The Porcine Predator Pacione Returns

Well he never really left, but since November of 2010, he’d pretty much ignored me. That was fine, as his homophobic vitriol, threats, and insults were a time sink that could be better served to being productive. However, despite my attempts to ignore him, he’s seen fit to pop up on my radar once again, so here I am, taking him to task.

He started with giving my novella Barbed Wire Kisses a one star review on GoodReads, along with a hate filled review in which he admitted he hadn’t read it. Rightfully, it was deleted by the admins and the unwashed heap of dung was banned. Again. He then one starred it with an equally homophobic review filled with personal attacks on Amazon. Unfortunately Amazon doesn’t seem to care and repeated requests to have it removed have been ignored. 

That’s fine, it hasn’t hurt my sales, and I had some very nice people defending me in the comments of his “review”. Scattered around this site are some comments from him that I edited for clarity, and today I received another missive on writerscafe, which states,

I don’t want the genre molested with the goddamned faggotry.  Shut up and let me do my anthologies in peace.  Your novel is a piece of shit.  I published better than that.


This is typical for Nikita. He attacks those who have a vastly superior talent to his. He’ll curse, threaten, stamp his feet, hold his breath and play victim all the while engaging in activity he accuses everyone else of. 

It would be amusing were it not for the fact he threatens to rape peoples wives while they watch, yell people to fuck the ashes of a dead relative, tries to lure underage girls to model, and is so deluded he thinks he can actually write and edit. This has gone on for years. My old blog, is chock full of posts concerning his behavior. 

He hates everything and everyone who doesn’t think he’s a genius (despite a low double digit IQ) but most of all he hates himself. And who can blame him for that? He has a history of violence, is not allowed to see his son, and yet expects to be treated like he is a peer.

He has absolutely no concept of how to write a story, and dialog is beyond his comprehension. The fact he thinks my novella is shit is a compliment, as it tells me I’ve done something right. 

He hates everyone who is better than him, and everyone is light years beyond his ability. Even Twilight is Shakespeare compared to his near illiterate tales. He cites many excellent authors as an inspiration but hasn’t displayed any of their exceptional gifts. 

Pacione is a fraud. He parades around as if he’s taken seriously, yet gets banned and kicked from literally every site he ever logged into. For anyone unfortunate enough to come into contact with him, run! Do not send him any of your stories, there are far more worthwhile and legitimate publishers who would gladly publish you.

All he will do is drag you down with him. 


17 thoughts on “The Porcine Predator Pacione Returns

  1. If you think you can do a better submission let’s see the guidelines you fucking infant raper. I am working on my return to doing all original authors and got a team of co-editors working with me this time. So go fuck your mother up the ass.

    1. such charming language, and you wonder why you get banned from so many sites. for someone who’s not into gay sex scenes you are really good at writing them. Personal experience?

      1. The only claim to fame you have Melany is giving my website a face and always known as the first woman I shot a load of cum into. I never laid a hand on you Melany to harm you. I would never hit a woman, but you made up that malicious lie so would be publishers would drop me because they would think I am a woman beater. As of the present all you are is an unemployed disgusting fat sow who picks on authors who paid their dues and struggle to get their work out there. I have the respect in the business, just the ones who glorify faggotry want to draw and quarter me with semi-trucks.

      1. You want to bet your entire career against my next anthology? If I get the skilled artist and a review in it’s favor you retire to writing Buffy the Vampire slayer fan fiction much like Ray Garton who gets paid for jacking off on the Buffyverse.

        1. Nikita, it’s not your beliefs, as repulsive as they may be that repels people, it’s your lack of human decency. Your inability and refusal to learn from those with more talent. You call my writing shit yet I’m the one with 4 and 5 star reviews on Amazon and Goodreads, not yours. I also don’t rate my own work like you. I’m not afraid of valid criticism. I don’t delete any comments.

  2. No, Nick… I won’t because:

    1) I don’t dance to your tune, you weak little howler monkey.
    2) I write SF and Fantasy
    3) I would need to take the time and effort away from my own writing, as well my training in martial arts, to devote to editing something. I would also require a significant amount of money, as I would have every intent of paying writers a professional rate, paying for good art and print quality along with the necessary promtion and distribution.

    That’s something you don’t get.

    You can’t even write submission guidelines without spelling and grammar errors.

    And you, Nicky, hide behind a false Christianity to blaspheme against Christ and justify being an ass.

    1. Must you sexually molest my publication credits and diss every publisher who was to publish me. I am not a holier-than-thou gay rights supporting liberal prick like you who thinks he is better than everyone else. You have to realized I started out as a token rate market as a publisher, because of the death in the family I am forced to be a 4theluv. I offered as much as $75 for a short story, I made Tabloid Purposes 3 a contest anthology because of my arrangement at the time. I submit to all markets that publish horror to raise the profile of my own imprint — I had writers from the publications I appeared in as a nonfiction writer submit to my magazine. Issue 11 was all the local alumni who appeared in the pages of The Gazette.     &nbspl; When I started writing as a pen name I voiced my Conservative stances to an extreme — as him I wrote “No one wants to read about two fags.” I am not afraid to use the word faggot in my work. That is something that leaves people pissed off. You say I can’t write, but the magazines who published me will tell you otherwise. I can write, just don’t write for the community that celebrates faggotry and gay pride. I want to wipe my ass with the gay pride flag and light the fucking thing on fire. All the faggots who pick apart my work and support the burning fo my titles need to wrap a gasoline soaked rainbow flag and light the fucker on fire. I get a lot of shit because I will not read about two men falling in love or take part in the blasphemy of the sacred vow of marriage being between one man and one woman. If you were any kind of Christian Mike you would be speaking out against homosexuality, not embracing it like a sodomite.

      1. I have said nothing sexual about your non-professional credits. Just stating facts. Any sort of molestation is projection on your part — which says something about you. If I were going to “insult” any publisher who prints your work, I would mention them by name. Again, you’re projecting onto others, or rather deflecting my comment with your flat out denial of your fallibility.

        Now, again, you call yourself a writer when you’ve made numerous mistake in this entry. This time your word choice betrays you: “Offered?” Yes, you may have offered $75 for something, but I doubt you ever paid. You don’t use contracts, which is another mark against you as a so-called publisher. That leaves only your word, and we know you’re not a man of your word. One could argue if you were even a man, but that’s off topic…

        Yes, I support gay rights under the laws of this country. I believe no one should be held back simply because of gender preference or identity. Your hate screed gets a big old “F” for spelling and grammar alone. Since you base it on your uneducated faith, I’d like you to point out chapter and verse of what Christ said about homosexuality.

        Of course, if you were any kind of Christian, you would consider Christi Iesu’s One Commandment (John 13:34), stop griping about the mote in my eye and tend to the plank in yours (Matthew 7:3)

      2. That reminds me, Mike, a few years back I went Googling for anything Christ himself may have said about homsexuality and turned up an interesting point. A possible interpretation of the original Greek allows for Christ having not only healed the gay lover of a Roman but commending the man on his faith. Funny how later translations tend not to take that view isn’t it?

      3. what’s with this new phrase of yours “sexually molest” stories, careers and publications? You’ve used it all over the place. It’s a bad analogy. You were never a token rate publisher, you never paid anyone. Shall I make you a fantasy target again?

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