Siberian Hellhole by Michael Mulvihill – A review


Writer Michael Mulvihill has concocted a tale of demons, vampires and apocalyptic terrors and wrapped it all in with a bow of religious and social commentary. In lesser hands it might devolve into a preachy mess, however Mulvihill manages to keep control and provides us with an intelligent horror novel.

Things haven’t gone well in the post-Perestroika years of Russia for Tobias. So much so, he takes a job as a guard in Siberia. The plot of land he’s charged with holds far more than the natural resources and that’s where the story takes off. Mulvihill paints a portrait of a point in time that is riveting and relevant. As Tobias and the residents of Vodka Valley come under attack, lives, faith and ultimately humanity is shaken.

While it may be too descriptive for some, I found it helped draw me into the very believable world Mulvhill has created. Even the appearance of the Devil himself fits in nicely. Siberian Hellhole is a great read and highly recommended.

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