The Last Bell For Kharisi

It was a moment I anticipated and dreaded. For the past week I’ve been grinding on Kharisi to level him up before the great Hunter Nerf of 2009 comes in the next patch. I did some dailies, sold everything I found to get my cold weather flying and head to IceCrown and Storm Peaks. I flew to the highest mountain tops and to the lowest basins in a continent covered in snow, mountains and nasty creatures. I restored a Taurens memory, fought some elite creatures and fell in love with my surroundings.  And then it happened.

I hit 80. My excitement was palpable.  It’s been a long journey for Kharisi, starting out as a piece of meat with a rickety bow back in April of ’08.  however with the help of my guild, and a pretty casual play schedule I took him as far as he can go, level wise. Now comes some end game content, rep building, and completing quests that I’ve missed or abandoned. And then he rests for awhile. 

For me the content in Northrend is so compelling, I can’t wait to get my other characters ready to go there. Vanilla WoW and Burning Crusade may have made me a fan of WoW, but the Lich King expansion captured my heart. And though I still consider myself a casual player, after all I have yet to do any PvP, my desire to play hasn’t waned. 

One of the reasons is my guild. As big as it is (4000+ and counting), it has a sense of community like nothing I’ve seen. About 3 days ago, I was on at about 4 AM (couldn’t sleep at all) and someone was about to turn in a quest to Lady Sylvanas in UnderCity, where she goes into the Lamentation for the HIghborne, a beautifully sung song that gives me chills.  A few of us met him in the Throne room, kneeled in respect on the steps and listened.

lamentIt’s the small moments like that, which make this game an incredible experience.  As I gear up for some raids, I’ll be working on a piece for our guild podcast as well. As for Kharisi, well my hunter is near retirement, and will undoubtedly show up in an upcoming fantasy novel I’m working on.  He’ll live on, as well as Bobo, Spanky, Detta and my Rhino.

For the Horde!

2 thoughts on “The Last Bell For Kharisi

  1. I have a friend who plays two toon, one a dwarf warrior and the other a dwarf hunter.

    I wrote him into my novel The Loyalty of Wolves as a dwarf hunter who is sent in with a group of dwarves to protect the financial interests of his kingdom which has invested heavily in a realm that is now besieged by the nasties. Patrick “Foxxhunter” MaGillicuddy.

    He encounters two little girls (my Badree Nym in disguise), Inkslinger and Caerajaen. Hilarity ensures even though it’s a rather dark novel.

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