Larry and the Glass House

Never one to let a bandwagon go by that he won’t jump on, Dimstain now takes on Stephanie Meyer’s book The Host.

now Larry, I have no love for her work. I couldn’t even get past the first page of Twilight, let alone want to try anything else she’s put out; however, as bad as her writing is, it’s still miles above and beyond anything you’ve ever written. Perhaps when you stop making logical leaps (splintering marble rolling pins come to mind), them maybe you might have a right to say something. Of course, that’ll never happen, as you seem to think you have talent, and that all your 4theluv subs actually mean something.

They don’t. In fact they illustrate how bad your writing truly is, as pro markets won’t even touch them.

And then over here, , Sir Dimalot threatens us with a “historical weird tale” of Cleopatra. Apparently the King Tut exhibit has emboldened him once more. Still, if it’s anything like his other work, it will no doubt only be good for the lulz, and not worth the paper it no doubt, won’t be printed on.

Larry, I think you should think about getting a real job, this writing thing isn’t your strong suit. If I see any openings for freelance douchebags I’ll let you know.

4 thoughts on “Larry and the Glass House

  1. Ok, the first line he refers to is a shitty line.
    But calves screaming in protest – ok, not great, but certainly gives the sensation so can live with it. Seen worse.
    Going by feel, when can’t see, nothing wrong there either.

    Like you said, him snarking on stuff like that is asking for it.

    But better than that:
    “For example, What if Herman Melville’s Moby Dick were an alien or zombie whale,”

    Yeah, cos that wouldn’t suck.

  2. Well the fact remains, she is a bad writer, and he has a point about her writing, but he’s not one to talk.

    I thought about the zombie whale, and decided, hell, who would believe that?

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