More Kind Words

Louise Bohmer was gracious enough to send me an email about my poem Forgotten Son in the Death in Common collection. She wrote:

 Your poem was very emotional, shaking, effective, to say the least. I loved your ending. Bravo and many applause!

I mention this, not so much as an ego stroke, though it’s a very nice one, but as a writer, I doubt the quality of my work sometimes. When someone Like Louise, or Terry has a nice thing to say, it makes me feel like I’ve done my job. I’m very humbled by her opinion, as i respect her a great deal, and gratified by her response.

The Reaction

I made a post on this over on SL, and thought I’d blog about it as well, for those who don’t frequent Matt’s House of Favoritism. I was telling a coworker today about my poem Forgotten Son, being included in the Death In Common poetry anthology. Their reaction: “Horror? That’s not real writing.”

They walked away before I could reply, but even now, I’m still not sure how to react. I know better. I also know different genres elicit different reactions. But to think something isn’t “real” because of the genre, is a rather harsh statement. What is real? To some it may be Romance, Crime noir for others. Horror for me can encompass all other genres in one form or another, and still stand on it’s own.

Somehow the fact, I choose to write horror (not esclusively, but it’s the most prominent of my current projects), makes my labor meaningless to someone. 

I love horror, always have. before my 20 year absence of writing I had a friend tell me that I’d outgrow it, as if it were a stage of life or something. To me, horror is what I do best. I don’t ignore non horror ideas as they come along (in fact I have a sci fi that came up the other night I’m working on), but it’s what I gravitate towards. 

I’m a storyteller, and while people are under no obligation to read anything I publish, nor are they welcome to denigrate a genre simply because they don’t like it, or think it’s “real” writing.