This is yet another incarnation of my blog. One that started over a decade ago at www.raingods.wordpress.com. It was simply a blog then about some of the internet’s most amusing trolls. Several years later it became www.secolbertblog.wordpress.com, and contained more serious posts about my writing and current works in progress. There were also a lot of reviews of movies, music, TV, links to my podcast, and other detritus.

This current incarnation is a blending of those two, as well as a step into the future with more reviews, interviews, posts regarding my books, and other more personal posts. My hope is you find these worth the while to read and that you’ll support me by purchasing my works, so the website can continue.

It’s barebones at the moment as I get my bearings in creating a website, but as time goes on, more will be added that will be far more appealing. In the meantime enjoy the old posts and prepare yourselves for some wicked new content.

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