Writing Update

Having completed “Barbed Wire Kisses, Icicle Tears” about 6 weeks ago and doing some editing, it dawned on me, that to make it even better, and work outside my comfort level, I’d have to completely rewrite it. I was depressed a bit about this, but Doug Clegg gave me some nice encouragement over on facebook, and I’ve decided to take the bull by the horns. 

At first, it was a brothers who are serial killers novel, and I based it on America’s first known pair, The Harpe Brothers; I’ve decided to base it solely on them, and redo it in their time, which is the 1790’s. Needless to say, it will require far more research than I am used to, but think their story is so compelling-even if fictionalized, that it’s worth the effort. 

Also working on another poem for Rich that has me stumpped, and very close to sending it to him with a gian HELP!! scrawled on it.

4 thoughts on “Writing Update

  1. I’ve had that. One of first long stories I managed to finish I went back, read and thought, this isn’t right. But I enjoyed redoing it in the end and it turned out a lot better.

    So keep at it. You won’t get anything done if you don’t!

  2. I jettisoned the last 25% of My Sister’s Keeper and started that section over from scratch. It made for a better, tighter conclusion, but it had me feeling overwhelmed for a bit

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