When Sense Becomes Nonsense

I suppose it was bound to happen sooner or later. You can’t wallow in the mud without getting any on you, and being mistaken for other pigs in the pen.

Which has happened to The Rusty Nail.  After spending years of watching and reporting their antics, Rusty has been developing some of the same symptoms: looking for anything little thing to latch onto, whether it makes sense or not, confusing discussion with attacks, lashing out at people for no reason at all.  It started a few months ago with a comment Daggy made on someone’s blog, the blog writer gave a non committal response, and he was branded a nitwit for no particular reason.

Next Nick Cato posted a generic positive review of Daggy’s short story collection, and snark went up about that, in spite of the fact Nick is well respected in the field, and the review was hardly a rave.

Most recently, Rusty posted about Phailbin and one of his numerous posts of 9/11 paranoia, taking him to task for bad math. then went into her own nitwitesque rant about Obama’s health care plan. Others disagreed with her, or pointed out the way Phailbin did his math, and got invective hurled at them. Myself included. Now this isn’t a grudge, as anyone who’s read my blog, know that Nikita has said some of the most horrible things anyone could say.

It is however a plea for Rusty to take a look at her behavior, and maybe take a step back and look at things objectively. I have nothing but respect and admiration for what she’d done at The Rusty Nail, but there’s a fine line between on reporting the news and becoming the news.

18 thoughts on “When Sense Becomes Nonsense

  1. Rusty has always been spiky. It flares up and then it fades. I’m enjoying the first bit of peace I have had since March of 03 when I had my first serious encounter with a career troll that overlapped with my first encounter with Pacione in September of that year.

  2. It’s amazing how much work I can get done without bothering with the nitwits. I’m beginning to wonder if other people are feeling the same. Three threads about nitwits in a row on Rusty and only a dozen or so comments between them? I remember not all that long ago when there’d have been three times that amount for just one.

    Or maybe, people just got bored with them. That would also explain the slow, slow death that TODP is experiencing.

  3. I don’t think it is boredom so much as a kind of fatigue that has set in after years of dealing with them. We’re all tired of it.

    So now that we have a break from it, we can appreciate what other things we can do with our energies.

    As for TODP, it was not just the nitwits that kept it going. It always seemed to me that it was mostly fueled by hate and rage. Many people either mellowed out or got tired of dealing with it.

    Catwoman’s board is gone now. So are a host of other horrors boards and sites that once were very active. I think there’s been a lot of fatigue that set in over time.

  4. As far as the boards go, a lot of the closings have to do with facebook and twitter taking over. Most messageboards are slowly dying out because of the instant interaction they offer. I know a lot of people have gone over to tomo’s board and Keene’s board as well. Of the ones I go to, only two have any kind of regular postings, Shocklines, and my WoW guild. I know I spend far more time on FB and twitter than I do on the boards.

    And in a few years when something new comes out twitter and facebook will start to slow down. Hell that’s happening to myspace now as people gravitate to other social networks.

  5. I don’t think that’s it completely. In two years of being on twitter I have only gotten six replies to anything. And I never get any comments or reactions on facebook.

    I get only a few on wordpress and LJ.

  6. Like anything, if you don’t use something on a regular basis, you won’t get the results you want. In the two weeks I’ve had my new blog up, it’s gotten 280 hits-mostly due to twitter and facebook. I repost someone’s info and they repost mine. Granted it can be time consuming, but if I want to get my information out there, it’s time worth investing.

    Going to other writer’s blogs i normally don’t visit and comment on, adds traffic. Exchanging links on blogrolls helps a lot as well. The hits i get from SL are only when I post something on there pimping a new blog post-and I only do that if it’s something they’d all be interested in, like a book review etc. I’ve been spending as much time networking as I do writing and it seems to be paying off. Unfortunately it’s really cut my wow time down-and with the all the excitement over the new expansion I’m itching to et back and play, but I made a commitment to do all I can to promote myself, in spite of not having anything in print just yet.

  7. I do get more work done when not bothering with the nitwits.

    But when Daggy flares up, I just get this overwhelming urge to flush his head down a toilet. It’s frightening how he can do that to me.

    But I need to stay focused on me.

  8. Even though I said I wouldn’t, I’m seriously considering closing my blog here, and just using my new one. I have no interest in the nitwits. They’ll do what they always do, and nothing is going to change their behavior. Much like the recidivist who ends up in jail time and time again; it’s the only thing they know.

  9. That’s an excellent word count, Rain. As for the Nitwits, back when they were active they caused me a lot of pain, stress, and misery by actively going after me. Dagstine made a campaign of trying to destroy me. So did Pacione. I think I was just a slice of NWO pie to PHilbin.

    But the peace I am experiencing right now is because they have shut up. They are finally leaving me alone for the first time in six years.

  10. Make no mistake Cuss, if they started something with me, I would finish it, I’m not one to back away from anything; I just don’t see much of a point in going after them unless they start up with someone.

    Some of the nitpicky stuff I see is just plain silly, and that’s what I have problems with.

  11. “I just don’t see much of a point in going after them unless they start up with someone.”

    Point taken. And a fair one, too.

  12. Honestly, I don’t see that much point in going after Le Legion d’Imbeciles regardless of whether they attack me or not. Realistically, there’s nothing they can do to me unless I give them leave to do so. Their opinions have been so widely and thoroughly discredited among everyone whose opinion matters to me that I couldn’t care less what they do. They have been laughed out of relevance. I refuse to give anyone that insignificant the power to have that kind of affect on me, especially if it only exists in their minds.

  13. I agree with you, Otter. After all, I was among the first that were taking whacks at them back when People first started having to suffer through what was going on.

    It took time to put them in their places and to reach this point where they are all laughingstocks. I remember when there were women who were actually frightened by Pacione.

    A lot has changed.

    Rusty was a big part of bringing it to the point where it is at now.

    However, I think that, unless something seriously ugly happens, it is time to move on.

    The nitwits have been defeated.

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