How To Be A Professional The Pacione Way!


In a response to something I posted on his blog, La Femme Nikita responded with this:

I am not a liar or a fraud. I just don’t publish the faggot nor will I read works from the faggot. I strongly make this suggestion, please refrain from trying to stop people from submitting to my anthologies. It is not professional.

The first thing to notice is his use of faggot twice. Nothing screams professional more than slurs about someone’s sexual orientation.  What else makes someone a professional according to Nickolaus Ablert Pacione? Let’s take a look at just a few things.

First, let’s establish that he’s been a “professional” for a very long time. I’ll go back to a blog entry I wrote on 12/3/08. That’s right, six years ago. That was when he talked about taking a shit on the grave of late writer Joe McGee, a man who in death still has more talent than Nikita ever will.  His response to myself and others in the comments, calling him on it reeks of…well, something.

Melany — I hope you have a miserable social life, well as a matter of fact you can’t hang onto a boyfriend longer than six months after you left me. And yes I am getting published in more places, just I haven’t finished writing new material to send off but should be finishing off I.O.W.A. That anti-abortion yarn that someone pirated the shit out of on
You really need to shut your mouth more often because you’re revealing too much of someone’s personal life. You’re just a coat-tail rider as much as this Scott faggot is. Your mother dying is the best day in my life. I wanted to throw a dance on her grave party. As you assholes attempted to do with my publishing company but you sadly failed to see that happen. I already been published a few times within the year but the print appearance is long overdue. Getting published on (link deleted) helped me a little bit.

And a little bit down he adds:

Nah I just got done pissing in your dead boyfriends urn.

Being a professional also entails being banned from several, websites and forums, not just once but over and over again (Goodreads three times and the yuku forums twice); having more blogs closed due to hate speech than I can count; consistently referring to women as bitches and cunts, threatening people with violence (in spite of running away like a little girl when confronted); challenging writers to fist fights-the list goes on ad infinitum.

And the last thing I’ll touch on is his new submission call. A true professional will put it up on Tumblr (because everywhere else doesn’t want his crap there), single space it in the tiniest font possible, and then not even put an email address to send a submission.

If all of that is professional, but warning people away from that behavior in a so-called publisher is unprofessional, I’ll be proud to be wear the mantlle of unprofessional any day.

316 thoughts on “How To Be A Professional The Pacione Way!

      1. Shut up and let me get my submissions, quit being a fudgepacker and screw me out of getting submissions for an anthology. You are nothing but a prison bitch. So fuck off. Tumblr is my multi-media blog where I am a little more informal.

        1. You wouldn’t know formal or professional if it bit you on the ass. And no, I’ll never stop. Either grow a pair and act like a human being or deal with the consequences of your behavior.

          1. I am not going to let you strangle me out of the business like that cunt S.E. Cox attempted to do by lifting my titles for her anthologies and pirating my novel just as it was completed. I am not going to subscribe to a liberal agenda where they worship the pride flag. So take that sin flag, wrap it around your ass then light it on fire.

      2. Nicky, do you realize that the context of the following:

        “…quit being a fudgepacker and screw me …”

        Indicates you WANT to be screwed, be it figuratively or literally.

        Fruedian slip, Nicky?

  1. And since that post my social life is not only good, but even BETTER Than it was, and I’m going on 2 years with my boyfriend. While Nicky’s social life is non existent and no girl will date him more than one night before telling him to never call or email her again.

    1. I’m happy for you Melany! I’m horrified he thinks it is appropriate to call ANY woman the C word and then thinks that is funny. His hatred and disgust for women is so pervasive in his posts and comments that it is scary.

      1. I should start gathering up a bunch of quotes showing just how much Nicky hates women and post them on my blog as a public service to women as to why they should NEVER date such a ‘charmer’.

      2. Did you guys see that account of the date and subsequent stalking that women posted on Craigslist after one of Nicky’s pathetic pleas for a woman a few years back? Terrifying

  2. Thanks for the public service announcement Scott. I hope no one is foolish to think giving him a story would be a good idea. He was never a professional.

    1. I’m simply following in the steps of Rusty and Cussedness. They’ve been doing this longer than I have. Still you can never shine too many lights on the cockroaches.

    2. Hey Bitch — shut up and let me publish in peace. I’ve been publishing for nine years and no matter what faggot had tried to do to my anthologies, I always had a very talented line up to be blessed with over the nine years I’ve been a publisher.

        1. I don’t screw writers or lie and steal. I am upfront with writers by saying I operate out of my own pocket with the publishing company. I am real enough. I don’t screw other publishers out of submission calls or lift titles of their anthologies then do a rushed 76 page anthology that rips off the reader by pricing the piece of shit $16. I at least will give the reader their money’s worth. So fuck off you AIDS carrying ass raper.

        2. Don’t forget that REAL publishers and editors do more than just copy and past crappy stories into open office, create a really ugly cover with unreadable font, and call it good.

      1. Nicky, I hope you realize you are your own worst enemy. Keep at it, and you’re going to be banned from everything soon. No one with any self-respect is going to go near you. Take a break from “publishing” and work on yourself.

        1. I am not going to give up from publishing. I took two years off as it is. I am not my own worst enemy, you stole my fucking pen name and wrote that shitty story on — you should be drawn and quartered for that shit you little cunt.

          1. I am not lying about that. Ms Rector submitted to me in the winter of 2005 for The Ethereal Gazette: Issue 3 and turned out her story was a reprint from PublishAmerica. I am not lying about this you homo. You are going to make it your fucking crusade that I get chased out of the business?

        1. Look you cuntwhore I get disability because of my mental health reasons. The assholes who give me shit act like they already paid for the books because of my disability check so they can use them as their public toilet.

          1. Being a lazy moocher is a choice, not a disability. Just like stealing stories and not paying writers, is being an asshole and not a publisher.

      2. You are not too disabled to get a fucking job. You don’t want to and think you are entitled to sponge off of the government. You are perfectly capable of holdig down a low level job. You seem to think a real job is somehow beneath you. News flash Nicky, if you are sucking off the government teat and your relatives, NOTHING is beneath you. You don’t get lower than that.

    1. Shut up you fucking rape baby. The reason I got thrown off after being there for eleven years is because I hurt the feelings of some yaoi writer when I said I don’t publish stories that glorify homosexuality. Just because you got pissed at me with the PSA with your abomination of a short story, that doesn’t give you the civil duty to slander me on with your blatant lies about my memoir being that of a repressed homosexual. I am not gay or ever will gay, as for the namesake anthology read the article in the Joliet Herald News for a full idea what that anthology is about. So Marc do the world a favor and get yourself a t-girl for a wife because you are nothing but a flaming faggot.

        1. Look you little fuck, That story was personal because I had to cope with the guilt of not saying anything with the classmate bragged about murdering a cab driver. Why the fuck must you ruin it for everyone else? Must you insult everyone who likes my work?

          1. You are going to insult everyone who enjoys my work? You are also insulting April Derleth’s memory because she called me the hybrid of August Derleth and H.P. Lovecraft. So fuck you. I write differently from other people, I don’t butcher the written word as you fucking like to lie about. I just don’t write with sexual content and refuse to publish faggots.

          2. You don’t get it. NO ONE enjoys your work, other than to laugh at it.

            You lied about Lansdale’s blurb, about the librarian at the Poe museum, no one with a good brain cell believes it.

      1. If you thought my story was “an abomination”, why did you publish it? surely a professional editor such as yourself would only publish stories that he thought were good…

          1. Listen you faggot — the Poe Museum decided to keep the anthology for themselves. So I am not lying about that, they asked me about doing a sequel to the anthology so I thought about doing a sequel for a long time.

          2. They have it. I asked them about it for their gift shop, I sent them the anthology and when they got it — they said they were going to keep it for themselves. When I got there the book was sitting on the table in the library staring at me. They bought the second anthology, my first collection and the memoir on the spot. They paid me $40 for all three books.

          1. Because ladies so want to date men who will make them drive, pay for every date, and thinks calling women cunts and whores shows respect and is acceptable. The only person keeping you from dating is YOU Nicky.

          2. Which still makes me more famous than you will ever be. I’m still laughing as your claim that I cast a love spell on you. If I were to have cast a love spell do you think YOU would have been my first pick? You were just as disgusting, ugly, and vile back then, and REALLY bad in bed (I faked it every damn time) I could have done much better.

          3. If you don’t think it’s EASY for women to fake it Nicky there’s a famous scene in the movie “when harry met sally” you should watch.

          4. And I wish I had left your ass to rot in the police station instead of picking you up that first night. The best day in my life was the day I threw your fat, ugly ass out of my car and never looked back.

      2. You’re still trying to mislead and take advantage of them. It’s despicable.

        And you don’t even know what editing MEANS.

        For instance, you’ll reply to this with some list of formatting and layout programs and rubbish about your computer and wahh-wahh-wahh.

        When editing, REAL editing, has NOTHING to do with that.

        1. I am not trying to take advantage and mislead. I know what it means. I am not about to let you force me out of the publishing business because the way you are acting is similar to 9/11 terrorist. That makes you a royal bitch. I don’t sabotage your submission calls, don;’t be a royal twat and do that to me.

          1. Didn’t you know? Hating Nicky’s horrible writing is just like flying a plane into a building, setting off bombs in a crowd of people, or shooting up a school lunch room?

          2. Would that building be a certain house in Morris, IL preferably when a certain troll makes a rare appearance from the basement?

          3. I have the talent you AIDS infested shit raper. I am not a fraud, and I am not going to let you bully me out of the publishing business just because you are failed publisher that doesn’t give you the full justification to end my publishing career. So kindly refrain from ramming planes into my company.

          4. Damn he really DOES think saying his shit sucks is a terrorist attack. What a way to insult people who have died in REAL terrorist attacks Nicky.

          5. If didn’t TELL them you published their stories, didn’t pay them as promised, etc. You ARE a thief and a liar Nicky.

          1. I take more than one kind of attachment that is a word processor format. I encouraged open source word processors because I ended on Open Office to do my anthologies. The first Tabloid Purposes turned out all wonky because of the word processor I was using. When I learned how to do a proper TOC I went back and reworked the anthology and my first book.

          2. Look wankstain. I used more than one word processor during 2008-2009. I wrote Media Darling on ABWord and a majority of what I wrote in Collectives was from a journal program called YeahWrite in 2002. I discovered Atlantis Ocean Mind in 2002 when I was too poor to afford Word. I got Word 2007 in 2011 for my birthday so I was able to do some more editing to anthologies and the magazine with it. I had a trial version of Word and I had MS Works.

          3. I use more than one because it allows me to convert files to a pdf format to upload with The anthologies don’t look like shit not like the anthology that wanker Eric Enck produced in support of Predators And Editors Legal fund. My anthologies are better than that one turned out.

          4. I use Word to actually edit the stories then I use Open Office for the typesetting and formatting the body of the anthology. I do the body first as a separate document, then I take the template for a table of contents from Atlantis Ocean Mind then I would past that into Open Office then I go to town on the TOC (that is the hard part.) I don’t do things basic and simple — everything I do is custom. When I did Tabloid Purposes IV’s reboot I did a custom copyright page based on one of my surreal photographs. I do the numberless pages, the roman numeral pages, then the document with the actual page count which starts at page one. The roman numeral pages are done separately. You say I know nothing about editing and formatting — I know plenty and the books rival the mass market or larger publishing house counterparts.

          5. I have more than one word processor and accepted multiple attachments as long it wasn’t a pdf. I don’t publish with Kindle. I work with because I can embed images into the documents. I learned how to embed images into the document in 2005. When I did Issue 12, I started to show off a little bit.

          6. I don’t suck. If I sucked I would not have sold to Tales of the Talisman, RAGE MACHINE, and Naked Snake Press. accepted my story and it was on the first try. Doyle e-mailed me back a week later saying “Welcome aboard, Good job with this one.” Doyle and G.W. Thomas were both staff editors on Cyber-Pulp Publishing. I learned how to be a publisher from Cyber-Pulps owner. I will take advice from people if they are willing to take me under their wing. Bob took me under his wing and taught me how to be a lethal publisher. I sought him out because I was working on Tabloid Purposes II — at the time I did Tabloid Purposes One and II, I was still learning.

          7. They were not embarrassed for publishing me one of them got bullied out of the magazine business because he ran me. Dagstine got bullied out of The Literary Bone because he accepted my story for his magazine. Every publisher who publishes me — all the assholes like to punish them for publishing me. They don’t deserve that.

          8. I was talented enough to get placed. So you have to give me credit there. I do have the talent to be published, but it is assholes like you that keep me from staying published.

          9. Yes…yes they do. Anyone that publishes your stories, especially if they know of the threats and the disgusting things you say about people is unprofessional at best, and deserve to lose sales.

          10. You want punish those publishers for running me with your lies about me beating you. You know how damaging that is to an author’s career. I used to love you Melany but now I see you as a fat whore who is nothing but a cum deposit.

          11. Actually I got published twice with Tales of the Talisman, First time with a work of nonfiction then he got interested in what I had to offer in ways of fiction. Then the editor of the magazine joined me on my magazine’s second issue.

          12. there is no way your IQ is as high as 100 since you’re too stupid to grasp a simple concept that YOU are the one ruining your career. Who wants to publish someone as vile and disgusting as you who thinks calling people cunts, whores, and rape babies is professional?

          13. Any publisher will not turn away an author based on their reputation. Lovecraft got published and people thought he was a bigot. My attitudes are not too different from Lovecraft’s except I have extremely Conservtive views such as homosexuality is morally wrong and gay marriage is a blasphemy of what marriage is. Orson Scott Card carries similar views. I am not ruining my career and you are trying to ruin my chances at getting a new girlfriend because of your lies of me beating you. All I did was dump a load of cum inside of you.;

          14. I never hit a woman in my 37 years on this earth. I don’t lie about that like you like to bare false witness. You have a strong amoral sense of direction with you. That is why you are gravitated to Poppy Z. Brite. I bring a sense of morality to Gothic Horror — a light to the darkness, but being darker than the more blasphemous counterparts. I don’t agree with homosexuality and I’ve been open about speaking out against it since I was 20 years old. When I published Dan Willow in 2010, he did the speaking for me with his testimony. He said there was a way out of homosexuality and the occult, and that was The Son of Man.

          15. And Lovecraft was very much a product of his time. We’ve evolved since then. Well except you. Still a grunting, knuckle dragging, woman beating, lying, thieving, neanderthal with no common sense and even less talent.

          16. I never laid a hand on a woman you fucking libelous faggot. I am not a thief or a liar you libelous turd raider. I have the talent and proved that I can hold my own with writers like Paul W. Finch and Barbara Malenky.

          17. You have no talent. Everyone keeps telling you that. The only thing you know how to do is beat women and spy on your sister as she showers. And fuck your dog too, probably.

          18. I never spied on my sister you little peter puffer nor have I laid a hand on a woman to harm them. Brian Keene made that lie up about me over the phone when he called me. I am looking to beat the fuck out of him for that little remark and Tim Willard made the lie up about me beating my son so I got back at him by saying he sexually touches his teenage daughters.

          19. Liar liar pants on fire. If you ever had a chance to beat up anyone you’ve threatened to you’d run away crying like the cowardly girly girl you are.

          20. No I almost got into a fight with my ex-room mates former love interest because he was going to write a homosexual slash story between me and our son. I am not a cowardly girl Melany. So fuck you there. Kindly refrain from trying to do character assassination on your fucking blog, that is something that the sisterfucker Brian Keene does on his fucking blog where he slanders all the publishers who refuse to give him a rim job.

          21. Oooh you almost got into a fight…in other words you ran away just like every other chance you’ve had to beat up people you’ve threatened to beat the shit out of when you weren’t hiding in your basement too scared to show your face.

          22. What you are going to do, rally to harass the publishers into dropping me? Some cuntwhore by the name of Sam Cox pulled that stunt when I had a paying deal with Lame Goat Press to publish my evangelical urban fantasy novella. The publisher dropped me because of the troll pressure and your asshole friend AngryInIllinois spreading that bullshit lie about me losing my imprint using my magazine and office e-mail addresses for faggot submissions.

          23. your obsession with raping the wives or girlfriends of your imaginary enemies makes your statement that you would never lay hands on a woman a lie. Rape is violent, and no woman is just going to lie there and let you have you way with them you’re that disgusting and ugly.

          24. I would never hit a woman. The cracks about fucking the wives and girlfriends of my enemies were to piss them off because they made up the lie abut me beating Vinnie. So I came up with that to shut them up. And as for you, I guess you have the entire town of Hampton take part in a Bukkake party with you being the guest of honor — all of the men jacking off on your fat face.

          25. Bullshit you turd raider. You are not going to let people give my books a chance. Shut up and let other people read them legitimately. The only reason I got bad reviews is some faggot by the name of Darren McKeeman told his underlings to warn the world.

          26. They never read the book and leave the bad reviews. Horrorweb panned Tabloid Purposes One and encouraged people to steal Tabloid Purposes II. I never really got a good break. I don’t suck.

          27. It’s YOUR behavior that is driving people away from your books. If this is your idea of how a ‘professional’ editor and publisher acts it’s no wonder you’re a complete failure, and that nobody will remember you when you’re dead.

          28. They will remember me Melany as the publisher of Ray Faraday Nelson. I fire back at the critics who go accusing me of plagiarizing Edgar Allan Poe and H.P. Lovecraft. The only thing you are famous for Melany is giving my website a face and being my first fuck.

          29. Very true. By Nicky logic, he wouldn’t have to send them if people let him publish. No different than the rape culture mentality of, “she was dressed provocatively.”

          30. I am more complex than Enck — some of my work requires a lot of backreading especially with the print exclusive work. That is something a lot of people don’t like about me. Enck is a corrupt prick.

          31. You’re incomprehensible, not complex. What you write makes no sense. Evil Airs is a perfect example. Even non writers would wonder if English was your first language.

          32. And he knows how to write. You don’t. Where are your 4 and 5 star reviews? Don’t be jealous that you’ll never be as good as gay writers. Learn how to write. You’re as deep as a puddle

          33. If Nicky is such a great writer when is the movie coming out from one of his stories? Clive Barker has movies, Brian Keene has movies, where’s Nicky’s movies?

          34. It is not jealousy. I am trying to break into markets that are not horror, but doing the dark tinged style of Creative Nonfiction I do it is very hard to get published for it because creative nonfiction markets pick the subject for you to write about.

      3. That is still not EDITING.

        Editing, actual editing, involves stuff like going through the story, suggesting ways to strengthen and improve the writing. It involves weeding out passive voice, excessive adverbs, inconsistencies. It involves tightening the prose and working with the writer to help the story be as good and readable as possible.


        It is an actual SKILL that an actual PERSON actually LEARNS.

        Whether it’s from willful obtuseness or simple idiocy, you have demonstrated — and continue to do so — that YOU JUST DO NOT GET IT.

        The more you insist that you do, the more unprofessional and ignorant you prove yourself to be.

        THAT is why so few people take you seriously. That and the vulgar tirades and vicious personal attacks whenever anybody dares attempt to correct you.

          1. Amazing how people would rather hang out with someone who smells of shampoo and citrusy body wash over someone who probably smells like he rolled in a dead body that’s been rotting in 100 degree weather for a week.

      4. Nicky, the only reason the museum “wanted it for themselves” like you claim instead of putting it in the gift shop is because they were too embarrassed to let any visitors see it. Your precious anthology probably hit the round file.

        1. The anthology is in the library of the museum. They read the books personally. When I went there one of the people who read the anthology asked me about doing the sequel. I didn’t really plan on a sequel for that anthology but when Panic Press tapped out I thought maybe I should do a sequel. When I went to the Poe Museum in 2012, the first place they brought me to was the library and on the table the anthology was staring right up at me. I sold the sequel, my first collection and my memoir for $40 to the curator. I kissed the back cover of the anthology for good luck since that is one of my superstitions.

          1. The museum actually bought the anthology from me, I had a picture of the check on my blurty blog. I am not lying about htat. You want to call me a liar when I know the actual truth.

      5. Nicky, using the term “rape baby” as an insult hen you yourself are the product of a statutory rape that landed your father in prison is very telling. You don’t like yourself very much, so you project your own insecurities and traits onto other people. Your continued use of “faggot” and claims about others engaging in incest and bestiality also speaks volumes.

      6. “I use more than one because it allows me to convert files to a pdf format to upload with”

        See my other comment.

        That is STILL NOT EDITING.

        The more you try to ignore the truth, the more you prove it.

          1. It wasn’t filler. I haven’t found the right market for the stories I’ve been writing lately. The creative nonfiction markets have a reading fee before you get your foot in the door and a lot of small press publishers don’t look at creative nonfiction. I am the only small press who took that. The last time I was published was two years ago with a story I wrote in the summer of 2008.

          2. There is a market for my work. It is not shitty, just because you fucking hate it. There is always going to be someone who enjoys it though.and you are going to be a prick and bully them into not buying my book. That’s fucking professional. You don’t have a publishing history aside from fucking Skullvines in the ass to get your book published. They are a circle jerk publisher.

      7. Orson Scott Card’s career is beginning to suffer for his views and there is a growing public backlash against him and his blatant homophobia, both Card and Lionsgate have been forced to make appeasing noises in the hopes of calming a potential boycott of Ender’s Game. In the growing world of more socially aware people attitudes such as bigotry and homophobia will continue to be punished and the internet makes it far easier to discover who holds such views and to refuse to reward them fiscally by supporting their work. In my case I admit I will only refuse to support the most extreme of living bigots such as yourself and Card, the only way I’ll see Ender’s Game is if any of my friends buy a dvd or if I remember about it after Card’s death.

        1. I’ll torrent it when it comes out. I really like the book, but despise him.

          Also, Paula Deen lost all sorts of deals with her racism. Publishers don’t want to be associated with that type of behavior whether it happened or not. That’s all they’ll see when they google you.

          1. IS Ender’s Game worth reading? I’ve heard about it, but I’ve never bothered to get around to reading it.

        2. I think Orson Scott Card is on the right track when it comes to his views on homosexuality and gay marriage. I do get a lot of Mormon readers of my work, one of my first Tabloid Purposes authors was a Latter Day Saint. I almost became a Mormon in 1998 but Mormonism didn’t make sense ot me. Iron Maiden’s Seventh Son Of Seventh Son was based on Orson Scott Card’s work. Card is very talented in the realms of Science Fiction, where a troll said Orson Scott Card and I should co-write. I joked, “Have him contact me,” I want to submit to his magazine but my recent works are not science fiction enough for that magazine. H.P. Lovecraft was said to be a racist, and I am influenced by Ted Nugent who also says homosexuality is morally wrong. Uncle Ted gets a lot of shit because he is the most open about being a Conservative in heavy metal. There are a lot of heavy metal musicians who are open about being Conservative and Born Again Christians. As a Christian I find homosexuality morally wrong.– this link backs up my argument about speaking out against the wrongs of homosexuality. Orson Scott Card should be celebrated fro speaking out against the deviant practice. He uses offensive terms for homosexuality like I do, and the heavy metal musician Billy Milano did a song called A.I.D.S. which is just as offensive as when it first came out in 1987. I get a lot of Christians reading my work, but they get a little scared because of my use of strong language and intense graphic violence. If you really read GAME OVER — I mean sit down and read the book, it has a message instead of you blasting it like a sodomite. Do you like women Lewis? By the way you carry yourself you never event touched a woman. You carry yourself like you fuck men.

          1. We could ask you if YOU like women Nicky. Your obsession with homosexuality, gay sex, and women who used to be or are men just screams “I’m gay and denying it!” That and your obvious hatred and complete lack of respect for women.

          2. I don’t agree with homosexuality Melany. You knew that when you dated me. I might say nasty things to you, Mary Sangiovanni, and your new best friend K.H. Koehler and Christine Morgan because all of you are cramping my style. You all are trying to fuck with my submission calls and force me out of the publishing business for good. You little lie about me beating you Melany don’t you realize that can ruin an author’s career especially when they are a public figure.

          3. I don’t have to ruin your career. It’s already dead and in ashes, and you did it all by yourself. You’re just too stupid to realize it.

          4. It is not dead and in ashes. I am trying to make a return to editing anthologies in a huge way and trying to establish myself a horror take on creative nonfiction. You just want it dead and in ashes because you called it quits with me and when you left me, all the sudden you say I suck? You became best friends with the cuntwhore who attempted to shut me down in 2007 and lead a fucking crusade to boycott me in December of 2008 because I vowed not to buy a dead author’s work because of bad blood we had in life.

          5. You’re an idiot, Nicky. All I did was recommend Strunk and White to you back in 03 and you then peppered me with abuse. I was only trying to help you.

          6. You were not helping. Struck and White doesn’t teach you how to write horror. Dance Macabre on the other hand will teach a horror author how to do it right and be well versed in the horror genre’s rich history. So kindly fuck off and go tend to the shemale you call a son.

          7. You sucked even back then Nicky, and it’s not all of a sudden I’ve hated your crappy writing I’ve hated it for FIFTEEN YEARS. You are the one who killed your career. You haven’t put out anything new in over a year, and there’s no sign you’ve got anything new coming out anytime soon. I’ve also decided that every time you call me something extremely offensive I start another story with one of your titles.

          8. I am working on new material.right now. Why do you want to disassociate the title with me? I am working on a second novel, doing submission calls for three anthologies, working on new short stories, a full length testimony and teaming up with another publisher to do an anthology vehicle where I stand in as the executive editor. You really want to be a twat and steal my titles for your work. That is not the way to be an author, lifting the titles of your first fuck.

          9. I’ pay as I go but when my grandfather died I could only afford to do the editor’s choice. Don’t assume every small press publisher pays high for their submissions. You snub on the editor’s choice rate, that was how Kevin Lucia emerged. I emerged from a contest anthology so I might end up doing another contest anthology. Tabloid Purposes 3 was designed as a contest.

        1. No I am not, My imprint is often the proving ground for a lot of writers who are not road tested as well as a stopping point for established veterans over the nine years I’ve been publishing. I am not preying upon the inexperienced. My imprint acts as a mentoring to the rookies. I broke out more rookies from more than any other publisher. Not all the small press publishers give writers who are featured on the time of day. I got a following because I was on that site.

          1. If you actually were successful you would be making money from your crap, and not having to use your welfare money. Also, how come not one of those writers ever brags about being in your shitty anthologies? They pretend it never happened instead.

          2. Actually some of them still refer people to Tabloid Purposes IV — one of them wrote the introduction to Tabloid Purposes: Book Five. If you faggots shut the hell up and let people buy my work, I might be making a little bit of money, I got readers from night club signings because I am a print on demand publisher I can’t get into bookstores because the books are nonreturnable. So kindly shut the hell up you fucking sodomite.

          3. If you have so many ‘fans’ and ‘friends’ they would be buying your crap. You wouldn’t have to give it away to get people to read it.

          4. I can write you fucking dickmonkey. It is just I refuse to write to please the faggot audience. The faggot hates a Conservative speaking out against the perversion of the spirit of Sodom.

      8. “No I am not, My imprint is often the proving ground for a lot of writers who are not road tested as well as a stopping point for established veterans over the nine years I’ve been publishing. I am not preying upon the inexperienced. My imprint acts as a mentoring to the rookies. I broke out more rookies from more than any other publisher. Not all the small press publishers give writers who are featured on the time of day. I got a following because I was on that site.”

        Proving ground? With no standards, no editing, no contracts, no pay, no exposure … all you proved is that there are several who’ve managed to go on and do well DESPITE your “proving ground”

        As for mentoring, is that what we’re calling it now when you go around making your empty crybaby threats to have your “supporters” write “horror target” revenge porn for you?

        Speaking of which, where ARE all these so-called supporters, anyway? Where’s all the fanfic you’ve been begging for? How’re those submission calls coming along? Where’s this “following” you speak of?

        You’re so full of it.

        Pathetic, really.

        1. I want to know where the story killing ME off is that he was so sure someone would write for him since he’s too cowardly and incompetent to do it himself.

      9. “Struck and White doesn’t teach you how to write horror.”


        And you have to know how to WRITE, period, full-stop, before worrying about the rest of it.

        Whatever the genre.

        Get that through your head.

        Except you won’t. You’ll just rave and foam about how it doesn’t apply to you.

        THAT is why you dig yourself deeper with every single post.

      10. Psst, Nicky, you are a sodomite, you stupid little shit. The act of sodomy is defined as non-vaginal sex, the participants can be of either sex and you’ve admitted to that on this very blog, my little dumpling. As for myself while I’m not gay I am a socialist and probably come under the heading of ally when it comes to feminism and LGBTQ rights since I am supportive of their struggle for true equality. DOMA is dead and buried and I believe that soon enough the rest of America will wake up to marriage equality, in fact your own state of Illinois is starting to salivate at the financial considerations of legalising it instead of driving gay Illinoisans to other states to spend their wedding money.

        1. And by the way Nicky, when you and Lloyd decide to get married, I am an ordained minister in the universal life Church and can perform the ceremony (true story).

      11. “My imprint acts as a mentoring to the rookies.”

        An imprint cannot to be a mentor, Mr Pacione. Lovecraft was Derleth’s mentor (August said as much in print). Derleth was mine. In each case it means the mentor provides creative advice and is qualified to do so, and it is helpful to the novice.

          1. It’s not just the gays that hate you Nicky. Anyone with a love of the english language is laughing at your stupidity and really really REALLY bad stories that make the movies on the SyFy Channel look like they were written by oscar winning screenwriters.

          2. You fucking bash RAGE MACHINE? That was one of your publishers. You bash publishers who buy my work — you really are a faggot, well fuck gay rights. It is all a lie. I would rather see someone burn that fucking sin flag.

          3. ooh lies about praise you got 10 years ago. Big flipping deal. If you’re so great why can’t you get any sales? Why do you have to beg for money on chip in? Why aren’t you too busy reading submissions to be a total asshole everywhere you go online?

          4. I am busy getting the submission call out there. The reason I haven’t got sales is because the fat fuck behind sabotaged me by telling his underlings to warn the world about my first book. My memoir got pirated the day before it got its initial cover art. When I did the chipin it wasn’t begging. I don’;t have the funding other publishers have. It wasn’t a lie about Joe Bob Briggs. I had it on a defunct blog when I was with modblog. One of the admins of that site became one of my readers.

          5. I was good enough to be published in Tales of the Talisman and I don’t suck if I sold work to those places. I just don’t write for the faggot nor do I want the faggot for a reader.

          6. You keep saying that and that was years ago. Your asshole behavior precedes you now. You’ll never get a pro sale. You are simply too bad of a writer.

        1. Many of the fans I have are also Conservative. They relate to my beliefs and politics. I share similar views with Ted Nugent and Dave Mustaine. Dave joked, “I don’t want the homos picketing me.” I have the homos picketing me because I call gay marriage a blasphemy.

          1. Wow it must be hard to sleep with all those gay people outside your door with picket signs shouting at you.

          2. it should even make Nicky happy he’s always claiming my boycott of his work is what is ruining his sales! =D

      12. So what? I could rattle off a list of artists in various fields that support gay marriage. Like most Christians opposing gay marriage they’re hypocrites, “it’s in the bible” they already pick and choose what commandments they want to follow. Jesus was against homosexuality? Then show me the verses where Christ himself spoke out against it, the majority of the homophobia in the New Testament comes from Paul who converted after Jesus’ death and was more politically minded, some scholars suggest he was speaking specifically against temple prostitution as well. I have seen no examples where Christ himself condemned homosexuality and one interpretation of the original Greek the current bible is translated from has him healing a gay Roman’s lover and praising him as an example of faith. Never mind that Jesus’ message was pretty socialist.

      13. I have a suggestion, Nick. Why not write a spec horror movie script and send it to Joe Bob Briggs? You say he likes your stuff.

          1. I have a lot of experience — nearly 23 years. So you are fucking wrong there. Now if you excuse me I have a few short stories to write and magazines to submit off to you fucking pedophile.

        1. I just put words on pages you fucking asshole, don’t you realize you insulted every magazine and every reader who like my work with that comment. My readers will not be insulted. You asshole, insult my intelligence.

          1. I get bad writing. Yours is beyond bad. It’s borderline illiterate, full of grammar errors, has no cohesion, and goes against everything that makes a good story. You know nothing about how to scare people, your dialogue is laughable and your descriptions make no sense.

            I’ve read Lovecraft, Beaumont, Matheson-and they are real writers, you are not.

          2. Twilight and Twilight fan fic is better than what Nicky writes, and I couldn’t even FINISH the first twilight book.

      14. Insult your intelligence? Well if you insist, imagine deep within the depths of space there is a dying star. Its fires have burnt low but still it struggles to shine, to send its light out across the universe, to scream one last time “I am alive”. But it is too weak, and so its light fades and dies before it can reach another living soul and we will never even know it existed. That star, Nicky, is your last brain cell gibbering, mad and alone in the dark hollow reaches of your skull unable to let the world know it’s there.

    2. Nicky, Nicky, Nicky…

      Hiw many times have you been told that Strunk and White’s is a tool for BASIC writing skills. Any real writer would know this…

      And this is why you are a failure at writing. You refuse to learn.

  3. Scott, check out the Statue. It’s Twilight Zone fan fiction. Be prepared to drink b/c there are lots of indescribables, but if they could be described it would be like Poe or Lovecraft, etc would have described. There’s even a sleepsack and plenty of bad grammar so as not to disappoint.

    1. That story is actually original — just borrowed Rod Serling’s delivery by playing the role of the narrator. The characters were all mine and the setting was my hometown during my teens. So kindly shut the fuck up and let people enjoy my work you fucking incest born rape-baby. Go suck your daddy’s cock you cunt.

      1. Sleep well =) I’m heading offline myself to make some breakfast. I might even go crazy and put some banana slices on my cereal!

    1. Melany you turned into a real fat whore after we called it quits. You made up lies about me beating you when I never laid a goddamned hand on you in harm. You call me a plagiarist when I never plagiarized a short story, even in my early years I never plagiarized. I remember when you said I was actually good as a writer, after we broke up all the sudden I suck? Then you support these horse rapers and infant fuckers.

      1. Thanks for more to add to my wordpress to warn ladies away from you Nicky. Your disgusting words about bestiality and pedophilia are enough to make any woman laugh in your face if you ask her out. You just SCREAM “sex offender”

      2. And I LIED about how good your work was back then since your single digit IQ is too low for you to figure that out, just like I faked how good you were at sex.

      3. Only a 100 IQ? Really? With your writing and editing skills, I would have thought it would be much higher than that.

      4. Your behavior and complete inability to learn simple concepts makes your claim of 100 IQ a lie. And my life is miserable? I don’t think so. Unlike you, I have a social life. I’m in a relationship with a man who has a REAL job, not an imaginary job like you have. I eat out or hit the local bar for karoake night with friends several times a month, have quite a few people I can call if I feel like going to the movies and don’t want to go alone. I also have people lined up to buy the scarves I knit. You can’t even get your imaginary friends on facebook to buy your crap.

      5. Who wants to bet that any IQ test Nicky took was with one of those online popups that offers a free test, gives out an inflated score, and then tries to scam you into buying a certificate or something.

          1. I bet he downloads anything that’s free and has no virus protection. Then he wonders why his computer commits suicide after a month or two.

  4. Nicky, I wasn’t going to bring this up but you have left me no choice. I spoke with the museum curator and even printed a quote from him where he denied calling you an updated version of Edgar Allen Poe. Contrary to that fake news release you gave, your work ended up in their museum because it did not cut the mustard to get carried in their gift shop. You know this. They take all kinds of donations, as long as they are Poe- related. They are not waiting for your sequel. If they asked it was to make idle chit-chat. You were there all day and they felt sorry for you as you needed a sale

    1. The are authorized to purchase books for their study library which is not on the museum tour. Did you even look to see what other authors were there? They were very kind to you and kind to let you carry on with this, but this is where it stops.

      The curator and museum staff are well-respected. Mention the museum one more time, in terms other than you donated a book and they bought a few – and you felt the need to go all the way out there for some unknown reason. They did not have a book signing for you, as you also falsely claimed.

      Mention the museum one more time to give any false account other than the above, and that’s where it ends. The books will be yanked out and donated, and that will put an end to it. Don’t believe me? Just watch me. All it takes is a link to your rants to get them removed.

      Pay very careful attention Nick. One more time falsely claiming events or interpretations of your work that did not occur- and your books are gone. Believe it.

  5. I already spoke with the curator, and he denied the quotes in the article Nicky’s been posting around Google+, as well as calling him the “updated version of Edgar Allen Poe” which you posted on your blog. The museum also never asked Nicky to speak there which is in the article. Only the 1 book is accessioned into the library- the Unknown Horrors one (b/c it had Poe’s story in it not b/c it “cut the muster” as the article falsely attributed to the curator). The rest of the ones he brought , including his memoir, well you can leave it up to your imagination what was done with those or where they are.

    You have to wonder if Nicky just didn’t write this press release himself, and someone just printed it without verifying the quotes. That’s how Nicky goes about repaying people are who nice to him.

    Nicky just couldn’t let it go. Tomorrow I’m sending Brian Keene’s The Conqueror Worms to them as a donation for their library (before it had the title Earthworm Gods). They take works that have the names of Poe titles or inspired by them. Nicky would know this if he looked at the rest of the books there. I’m sure people would greatly enjoy that one. I’m sure they would LOVE to have someone like Brian Keene speak on horror there sometime if his schedule allowed him time. I’ll be sure to suggest they invite him when I send the book.

    I hear there is a gay Poe fanfiction anthology out there. They might enjoy that too. It could go right next to Nicky’s anthology of mostly public domain stories.

    Time to give that “credit” up Nicky. It’s been debunked.

    1. I think that’s a great idea stinkycat, the Poe museum would love a real writer in their collection to combat the stench of Nicky.

      And since he has a history of lying there is little doubt the press release was fabricated.

      1. Agreed. I’ll be ordering your Barbed Wire Kisses soon. I prefer serial killer stories (not sure what that says about me, but…..).

        1. Thanks! Hope you enjoy it! As you see I dissected the Cabbie Homicide. I’d say it’s better than Evil Airs, but that’s like saying dog shit is better than cat shit.

      2. Yep, just commented on it. Worse than the Cabbie Homicide? I’m glad you broke it down for us then. CH was horrific. I don’t get the point of it.

  6. Nicky Nicky nicky

    Just for your information. Part of being a professional editor is being a “grammar nazi”. It’s the most important thing to be able to do after selecting good stories – making sure that they’re grammatically correct.

    Nothing will turn even a semi-intelligent reader off faster than bad grammar and typo riddled prose.

    You also need a clear grasp of syntax and reading comprehension.

    I wonder if you realise that this quote from you on your blog

    “I appeared on Clive Barker’s website when I turned 24 after the fat fuck I dumped a load of cum into was forcing his work and Poppy Z. Brite’s work down my throat”

    has only one meaning – that meaning being that you dumped a load of cum into a fat man who was forcing Poppy Z Brite’s work down your throat.

    If you were capable of being a professional editor, you would know that without being told.

    1. Either:

      A. he really is that ignorant
      B. his ego just cannot acknowledge reality

      Given how he defines criticism as tantamount to anal rape, and corrections as terrorism, my money’s on B

  7. Nicky says that he only harrassed and insulted four women, but he’s lying. He did it to me also and several others. How about Kalisti? How about her friends? You insulted Kelly Goldberg and Angeline Hawkes. You insulted every woman who posted on my blogs. The evidence is still out there.

    1. He harasses and insults me, harassed and insulted my mother and still does insult her, and can’t count past 10 without taking his shoes and socks off.

  8. Oh and newsflash Nick – didn’t you wonder why your book wasn’t on the museum shelf? Didn’t you find that odd? It was on the table, b/c it wasn’t cataloged into the library.

    Of course they took you there first. What else where they supposed to do with you? They didn’t invite you there to be around the public.

    You pester people so much they have to pay you hoping you will behave.

  9. ‘I am not insulting everyone’s intelligence, you just don’t “get it”’

    And that, Ladies and Gentlemen, is the clarion call of the wannabe, the hack, the faker who claims to be a writer but consistently fails at it for refusing to learn thing one about the craft.

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