Beginnings and Ends

I finished my serial killer novella today. clocking in at a tight 78,000 words, I’m pleased as punch with it. Right now the working title is “Icicle Kisses and Barbed Wire Tears”. As I’ve said in other posts, this pretty much came out of nowhere, and demanded to be told and to be told NOW.  After some false starts, I found the hook I was looking for and it was smooth sailing from there. now I’ll let it sit for a bit, let it gestate and go back to do a rewrite before I send it out for first reads.

The beginning is an interview I’m working on. I’ve sent out a query regarding it right now, as soon as I got the author’s okay, and just waiting for some answers to the questions I sent. I’m very excited about this, as it’s with someone I admire, has a long history to draw from (over 40 years) and is a genuinely nice guy. Until I’m able to write and place the piece, the subject of the interview will remain a mystery-but there are a couple of people who know. 

The interview again is one of those things that really came out of nowhere. i was sending an email to a friend, and it came to me without warning, much like the pain in your bowels before you run to the bathroom and pray you don’t shit your pants before you get them down. Once I got over the fear of X saying no to the interview, I sent an email and got a much hoped for yes. It also brings me back to my journalism background, something I’ve ignored for close to 23 years.  given the positive response I received to some of the questions I’ve sent, I anticipate this to be a great piece, and hopefully bring some more exposure to X, that he richly deserves.

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