Love, Nikita Style



I appreciate your unrequited love for me. I know how you must yearn for me, to the exclusion of others. While strong women obviously frighten you, you seem to have no problem making your intentions know with me. Your love letter to me via email is a perfect example. You even titled the message, Go Molest A Goat.

You write: .  You started fucking with me by sending me penny payments via

Sweet, sweet boy, you were begging everyone for help, I was merely responding to your wishes. You should be grateful you got that much, as it’s far more than you’ll ever make from your writing.

and you wanted to harass the lead author on the 12th issue to get him to withdraw.

I’m not even sure who your lead victim was, let alone harass them. Being associated with you, is harassment enough.

Why does it bother you that I refuse to publish gays?

It doesn’t. Even your beliefs don’t bother me. What does is you being a raging asshole of untold proportions. Even the Westboro Baptist Church would find you repellent.

I turned into a 4theluv because of a family tragedy.

and you try to turn any tragedy into gain, so please don’t give us that lie.

       You fucked with me on Shocklines.

Those were fun times, weren’t they? Too bad you forgot your password, we could do it again.

You wanted my head

No one wants head from you, really. No one.

A lot in the mid-list mass market cocksucking party

You certainly are fixated on that, aren’t you? I guess that explains your obsession with me.

I said fuck you to them years ago.

And they’ve been silent ever since? Or have they gone on to bigger and better things, while you still can’t make one dime from LFP?

You are just pissed off because I refuse to publish a faggot.   When it comes to Lake Fossil Press, faggots need not apply.

Or anyone with self respect, talent, or a one functioning brain cell.

And then, my curly cue french fried love dumpling, you spent almost 1K words of professing your most intimate feelings. I hardly know what to make of it!

Look jackhole, I paid Ray Faraday Nelson $30.00 for his story.

A whole 30 dollars? Wow, LFP must really be raking the dough in! That’s how much a legend is worth to you? We should probably message him on FB and verify he did get paid, as we all know you don’t like to pay writers, let alone tell them you’re using their work.

I was a paying market from the very beginning. I offered payment to some of the writers of the first Tabloid Purposes, they actually refused payment.

And I was the King of Siam. Guess which one more people would believe? Let me get my crown.

I published three 4theluv anthologies so far.

So that means you weren’t a pay market from the beginning as you haven’t put anything out since your grandparents deaths. You said yourself, that’s what forced you into becoming a 4theluv market. You’re lying and making excuses again.

 One of the authors on the second namesake immortalized my old address after she read Apt. #2W.

Having your address on a restraining order is not being immortalized.

So you want to libel my company you faggot, I will fucking bury you.

I don’t want to do anything with your company, merely telling the truth. And as for burying me, I’m going to be cremated, but am sure my family will be glad to let you pick up the expense.

In the end (no pun intended), it just wouldn’t work out Nikita. You see, I have intelligence, wit and talent. And you’re…you.



65 thoughts on “Love, Nikita Style

        1. How many times must I tell you that you can’t go around swiping a title that is a vampire story to make it a fucking fairy story you fucking fan fiction writing hack. Fuck you bitch, you are just mad that I had a hand in closing down one of your publishers. You lie about how you got Collectives In A Forsaken Landscape.

    1. I am not becoming desperate lately, just that my avenues to get the submission guidelines out there I have to do it the way I did it in 2004. By blog, e-mail newsgroups, and message boards. You are just jumping on the asshole bandwagon — the assholes who want to make me look like a fucking laughing stock when it is the other way around. I was validated in 2011 when I got the first namesake in the Edgar Allan Poe Museum. I sent it to them originally for their gift shop then they told me they were going to keep it in the Poe Museum library instead. I wasn’t planning to do a sequel for the anthology but the museum when I was in Richmond suggested I do a sequel for the book. I wrote my story first then I sent it around to the other contributors, and then to the cover artist. Not many micro-press publishers can say they got oil paintings for their cover art. I was blown away when I saw this because the artist captured the dark atmosphere of the story. Most of the covers for my magazine and some of my anthologies are my photography.

      1. And all your covers suck. They may start with a nice picture someone else made, but then you Pacione them with godawful fonts, and cheap filters. I know of many micro/small press publishers who have gotten oils, pastels, watercolors etc. Stop trying to make yourself better than the crap it is.

        1. No those photographs on Tabloid Purposes IV, The Ethereal Gazette: Issue 3, The Ethereal Gazette: Issue 4, Issue 6, Issue 7, Issue 9, and Issue 10 are from my camera. Tabloid Purposes Book Five is also my photography. It was taken over the summer of 2008 when I saw a premiere of a movie that a friend of mine was putting out. I got oil paintings for Issue 11, Issue 13, and the second namesake. The first namesake was a pencil drawing by a contributor that was given to me for Christmas. I got two submissions for a Christmas present.

      2. No Nick, the only thing you’ve earned is scorn and ridicule. You lie about blurbs, leave bad reviews on books you don’t read, curse, bully and harass people, and refuse to take any advice to better yourself. You’re not even a peer. You’re a fandom wank wannabe.

    2. A lot of my titles these days are my own. I didn’t rip Storms of Armageddon from a song nor did I rip Lake Fossil from a song either. There are only 9 titles that share a title with a heavy metal track. So I didn’t rip all my titles from heavy metal songs so quit coming up with that lie. Why must you get famous from ripping two of my stories for your so called titles? Is that the way to get famous at being a writer, steal the titles from the man you used to have his dick in your ass?

      1. Screen capped, good of you to admit to practising sodomy, Nicky, doesn’t that make you a sodomite? I’ve also heard it said that “straight” men who prefer anal sex do so because it feels tighter than vaginal, was your sad little peepee to small to experience pleasure in any other orifice?

      2. ” Is that the way to get famous at being a writer, steal the titles from the man you used to have his dick in your ass?”

        Was that your dick? It was so small I thought it was a pimple.

  1. An ideal donation for when I did the chipin would been $5.00. If they donated $10 they would had gotten four e-books from me. And Stinky Cat don’t even attempt to do stories based on my work if you haven’t read my work respectfully. Valannb22, the anthology had a hard time getting a target audience because of the timing of the book and one of the stories by Trent Roman was quite controversial. The person who hosted the anthology for me is in charge of the donations. If I hosted it the money would had gone right back into the book. Money from Tabloid Purposes goes right back into marketing Tabloid Purposes and its sequels. The namesakes were 4theluv projects, the second one everyone wanted to be in the Poe Museum so they donated their stories, a good number of the artwork that is on my publications for the cover are donated.

    1. In other words, nicky, you donated $0 to the Red Cross. You just tried slapping a charity on your drek in a failed effort to get sales. I don’t care if you claim someone “hosted” the anthology — that host was probably you in the first place.

      And yes, you do get to sounding desperate. You always come into these situations with foul language and a lot of barking, and when your targets don’t back down because they’re made of stronger stuff than you (okay, to be fair, paramecium is made of stronger stuff than you) the whimpering and whining starts.

      1. No the person who hosted Quakes And Storms is behind The Dark storefront, someone I knew from She writes dark poetry and children’s books. She donated about $30 to the red cross. I sold my work Mike, you are going to insult the places I sold work to, and you need to stop snubbing token and editor’s choice payments for pay rates because some authors emerged from those avenues because it is making you look like a holier than thou prick.

      2. I’m only snubbing you, nicky, for your lack of professionalism. Stop projecting onto others, it’s just childish.

        Now, exactly how much did Quakes and Storms raise for the Red Cross?

        1. I donated $20 to the relay for life at the end of July, and that was just by selling scarves I knitted! I donate $5 from every scarf. Next year I’ll have sold even MORE scarves to make an even bigger donation. I doubt Nicky actually donated $1 let alone $30 to the red cross.

  2. Ray was happy with $30.00 for his story — I am a micro-press. I operate the magazine and publishing company out of my own pocket. I was trying to figure out how much I wanted to pay him so we agreed on $30.00 because my highest paid author was $70.00 on Tabloid Purposes IV and the second highest was $67.00 on Issue 4. I am not a professional rated magazine. I am relaunching the magazine as an editor’s choice payment at $20.00 picking up right where I left off because Issue 13 closed as a clifhanger and the original Issue 14 was lost. I had to put the magazine on hold because of the deaths in the family. I am looking to relaunch as a 198 page print and e-mag that is a $3.00 download. The e-mag will be illustrated in color.

      1. Shut up and let me get submissions for my anthologies. I am not sabotaging your fucking anthology submissions. Give me the same common respect in that aspect. I never claimed to be a professional market. I am offering the editor’s choice payment for stories. You faggots assume that every small press should fucking pay a pro rate but a lot of small presses operate out of their own meager pocket.

          1. I earned it but not from the faggots in the business. I don’t want the faggots liking me — I want them hating me and my pen name because the truth about the gay agenda is told in the pages of both writers. Homosexuality is morally wrong and gay marriage is a blasphemy of the sacred union between a man and a woman before an Almighty God.

  3. The only person sabotaging your submissions is you Nicky. Every post you make shows just how unprofessional you are. Who wants to submit to someone as unlikeable, foul mouthed and hate filled as you? Hell your own submission guidelines are so confusing nobody can figure out what the hell you want or where to send it to for them to bother wasting their time sending you their hard work anyway.

    1. I am very clear in my submission calls Melany. Tabloid Purposes IV’s submission calls were a little rushed. I am not hate filled, just pissed off because every asshole is using my company as their public fucking toilet and an asshole trying to make claims that he owns my company and posting bullshit covers to MY titles with trolls names as their fucking bylines making claims that they came up with the story first when I know the fucking truth you fat bitch. So kindly leave my titles alone and come up with your own if you want to play the writer’s dance.

        1. Get your fucking hands off my titles you turd raper. Let people enjoy my work and stop being the fucking voice of everybody, just because you hate something with all your heart you have to get everyone else to join the fucking bandwagon you faggot.

      1. I don’t have to get anyone to do anything, they go willingly. And how exactly does one rape a turd? I’m sure you have much experience in that. Or do you and Lloyd take turns holding the turd down? Inquiring minds want to know!

      2. You don’t even come up with you OWN original titles NIcky. So kindly stop being a whiny bitch about people stealing titles you stole yourself. I bet anything I’ll be a more successful writer and have more people reading my stuff than you ever will. Right now you have exactly one reader who doesn’t read your stuff to make fun of it, and that is you.

        1. I have readers from facebook who don’t make fun of me Melany. Stop swiping my fucking titles for your catalog. Why do you want to steal Lake Fossil and The Storms of Armageddon to get your start with Melany? Is it because those two titles I hold very close to my heart and you want to hurt sales of mine?

        1. Some of my anthologies are bought from nook. I see about $30.00 royalties at a time for the downloads. More Frightening Than Fiction is the most purchased anthology on the nook format. So I do get sales you AIDS infested queer.

          1. You mean that 10 dollars you made 3 months ago? Hope you enjoy my review, I did try to be fair with Evil Airs.

            Oh, and the invite only submission to the Lovecraft antho? I’ll be getting 80 dollars for that.

          2. Fuck off. You don’t know anything about the back story to that one. Why can’t you shut the fuck up and let people enjoy it? Do you really want people hating me as much as you do? Go suck Kody Boye’s cock and let Andrew Wolter fuck you in the ass. You are all faggots anyway.

          3. No, just want them to see how bad a writer you are,

            There was a fat troll named Nick
            Who’s head was incredibly thick.
            Tho his writing did suck,
            And girls he won’t fuck
            So blowing Lloyd Campbell
            Does the trick.

      3. Do you honestly think spewing hate, calling people gay, throwing rape and incest ‘jokes’ around, and describing gay sex quite graphically for someone who claims to be straight will get people in any reputable company to publish you Nicky?

        1. I will get published Melany that is if you don’t be a bitch and harass them out of dropping me like that bitch Eduardo did when I got accepted for an anthology that would been my first one I would been paid royalties. I am a straight man Melany, you know this because I fucked you.

          1. I don’t have to harass them and be a bitch to them to stop them from publishing you Nicky. Your own asshole ‘charm’, foul mouth, and really bad writing do it for me.

          2. I was good enough to get published in Tales of the Talisman, HorrorMasters. Naked Snake Press, Withersin, Dark Gothic Resurrected, and Darkened Horizons. I don’t suck as an author, I just don’t write for the faggot. The faggot was never really a fan of mine, nor do I want the faggot for a reader.

      4. Time to wreck Nicky with some facts.

        Tales of the Talisman hasn’t touched Nicky’s work since 2008.

        Horrormasters has zero editorial input and with that no quality control. Plus they’ve been defunct for at least a year.

        Naked Snake Press went out of business for a time after publishing Nick because he’s a hateful midget of a human being and no one wanted to associate with him.

        They’ve dropped the name, now calling themselves “E-Volve Books” on a site that’s barely cobbled together. Their blog hasn’t seen an update since 2010. In trying to find their book listing, I see no mention of Nicky. At all.

        Withersin issued an apology for Nicky’s story, and haven’t published anytng of his since.

        Dark Gothic Magazine pays zilch — and doesn’t name Pacione at all in their TOC listings.

        Nicky made one appearane in Darkened Horizons, back in 2008. Hasn’t been seen there since.

        See, if Nicky were a real writer and a professional, these markets would be happy to do repeat business with him. But he’s neither a real writer nor a professional. You can follow the logic from there…

        So, no, Nicky, you’re not good enough. You never will be.

    1. As much as I’m enjoying your stupidity, hypocrisy, and sheer lack of professionalism that is killing your submissions. I’ve got a character named Nick or Dick…or maybe Lloyd or Floyd to kill off in some way I can’t describe kind of like in your stories.

      1. They know what real writing is. It doesn’t need faggot content polluting the genre. You are polluting the horror genre with your faggotry. The Horror genre doesn’t need anymore faggots. My fans and readers are very educated and know what old school horror is — they appreciate when a story is written clean without swearing, violence. or sex.

          1. No they are not — one of them ushered me into being a published author and another one you might consider a friend. You might be surprised who ushered me into being a published author you little anal bandit.

          2. Yeah. I didn’t think anyone could be more retarded than you.

            In the days of yore
            When Tabetha was a whore,
            To Nicky’s shit raping ways,
            He refused to admit he was gay,
            Till Lloyd P Campbell came his way
            And bent over for the rest of his days

  4. I’m confused. I thought Nickolaus Pacione was really David Boyer, and Lake Fossil Press was actually owned by Angry in Illinois.

  5. This entire comment section is comedy gold. I had forgotten about Nickolaus Pacione for quite a while. But whilst cleaning my email I found him again and boy am I glad I did. Thank you sir for bringing many a smile to my face with your adorable shenanigans.

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