once more. Still, if it’s anything like his other work, it will no doubt only be good for the lulz, and not worth the paper it no doubt, won’t be printed on.

Larry, I think you should think about getting a real job, this writing thing isn’t your strong suit. If I see any openings for freelance douchebags I’ll let you know.

More Fun With Shocklines.

Matt, proving once more what a dipshit he is, has locked the thread started by Dimstain about Nikita’s “health”. Of course he let Nikita have the last word. At least wwe don’t have to wade through more posts of sympathy for the wretch that is Nikita-though new annoyance Damastes has to put her two cents in-even when she has no clue about anything.  here’s Nikita’s post in that thread, and afterwords I’ll deal with Matt and SL. 

 BELLS PALSY is nothing to joke about when it is on the onset. Though I’ve seen people laughing at the fact that I had this for a good part of a month. All of January was the hellish three weeks that this came on and I was in the ER twice for it. I thought I was having a stroke because of the facial paralysis. I couldn’t eat right or sleep the entire time. I am glad the fucking thing is gone, I wish it upon my worst enemy because it would humble them some when they post about it on their blog stealing my entry and going around making light of something like that. My advice to them is have a heart before you do something like that, even when I said I wouldn’t buy a dead author’s books in life and also in his death. That is an honest statement but when they go around mocking my Bells Palsy, that isn’t a cool thing to do. The bells palsy I could not even listen to the radio without my head going haywire. 

You mean that phantom disease that the doctor said you didn’t have? Seriously, how long are you going to stay on the cross with this one.  You even said that the doctor called it horseshit on your facebook blog. You can’t even put a coherent thought together, yet you expect everyone to think your some sort of medical savant?  Sorry Nikita, just another whiny plea for sympathy and attention, in hopes of selling that incoherent alphabet soup you call writing. In fact, if I opened a can of alphabet soup and poured it on some paper, I’m certain what came out would make more sense than anything you could write with you “19 years of writing”. Then you have the nerve, the gall, the cajones to tell others to “have a heart?” Contradict yourself much ferret boy? Wait, strike that, ferrets are lovable and playful creatures-you’re not. Talking about the deceased loved ones of others, their health problems is okay for you, but not anyone else? 

Anything you say or do is fair game NIkita. You have no boundaries, and neither do we. Remember that.


Now onto Matt and his smothering manlove for the Legion. He is so obsessed with trying to protect the nitwits at all costs, I think he honestly doesn’t see the damage he’s doing to his own credibility.  Not that it matters anymore, as many of those who used to post have gone on to their own boards, or migrated over to Keene’s board. With the exception of 3 or 4 people on SL, it’s nothing but idiocy and rampant favoritism there. Mention Keene’s board, get deleted. Call the nitwits out on their lies, get deleted and warned of being banned. Post something halway intelligent, and some yahoo like Damastes, TrentTaylor or another moron will derail it.

Even Odark is being overrun with stupid of late, but at least the stupid remains there and not cut or deleted. One of the few things in Odark’s favor anymore.

Over the past few days Phoolbin and Dimstain have been running amok, posting their ignorant, paranoi driven drivel, and being allowed to continue without so much as a crossed eye from their buddy Matt.

Yes, it’s Matt’s board and he can do what he wants, but maybe it’s time for Matt to hand the reins over to someone who actually gives a shit.

La Femme Nikita Stands His Ground

Never one to let psychosomatic diseases like his phantom Bell’s Palsy keep him down, Nikita has been active once again, and still repeating the same things he’s been spewing forever. Rusty has done another smashing job of dissecting his incoherent babble, so I’ll cut to the chase and focus on a few things. 

I am not threatening anyone here, but I just got done taking a shit in someone’s urn, the fucking fag kept going on and on about this dead lover.   Get yourself a woman and stop acting like a woman.  I am going to comment on the blogs but I will say this of the spineless cocksuckers.  They need to really get a life and stop pissing onmine!

First of all Nikita, Damon was never cremated.  I’d like to know where you think I go on and on about him. I’ve only mentioned him a handful of times on my blog and in random posts on Rusty’s or SL.  However, I’m glad you’re reading my posts; see what real writing looks like?  and for all your tough talk, you’re nothing but a coward and pussy.  What would you do if I came to your neck of the woods and knock on your door? Hide behind Granny? Run to your little basement hovel Nick two kitchens Pacione? More likely you’d just shit your pants.  Well I wouldn’t waste my time or money on a douchebag like yourself, so you’re safe.  I don’t make threats, I take action. 

Action, like writing a blog post on what an unkempt, paranoid, lying, plagiarizing, piece of shit you are. Blame your problems on your mental defects all you want, the fact is Nikita, you’re nothing but a lowlife piece of shit. Rather than listn to some of the criticism that’s offered, you get defensive, and have an asshole like Dagstine make posts on SL for you. Remember, this is the same guy who stalked you under an alias you dumb fuck. do you think he actually cares about anything or anyone (aside from his butt buddies Philbin and Matt “Legion lover” Schwartz) other than himself?  You’re nothing but a tool to him. Well, you’re a tool in many ways, but in this instance, even a dull butter knife like yourself has at least one use.

As for Lulu, don’t get comfortable there again, just yet. something tells me you won’t be there long. 

Then over on SL (and I’ll have something to say about SL again in another post), he writes, 

I am doing well and did a new blog reflecting on it — the fact I am doing some new stories right now, I don’t have writers block either. R.N. we had our bad blood, you just never gave me the chance to really push my publications on here. I am celebrating on here by offering TABLOID PURPOSES IV signed for $20.00. 

Doing well is not talking about someone’s dead lover. Doing well is not accusing me of molesting someone. Doing well is not lying about why you never pay your writers. That’s doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.

That’s insanity. But you know what it’s like to be insane, as no normal person would ever behave as you do. $20.00 for a signed roll mag not even suitable for toilet paper? give me a fucking break. If you think anyone would pay 20 cents for your work, well you’re as delusional about your nontalent as Dagstine is about his. 

 I lost this one because of one unruly writer with contracts. She signed a contract but voided it out when she started bashing on me and shit. I’ve been a writer of 19 years coming October. Halloween 1990 was when my first horror story was written.

Yes, damn those unruly writers and their contracts. Imagine wanting to be paid! and maybe she never would have said anything about you if you’d paid her as you said; but no, you have a long history of not paying writers, so why should anyone be surprised? 

19 years as a writer, and you still have less talent than a 6 year old with severe learning disabilities.

Try 30 plus years as a talentless douchebag.

Dagstine’s Delusions

In another futile effort to claim attention and somehow seem relevant, Sir Larry has posted a question on SL which once again proves, when it comes to writing, to being a writer he completely misses the point. Daggy asks here,, whether we write for immortality or money.

It’s been my experience that anyone who writes for either achieves neither.  Many writers I know don’t make a living from it; and those that do, are also involed in the industry in other forms. Then there are the bulk of writers, which I include myself in, who write in their spare time and work other jobs to pay the bills. Oh yeah, we dream of making Stephen King money, having multiple book deals, movie adaptations, accolades and sycophants at our disposal; at the end of the day however, we’re simply doing what we’re wired to do. 

There’s something that compels us to write. We’re storytellers, with fertile imaginations and an ability to entertain others. They called this lying when I was a kid. If I never made a dime from my writing in the future, I would still do it, because I don’t know hhow to stop.  If I do it for money, immortality or whatever, not only does my writing suffer (as then it’s filled with purpose and other pretentious twaddle) but I delude myself. 

And that’s why Dagstine, for all his bleatings about his resume, will never be remembered for anything but being an internet douchebag. He sees writing as easy money, as a way to be relevant, and achieves neither. 

He does however serve a purpose; he stands as a beacon for all new writers of what not to become, what not to do, and what not to emulate. In that, his failure is an overwhelming success.

Larry the Thief – Update

Proving once again that any attention is better than none at all, Dagstine manages to hijack another thread and make it about him. In a quite innocuous thread, S.D. Hintz talked about your first job as a teenager.

Innocent enough, right? Then along comes Larry the Thief who says,

The tips back then ranged from 2 bucks to ten per delivery, throw the regular hourly rate on to that, then throw me “Helping Myself” here and there from the cash register or Lotto box (shhh….lol). That pay on some weeks was more like $15.00 per hour.


A thief is a thief is a thief, no matter the age. The fact he was a teenager and, presumably, knew wrong from right, and stole money is a crime. Thus, beginning the pattern of thinking everyone owes him something, rather than relying on his own efforts.

See, some things never change.

Update – Matt the Grinch

Just as Cussedness pointed out, Matt did lock the thread, and once more I’m left to wonder why? Was it our taking Daggy to task for theft that did it? RN Lee calling bullshit on the whole story? Or maybe Matt, frustrated that his Milton wunderkind is rejecting his overtures, got in a snippy mood and decided to take it out on those of us who know BS when they smell it.

Or maybe it’s because, Larry was Matt’s secret santa, (something Daggy made sure to advertise in another thread), and wanted to protect his “special” friends.

Dagstine’s Delusions of Grandeur

Well I admit it, I’ve all but ignored Sir Lawrenceof Disturbia for awhile, but that’s about to change. He’s been a busy boy this afternoon, posting all over Shocklines as if he were healthy, and not stricken with ear cancer, or epilepsy as he claims. By now we know the old ploy: If I post enough idiotic threads, people will notice me! And he’s certainly taking that to heart today.

For your amusement, he started a thread about whether the US will become a third world country I don’t think for a minute Larry has anything other than shit stirring in mind with a topic like this. Something for the nutjobs like dlatham and trentaylor to leech onto. He drops one interesting nugget (aside from his assertion he has epilepsy, apparently he no longer has cancer. Maybe his diseases morph depending on the season, who knows), and that’s is he got 1000 dollars for his “article” on Coney Island.

Now, even if he did get tapped to write an article on CI, 1000 bucks for his crap? Any paper or magazine that can spend that kind of money for an article can certainly afford with a name. Sorry Larry, in spite of your ever changing amount of credits, no one knows who you are. And the ones who do, know better than to have anything to do with you.

His next post, is this one, about the myspace mom case. If anyone else but Larry had mentioned this, it would actually mean something. Yet this is the guy who hid behind the VV alt, pretending to befriend only to throw said troll under a bus. He posted about watching Rusty’s house while sipping coffee, and has threatened everyone with e-lawyers. Yet, we’re supposed to feel that he actually thinks what the woman did was wrong? Sorry Larry the both of you were cut from the same mold.

ANd by the way, I received a real payment for my piece, not 1000 bucks, true, but I know I can spend what I earned because it’s real.

Larry the Loser

Lorenzo the limpwristed, loser is at it again on SL,

with thinly veiled threats against someone, most likely Janrae. I’m so tired of the chickenshits like Larry. They have a huge chip on their shoulder, all because they’re douchebags. They spend time plotting revenge, nursing grudges and living a life of bitter jealousy. To compensate for being such a shitheel, they pick on others. All big talk in misspelled words, often in bold or caps.

Larry, you’re a despicable, worthless piece of shit. The tragedy in your life, is the fact your kid will spend their entire life being embarrassed by you. You have no talent, no redeeming qualities, and are one of the biggest liars I’ve come across.  You’re a joke. A farce. A fart from God’s ass. Nothing more. You have no substance, no dignity and certainly no respect. 

For all your tough talk, you’re nothing but a punk ass bitch. You lie about your credits, your health and everything else under the sun. If you were dying of thirst, I wouldn’t even piss on you; it would be a waste of body fluid.

In short, Larry, go fuck yourself.

Second Verse, Same as the First

Our poor, put upon Nikita has some new whine out on his blog. It’s a bitter tasting, white wine (we all know Nikita doesn’t like anything other than white) with dregs of past pressings clumping at the bottom. He starts this one off with the second biggest laugh of the day,

Seems that I got no privacy and the fuckers The Rusty Liar and ExposeTheFucktard figured out ways to vialate those very freedoms in the United States — the right to privacy

Nikita, this is the internet, where privacy is just a word to look up on Now, even when John McCain tries to distance himself from Bush, NIkita tries to hide behind BUsh’s anti piracy czar. Such is NIkita’s delusions of grandeur he thinks that the publishing world lives and dies by his writing. That if it doesn’t get published, the industry will suffer.

News flash LA Femme NIkita, the industry will thrive even more without your writing poisoning the well. It makes room for those who have talent.

Intellectual properties need to be protected a hell of a lot more now especially since more authors are opting to publish themselves; and this is something that comes into attack often the self-published author gets pirated worst than the mass market one and it hurts the self-released author more than the mass market guy but either way it hurts.

Trus us NIkita, you’ll never have to worry about anything involving the word intellectual.

And in other news, Dagstine ate a lot of candy and felt the need to share it over on Shocklines. That sound you hear is an entire messageboard not caring.

Nikita, American Idol rejects, and common ground

La Femme NIkita has a new post post up slamming Willie Miekle, among others, as well as some on facebook and his myspace account. There’s nothing new in them, other than the fact, he’s still on dialup, in spite of what he said about getting wireless. Guess he found out how much that deposit would be after all. 

Anyway, I was channel surfing during a long flight from Gadetzan to Orgrimmar, and ran across an American Idol show, that recaps past seasons (as if it’s not sometimes bad enough during its normal run) and they had a bunch of rejects, and they all reminded me of the nitwits.

Each and every contestant, knew they had talent, auditioned, and couldn’t believe it when the judges said, take a hike. They get butthurt, denial kicks in, and they rant and rave about how the judges don’t know shit. you’ll hear them curse, brag about how they’re gonna make, and that no one appreciates their talent.

Sound familiar?

There is a country full of Nikita’s, Phoolbin’s And Lorenzo’s out there. Sadly, they’re not isolated cases. No one likes to have their dreams dashed upon the rocks of truth, and to a certain extent, not wanting to accept that reality is understandable. Yet, to keep at something that no one wants to read, or hear, in spite of overwhelming evidence that it flat out sucks, is a sign of an unhinged mind. Rather than finding something that they are good at, (and mooching off people is NIkita’s only seeming talent), they feel the need to subject the rest of us to their idiocy. 

Now, it’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve posted about the nitwits, mostly because they’ve been behaving themselves; but I haven’t forgotten them. They’re like herpes, they may be dormant, but there will always be an outbreak. Because, as some Idol contestants, they come back year after year, trying out, not getting any better, simply treading water. And when they resurface, I’ll be there, just like I am every season of American Idol, just to see how full of fail some people really are.