NJHorror and the Backstabber

Two faced, back stabbing piece of shit, to be exact. 

Me, to be specific. NJHorror has never been the most stable of posters, however his actions over the past day or two have truly elevated him to unblanced loon status. It never fails, when he’s taken to task for his ignorance on politics, he resorts to nitwit levels of namecalling, footstamping and all around idiocy. This thread in particular is where he calls me out on being two faced and backstabbing. http://theotherdarkplace.com/mboard/index.php?topic=16579.0 .

To be two faced and backstabbing would necessitate my having done something to him in the past that would dictate I’ve agreed with him on something, and then turned around and done/said something else.  

I haven’t. In fact I’ve never agreed with NJ on anything when it comes to politics. His non political posts are for the most part amusing, and manage to evoke a smile. Yet, when he gets on his political high horse, and gets his facts wrong, he becomes delusional and unhinged. In that, he shares some infamy with others like TrentTaylor, DL Murphy/Graveside Tales, John Morrisey, and closet case Alkilyu. None of them are rational when it comes to politics, and spend vast amounts of energy namecalling, and reaching pinnacles of assholism rarely seen outside the Legion. Rich Ristow does take the high road with the miscreants. Rich is a great guy, and has the patience of a saint.

I however, give as I get. I’ve never claimed to be something I’m not, as NJ has. Outside of the nitwits, I’ve never gone to any of their blogs to take things out of context (and to be fair nothing I  take from the nitwits IS out of context); I’ve only ever been tru to myself and my beliefs. Yet somehow in NJ’s warped thinking I’ve become a backstabber and twofaced.  Oh, and a piece of shit. This is the best NJ can do. Not armed with anything resembling facts, he hurls invective at myself and others who have to prove to him when he has something wrong. Whether he is a huge supporter of the horror genre or not, an asshole is an asshole, and I have no problem labeling him, Trent, Alkilyu, Murphy, and Morrisey as such. 

Nor have I or would I purchase anything of theirs or support their work. And they’re free to do the same with mine.  I do tell people to avoid certain publishers, and certainly write about it on my blog as well. And if they read this and comment, I’ll post them. I have never deleted any comments by anyone at any time.

No matter how wrong they may be, they are entitled to have their opinion, and everyone else is entitled to take them to task.

End of an Error…

…and the start of correcting those errors.  President Obama, having taken the oath of office minutes ago, begins the herculean task of giving this country an enema. Flushing out the policies, wars and programs that have plugged up this country to the point we’re about to explode.  

In doing so we wave goodbye to the worst President we’ve had the misfortune of being run into the ground by. We also say goodbye to the era and errors of corporate greed, unrestrained business policies, and the lies of war that caused needless deaths and perhaps irreperable harm to our status in the world. 

President Obama’s innaugural speech wasn’t especially uplifting, indeed there was a somber tone to it. It was also exactly the right chord. This is not the time for a warm Clintonesque speech; not when we’re in deep shit, piled up in large part by eight years of crap hurled at us by Bush and his cronies.  It was important he recognize and remind of us where we are. He reminded us why we hired him. And that’s what we did, we hired him. Not everyone of course, McCain still had the ignorant right wing on his side-but their days are done. All we have to show for their work is a war in two countries, sky rocketing unemployment, record levels of foreclosures and bankruptcies, and a deep mistrust of any form of government.

In his speech, Obama made a comment about his critics arguing about how everything would be paid for, how it would be implemented. “They have short memories.” he said, and he’s right. some of the greatest programs and strengthening of government being done in the great depression, after the assassination of JFK and the start of the Vietnam war.  Great things CAN be accomplished, and government CAN help. However, government can never be the entire answer. Sadly, for 8 years it was never more than a slap down than a hand up. And still there are people so oblivious to the truth of this (Alkilyu among them),  who think Bush was the greatest thing since sliced bread.

The good news is, President Obama is their President as well. He even mentioned me, the first time I can remember a President mentioning the unbeliever. 

I have great hope for this Presidency, great hope for this country, and most of all great hope for each and every one of us.

Of Trolls and Nitwits

Politics, in some people, can bring out their worst behavior. In others, it simply magnifies their idiocy. Two case files on this.

The first is the magnification effect.  I’ve mentioned TrenTaylor in passing for some posts he and dlatham made, which marked them as racist, and good old Trent is back, with more nitwittery up his sleeve, here: http://shocklinesforum.yuku.com/topic/7281. Yes, he’s trotting out that old, non issue of whether Obama is an actual US citizen. Never mind Barack was born in Hawaii to an American mother, Trent feels the need to be a troll, and bring up a story that’s been debunked ad nauseum. It never ceases to amaze how, when they have no facts, people like Trent (who falls to the right of Hank in politics, if that’s possible) feel free to continue posting lies masquerading as news. And who is the only one who takes him seriously? Phoolbin of course. Yup, that stalwart, ever increasingly deranged Brit with a grasp of politics second only to Sarah Palin weighs in with his opinion as well. VeryUnseemly and Jerrod do a great job of laying the smack down on them both, and I salute them for it. Yet my comment, a simple “Do not feed the trolls.” should serve as a reminder. The Philbins, latham’s, trent’s of the world only like to hear the sound of their own voice. They care nothing about what they post, but only seek the attention their idiocy garners. 

Case file number 2: Bringing out the worst in people. For this, I’ll point you over to Odark, http://theotherdarkplace.com/mboard/index.php?topic=15610.60 and the ignorant postings of Alkilyu. Now, I’ve never had problems with Al in the past. In fact, he’s posted on here a few times, with some spot on comments. Yet politics comes up and he becomes the very person he likes to talk about, Hank. Rich started a thread about agreeing with Hank on something Hank posted on SL, and it quickly degenrated from there. Al takes potshots at everyone because they don’t agree with him. And then somehow he manifests the OTHER old sawhorse of William Ayers out of nowhere. You know, the same guy Palin has been squawking about (until one of Mccain’s endoresements from lenore Annennberg, who sat on the same board as Ayers and Obama at the same meeting) all week. Somehow, Al thinks by taking potshots at people, without actually thinking first, or even looking at the other side, is somehow a sign of intelligence. It’s not.  I can’t and don’t take his posts seriously, as he’s just another in a long line of the great unwashed who mouth everything their party sends them in the mail. However, in this day and age, ignorance isn’t bliss. It’s dangerous. And Al, simply because you’re a male version of a fag hag, doesn’t make your ignorance acceptable.