La Femme Nikita’s hissy fit and death threat

In my post below this one, Nikita has yet another hissy fit, and in part says this: ” Raingods — I would pay no mind in shooting you myself.”

This sounds like a death threat to me. While I have no doubt you’d never have enough money to fly to Phoenix-certainly not from book sales-you mrely prove how unhinged, unbalanced and psychotic you truly are. So yes, I WILL contact Chicago PD and let them know of your escapades. I’m sure they can add it to the long list of other threats you’ve issued to others as well.

Edited to add my comment to a post Nikita made on TRN.

Nikita, Nikita-I chose that, because like a woman you have no balls. Well there are many women I know and love who have more courage, talent, and ability to spell than you ever will.

I have no hatred for you. Contempt, yes. Disgust, certainly. But hate? No. That would require me to care about what you say. I don’t, so contempt and disgust are the best I can do.

I’m sure the Morristown police won’t care. Hell I don’t care, but for all your talk of being a Christian, you certainly don’t act like one. Which is par for the course. You call yourself a writer and clearly you’re not.

I hope TP5 gets photocopied-err, published. I always enjoy seeing an epic fail.