What I’ve Learned

It’s been almost three months since I’ve updated this blog. Time flies, I suppose, though I’ve been busy with my other blog, finishing up Barbed Wire Kisses, and prepping four Bandersnatch Books first release.

Rich Ristow and I have put together our own micro/small press business after months of research and seeing what works and what doesn’t. During that time, we’ve managed to get some great names to submit work, and though we only have one announcement at the moment, as well as submission guidelines for 2-3 other anthologies, there are also chapbooks on the horizon that we’ll be pleased as hell to publish.

While others natter on about the Legion, and continue to throw salt in their own self inflicted wounds, I’ve been busy doing the work. I haven’t been afraid to get my hands dirty, make some sacrifices and determine my own destiny. Wallowing in the past, refusing to accept responsibility, and blaming others is not my cup of tea. It’s not professional and it certainly accomplishes nothing. However, watching others has taught me a few things.

1: True friends know what constructive criticism is, and accept it openly.

2: Just because someone says they can do layout, doesn’t mean they can.

3: If you’re the boss, whether you think you’re wrong or not, you accept blame and shut up about it. You don’t blame writers or editors. And you certainly don’t name them in blog postings.

4: Those who spout out that they know everything about everything, generally know nothing except how to puff up their own ego.

5: 95% of problems can be solved by communication, and not petty attacks.

6: Cutting your losses can be painful or blissful-sometimes both.

7: Don’t talk about the poor pay structure of other small presses when you do the same yourself.

8: It’s always easier to point a finger at others while ignoring the reflection in the mirror.

It’s with these hard learned lessons that Rich and I embark on a new project, a new chapter, now divested of the petty drama, self indulgence, ignorance, and inflamed ego that we’ve both experienced.

Larry the Loser

Lorenzo the limpwristed, loser is at it again on SL, http://shocklinesforum.yuku.com/topic/7590?page=2

with thinly veiled threats against someone, most likely Janrae. I’m so tired of the chickenshits like Larry. They have a huge chip on their shoulder, all because they’re douchebags. They spend time plotting revenge, nursing grudges and living a life of bitter jealousy. To compensate for being such a shitheel, they pick on others. All big talk in misspelled words, often in bold or caps.

Larry, you’re a despicable, worthless piece of shit. The tragedy in your life, is the fact your kid will spend their entire life being embarrassed by you. You have no talent, no redeeming qualities, and are one of the biggest liars I’ve come across.  You’re a joke. A farce. A fart from God’s ass. Nothing more. You have no substance, no dignity and certainly no respect. 

For all your tough talk, you’re nothing but a punk ass bitch. You lie about your credits, your health and everything else under the sun. If you were dying of thirst, I wouldn’t even piss on you; it would be a waste of body fluid.

In short, Larry, go fuck yourself.

I know why the caged Nikita sings….

…because Brian Keene is everything NIkita isn’t. Our special olympian of the year still has delusions of talent. If you notice, he goes after those who are far superior to him in every conceivable way. Brian Keene, Janrae Frank, Karen Koehler, Poppy Z Brite, Rusty, autoaim.cfg, 50 foot Ant, and myself. Somehow, in that greasy hair encrusted skull he must think talking down about those with talent, will somehow make him feel better about his own poor work. He self publishes because no one with a working brain cell would publish his scribbling; he posts articles on AC to make pennies by whining about how people pick on him, yet never mentions his own atrocious behaviour.  You can’t even feel sorry for the little prick, because he’s so steeped in his own hate and pickled with his own perversions of truth that it’s made him bugfuck crazy.  It’s his special brand of crazy that allows him to poke fun of other people’s illnesses, and whine when someone calls him on hiding behind his own mental illness. when his address and phone # were published he pissed a storm of tears over the fact he’s too stupid to find out this information on others.  Check out his latest rant on Keene, read his other posts, and then go to Brian Keene’s website and see the difference betwen an illiterate load of rat droppings and a true professional.

Nikita’s abotive attempts at thinking can be found here: http://nickolauspacione.blogspot.com/2008/09/hey-keene-your-act-is-getting-old.html. for your wretching pleasure, Nikita posted a vlog as well.

Brian Keene’s attempt to deal with Nikita unlawful actions can be found here: http://www.briankeene.com/?p=421

Separating the nitwits from the douchebags

I’m beginning to see La Femme Nikita’s point. While he is the biggest asshole I’ve ever encountered, I think I understand what he sometimes says. And I have the something awful forums to thank. 


Janrae made a mistake in posting something there, and the douchebage brigade, couldn’t wait to jump on something they thought was from Nikita. Janrae spoke of her polio and PTSD. she shared some personal things and what she got in return was blind ignorance, polio jokes and disbelief. This proved something I’ve thought for awhile; some people try to out douche Nikita in their hostility and comments. 

I’m not defending ANYTHING La Femme Nikita says or does-this poor excuse for a human being is a blight on an already contaminated gene pool, and I will certainly not stop blogging about him or any of the nitwits; but reading the posts on SA made me sick. It also made me glad I didn’t join that forum. Somehow someone decided that was a rant from Nikita, in spite of how well it was written, the fact it sounded NOTHING like what Nikita posts, someone thought so and everyone else fell over the cliff like lemmings. It was sick, embarrassing and displayed a nitwit charactersitic, ignorance. 

It’s a sad day when one can’t tell the nitwits from the douchebags.

Philbin full of more than Bukkake

What started as simply posting a negative review on Philbin’s goodreads page for his ejaculate run amok tome BukkakeWorld has turned into something incredibly ugly and typifies the nitwits. Philbin seems to think that a bad review is libelous and worthy of a lawsuit. He’s threatened Janrae with extradition to merry old England for his thin skinned reaction. The entire thread can be found here:


 Given his predilection for tin foil conspiracies (his worship of Alex Jones is becoming the stuff of legend), he sees cabals the way most people see grass: everywhere. He assumes that TRN is the head of this cabal and we take orders from Rusty.

I hate to break his heart, but all one has to do is read the first chapter of BukkakeWorld (which he’s put up online) http://www.horrorquarterly.com/mikephilbin/freefiction5.html to see it for what it is, pretentious, badly written crap.

And like his fellow nitwits Nikita and Lorenzo he ends one post with the vaguely threatening,

 I’ve been protecting the L.A. cover-artist from this issue but were he to find out what’s being said about his work…

What, Mikkake? What would this protected artist do? Have a philbin style hissy fit? Threaten his own lawsuits? Or maybe he’d be an adult and ignore the crticism, something which seems beyond your grasp.

Dagstine’s true colors

Seems Lorenzo is keeping busy this morning attempting to cause problems for Janrae over on her blog. http://cussedness.wordpress.com/2008/08/29/suing-critics/#comment-715.

Like everything else, Dagstine prefers style over substance. It’s too bad he has no style to cover the fact he has nothing of substance to say. It’s the same old thing, “I’m gonna get my e-lawyers on you!”. He tries to take a page from autoaim.cfg and post her address, yet only manages to get the snail mail address for her publishing company. Yet another example of how lacking Daggy is in even basic writerly abilities such as research. He bullies and harrasses Janrae (and 43 other people apparently) with his emperor has no clothes talk, revealing him what he truly is: just another jealous, untalented hack with aspirations that will never be met by his astonishing lack of talent.

Lorenzo, do you think any worthwhile publisher will EVER consider your work with your constant talk of lawsuits? You could write War and Peace and it would remain unpublished simply because of your unprofessional behavior. You use the oldest, least successful form of intimidation; the bluff. You pretend to know something you have no clue about. You talk about people who you don’t know and never talk to, despite your claims. For all your rhetoric, you have nothing new to say, and waste valuable time (time that could be spent, say, learning how to write) saying it, anyway.

Over here, http://range.wordpress.com/2006/08/04/blog-and-internet-psychosis/, Larry writes,

I don’t even list my bigger credits anymore. I save them for my personal enjoyment.

Well, that explains SO much, Lorenzo. I know if I had major credits, I’d keep them quiet, and just post all the meaningless credits you post about. That’s a great way to publisize your work. However, as we all know any major credits you may claim are lies. Where’s the Asimov credit, Lorenzo? Have you driven out to see and stalk Rusty, lately? When you live in a glass house, you need to leave the rocks in your head where they are.

Dagstine and Trawlingfrogdog – new lows in douchebaggery

I’m pissed off. I mean really, really pissed. It’s not enough to attack a respected, published author like Janrae Frank, but the mean, and vicious personal attacks are over the line. I’m not surprised, sad to say, that dagstine has to refer to the special olympics as something bad, or less than, but for him to condone this absolute scumbag trawlingfrogdog’s comments about Janrae’s disability is sickening.  for those with a strong stomach, the comments can be found here: http://shocklinesforum.yuku.com/topic/6184?page=2.

Naturally Matt’s left those comments up. He’s too busy masturbating to lolcat pictures to do anything productive.

Others may take a high road, but I won’t. If the douchebag brigade choose to fight that way, so will I. Nothing is sacred. Nothing off limits.

It’s one thing to critisize someone for their writing, but to jump on someone for their disability shows that person even more crippled than the one they try and hurt.