Writing Updates

A quick update on some of the things I’m working on right now.

Untitled poem, that rich asked me to take a whack at, and since he helped quite a bit with Forgotten Son, this should be another good one. 

Finished Killer Weed, finally. It’s about 8000 words right now. I’ve worked on and off on it for months now, and am giving it a rest for a couple of weeks.

I’m about 80% done with the outline, a timeline, really, of the fantasy trilogy, Castle Blackburn: From the Ashes. I’ll begin writing this by years end, as I’m working on another story, and well, I have only so much time!

The new story, well, not sure what it’ll be. The idea came from a podcast I was listening to last week. In it, they were talking about Richard Garriot (Lord Britain to you old time Ultima players) having his DNA launched into space. That was the first part of the idea, DNA in space, to be found by another civilazation or by Earth in the future. The second part has to do with the name Jack Hammer. It reminded me of a gay porn actor name. somehow those two things are being tied together, in what will certainly be a humorous piece. 

And finally, Scott Johnson, of Extralife.com fame has a new podcast, The Final Score. His other podcasts, Extra Life Radio and The Instance, both won awards from podcast.com, and I’ll be recording a piece on the myth of hardcore vs casual gamers in a segment I hope to do this week.