Dagstine’s Delusions

In another futile effort to claim attention and somehow seem relevant, Sir Larry has posted a question on SL which once again proves, when it comes to writing, to being a writer he completely misses the point. Daggy asks here, http://shocklinesforum.yuku.com/topic/9270?page=1, whether we write for immortality or money.

It’s been my experience that anyone who writes for either achieves neither.  Many writers I know don’t make a living from it; and those that do, are also involed in the industry in other forms. Then there are the bulk of writers, which I include myself in, who write in their spare time and work other jobs to pay the bills. Oh yeah, we dream of making Stephen King money, having multiple book deals, movie adaptations, accolades and sycophants at our disposal; at the end of the day however, we’re simply doing what we’re wired to do. 

There’s something that compels us to write. We’re storytellers, with fertile imaginations and an ability to entertain others. They called this lying when I was a kid. If I never made a dime from my writing in the future, I would still do it, because I don’t know hhow to stop.  If I do it for money, immortality or whatever, not only does my writing suffer (as then it’s filled with purpose and other pretentious twaddle) but I delude myself. 

And that’s why Dagstine, for all his bleatings about his resume, will never be remembered for anything but being an internet douchebag. He sees writing as easy money, as a way to be relevant, and achieves neither. 

He does however serve a purpose; he stands as a beacon for all new writers of what not to become, what not to do, and what not to emulate. In that, his failure is an overwhelming success.

3 thoughts on “Dagstine’s Delusions

  1. Samuel Johnson said that anyone who wrote for any reason other than money was a blockhead. I’m inclined to value his opinion over the Philistine’s on virtually any topic.

  2. Composers and musicians wake up in the morning and run to the piana because of a line of music in their heads. Writers turn to their keyboards because lines of poetry or prose, or plot ideas are in their heads. If you don’t write it, it stays there and bugs you to death! That’s all writing is about. Anything more — publication deals, et cetera, is just gravy.

    Normally, I’d trust Stephan King over anything a nitwit wants to espouse.

    There’s a lot wisdom in Kings National Book Award speech, especially about being honest to one’s self:


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