Nikita Wants to Get Physical With Me

He left a message here, if you want to read the entire blog he rants about. I will however answer response again, and therefore quote his entire message.

Listen good you queer, You don’t run my life and quit acting like you do. I will pay no mind to beat your ass in. You call me the pussy because I don’t take to gays lightly. You need yourself a nice hot woman to break your anger towards me. What’s wrong no woman in your life — that’s right you became a homo when no woman would go near you. What would you do if I had a new girlfriend harass her too as you are starting to harass my friends

Okay, I’ll listen good Nikita, even though you never say  anything worth hearing. First, it’s apparent, you have no life, otherwise you wouldn’t be pretending to be a writer, publisher or that you had/have Bell’s Palsy. Even your doctor said you didn’t have that. Second, I have no interest in running the life of a witless, barely literate man-child, and even if I did, I’d do a lot better than you ever would, or could.  My calling you a pussy has nothing to do with your rampant homophobia, besides we all know, you dream of dick. And no you can’t suck mine. As for no woman going near me, project, much? When was the last time you had sex, let alone a g/f that you didn’t have to either blow up or tie up in a sleep sack to keep them from running?

The chances of you ever having a g/f are the same chances of a snowbal surviving an AZ summer for 5 minutes. Slim to none. And if there were some girl dimwitted and ignorant enough to be your g/f, it’s obvious she has problems and Adult Protective Services would have to be called.

As I said in another post. You’re irrelevant, and we’re here to remind you of that, everytime you sneak on the internet and make threats of violence, and expose your homophobia.

6 thoughts on “Nikita Wants to Get Physical With Me

  1. Of course he has no life. If he had one, he wouldn’t waste so much time obsessively digging through people’s blogs to comment on posts that are weeks old.

    Did he use his Juno account to leave that lovely little turd of wisdom of his for you? That’s the account he used to leave me that series of four ranting comments. If he keeps up his shenanigans, I vote we report him to Juno’s online abuse team. The contact info for that is readily available from ARIN.

  2. That means he’s been sneaking online when his family isn’t around to see him. I may have my own connectivity issues at the moment, but at least I don’t have to resort to dial-up.

  3. From the look of it I’d say he needs to be strapped (and if necessary, epoxied) into his bed, force-fed and force-medicated there, and forced from there to void into a bedpan/catheter bottle that gets changed on a regular basis (or irregularly, as the case may be).

    Meds, Nick. Take ’em.

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