Matt Responds…kind of…

Much to my surprise, Matt did respond to my PM. Though only to part of it. Once again he totally ignores the point of his coddling and encouraging the nitwits, while cutting the posts which make sense. Matt responded with the following:

If YOU posted about a project you were working on, and someone came on and said “boring” I would remove it and threaten to ban them too. If I was having a party at my house, and people couldn’t act civilly towards each other, even with people they didn’t like, I wouldn’t invite them to come. There’s no reason to post “boring” outside of to insult someone. And I don’t want that shit at my board. There’s enough places on the web for people to go and insult each other, or read insults about themselves. This board is not going to be one of them. 

And here’s my response to that: 

Well, you missed my point in my response, but that’s about par for the course. Again, my comment was in response to the bump he put in about his NWO infatuation, not to his call for submissions. Philbin and Dagstine regularly take a dump on your carpet, yet you still allow them to do so, that’s my point. When enough of their crap piles up-as it has-the polite and interesting guests leave. and for what it’s worth, it was actually pretty clear what the submission guidlelines for Chimera World was. 

As I said over at Rusty’s some things never change.

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