Meet Charrdd

Meet Charrdd, my newest alt in Warcraft. 


Wave to the camera!
Wave to the camera!
Charrdd is a Tauren Druid, level 6 at the moment, and currently running errands in Bloodhoof Village.  I chose a Druid, for one simple reason; shapeshifting. Druids get to change into various forms, inclusing, bear, cat, seal, moonkin, cheetah to name some.  It’s one of the most versatile classes in the game, and sure to always have a spot in a raid or instance for it’s ability to tank or heal.
So why am I mentioning, let alone devoting a blog post to a shape shifting cow? Well, because I can, of course.  I’m also planning on updating his progress, chronicling his adventures, and getting him leveled to 80 as well.
I’ve not forgotten my hunter Kharisi, my Death Knight Khonstantine, or my other alts. They’ll still be played, and interesting things will be written about them in the future. However, I wanted to take some time and do something a bit different in the game.  There are many things I missed in the original game that I want to do. Many places I’ve never explored. It’s time to go back to the old world, pick up the old quests and do something new.
And with the nitwits being a bit quiet, it’s also something interesting to write about. So say hello to Charrdd, and if you see him in game, be sure to give a wave.