Waiting for the Watchmen

I just bought my ticket for the Watchmen. 10:15 AM  on 3/6/9.  It’s one of those rare movies that has gotten me excited enough to actually go out and see it. Most movies I see are via netflix, or DVD’s I buy or trade in. This will be the third movie I’ve actually gone out to see since December of ’07. The other two being Sweeney Todd and The Dark Knight. Sad I know, but ticket prices being what they are, I can’t justify spending the money. The theater I’m going to is in Downtown Phoenix, a good hour plus by bus, but I have other errands in the area and this just worked out the best.Also, it was only 6 bucks including the service fee for ordering online. 

It’s been a long time since I’ve been this geeked out by a movie. I guess the closest I’ve felt like this in the past is with the LotR movies. Watchmen came out at a time that was one of the best in my life. As pessimistic as the comic was, my youth and optimism was it’s equal. My life was full then. A good job, nice apt, lots of friends, and my creativity was at its peak. Moore showed me that whether in comics or any other medium, nothing was impossible. There was a way to tell any story your imagination might conjure.  It was a magical time in my life, and of all the books, comics, movies, etc, I’ve owned over the course of my life  Watchmen is one of only two books I’ve never really been without a copy of. The second would be The Illuminatus Trilogy. 

So it’s with great anticipation I look forward to this new incarnation of Watchmen, if only to relive my youth for a couple of hours.

3 thoughts on “Waiting for the Watchmen

  1. Can’t wait to see it myself. =)

    It has received pretty mixed reviews across the board so far but I’m excited nonetheless.

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