Double Header of Laughter

I love comedy. A good joke-whether dirty or clean-is a way to my neverending love.  I also like to think I’m a funny guy at times as well. I did some stand up when I lived in CA back in the late 80’s and most of my plays have had some good comedic moments among the drama.  So today I have two great sources of comedy.

First up is rober Schimmel’s new CD and HBO show, Life Since Then. Abesent from stage and HBO for a number of years due to cancer, I’m glad to say he’s back and as funny as he’s ever been. Sure, he drops the f-bomb and any number of other bombs left and right, and pretty much has sex on the mind 24/7, but it’s always at his own expense.  This time he veers into some serious territory as he discusses his cancer; his divorce; his kids, and everything in between, including fake balls and dick wigs. Schimmel is a pro, his timing is impeccable, and I for one am glad to have him back.  In one bit he talks about going to a cancer support group where a woman who was having a breats removed was afraid her husband wouldn’t find her attractive anymore. “Laday,” he thought, “you wouldn’t be attractive with three tits.”  If that made you laugh, you’ll love Life Since Then.

Next up is Kevin Smith’s movie Zack and Miri Make a Porno.  Kevin Smith is one of those writer/directors you either love or hate. I love him, and have liked everything he’s done. He may be a pedestrian director, but his gift for dialogue and potty humor knows no equal. Underneath all the dick and fart jokes there’s a heart to his movies, and nowhere is this more evident than in Zack and Miri. Anyone who’s seen Chasin Amy, Clerks 1 and 2, or  Jersey Girl know that Smith is a romantic. In that way, he’s almost old fashioned, as the ending is always a happy one. Z and M tells the story of two down on their luck roomates who decide to make a porno to pay their bills. That’s really the whole story, but as with every Smith movie it’s the journey, not the destination. this is one of Smith’s best films to date, expertly shot and directed, and especially well written. Sure, it’s overflowing with porn jokes and one particularly funny poop joke, but it’s first and foremost a love story.  there are some small quibbles I have, but nothing that detracted me from truly loving this movie and rewatching twice in a row.

so have a dirty laugh on me.