Win a signed, paperback copy of Barbed Wire Kisses!

In honor of my Mother’s birthday tomorrow, I’ll be making the ebook of BWK free but that’s not all! ┬áTo promote the upcoming paperback release, I’ll be holding a contest. Download BWK tomorrow (or if you can’t wait you can certainly buy it today), write a review on Amazon, Goodreads, your own blog -anywhere really-and just post a link to it here. On Sunday May 12(Mother’sDay of course) I’ll pick a winner at random who will receive a signed copy of the paperback version being released next week! This contest is open to anyone worldwide, so spread the word!


2 thoughts on “Win a signed, paperback copy of Barbed Wire Kisses!

  1. I read a sample of it and it makes my writing downright suck. I want to suck off the publishers for getting that masterpiece published. The current writers on Nickolaus Albert Pacione Delivers: A Library Of Unknown Horrors could learn from you. I am not evenin your league, I was barely good enough to be published by Tales of the Talisman and Withersin Magazine. Your respect for classic horror and science fiction really shows. All I want to read is that fucking fagrotica that is passed off as horror.I’m going to to reread Poppy Z. Brite novelsbecause I’m a flaming faggot. And I would enjoy getting an anally inflicted death sentence.

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