Larry the Thief – Update

Proving once again that any attention is better than none at all, Dagstine manages to hijack another thread and make it about him. In a quite innocuous thread, S.D. Hintz talked about your first job as a teenager.

Innocent enough, right? Then along comes Larry the Thief who says,

The tips back then ranged from 2 bucks to ten per delivery, throw the regular hourly rate on to that, then throw me “Helping Myself” here and there from the cash register or Lotto box (shhh….lol). That pay on some weeks was more like $15.00 per hour.


A thief is a thief is a thief, no matter the age. The fact he was a teenager and, presumably, knew wrong from right, and stole money is a crime. Thus, beginning the pattern of thinking everyone owes him something, rather than relying on his own efforts.

See, some things never change.

Update – Matt the Grinch

Just as Cussedness pointed out, Matt did lock the thread, and once more I’m left to wonder why? Was it our taking Daggy to task for theft that did it? RN Lee calling bullshit on the whole story? Or maybe Matt, frustrated that his Milton wunderkind is rejecting his overtures, got in a snippy mood and decided to take it out on those of us who know BS when they smell it.

Or maybe it’s because, Larry was Matt’s secret santa, (something Daggy made sure to advertise in another thread), and wanted to protect his “special” friends.

13 thoughts on “Larry the Thief – Update

  1. Oh….

    Do you think he wakes up in the middle of the night going, “Oh wow, I just discovered a new way to act like a douchebag!” ??

  2. Later in the thread, he comments the store owner was a drunkard, as if somehow that made it okay. I’m not sure someone can try and be that big a douchebag-I think it’s genetic.

  3. The thing is, he seemed proud of how “smart” he was to be able to get away with it over a period of, what, several years? He’s always had inflated opinion of how clever he is. There’s a reason one of his nicknames is Dumbstine.

  4. No idea what the pot/kettle response with link to here means.

    Not just a thief, but a liar I suspect. $15 an hour in the 1990s? He would be a lot better off now if he had held a job with that rate for some time. Unless it was very brief, or he pissed it all away.

  5. And someone made a good point about not being able to work under a certain again at that time period Larry is professing, too. I remember, even in Canuckville, I had my first job when I was 13 – 14 washing dishes in a pizza house. The only reason my parents allowed it was because my cousin was a cook there, and we knew the people who owned the place fairly well. Still, even then they had to look into the legalities of hiring me, and could only allow me to work a set amount of hours.

  6. I had my first job at fifteen. I lied about my age. It was the summer before I turned 16. I was a waitress in Las Vegas. I did that for three summers. Tips were great. I was paid $1.65 an hour plus tips. That was minimum wage back then. And it bought a lot more than $10 does now. Candy bars and postage stamps were a nickel. I could get a full meal plus drink at Jack in the Box for 50 cents.

    Self service gas stations were a novelty. I remember being outraged when the cost of gas went up to 55 cents a gallon. Car engines were simple enough that I did most of my own mechanic work on my 68 ford falcon.

    In 1991 I was getting $15 an hour to teach software to foreign doctors who were doing their internships at the Doheny Eye Institute. I had a gift for using metaphor to explain things in ways that transcended the language barriers. Many of the doctors were only marginally fluent in English.

    There is no way that Dagstine was getting paid the same wage for unskilled labor that I was for skilled labor.

  7. And I would like to add that if Dagstine was stealing the tips, then he was probably taking food out of the mouths of working women and their children. Having done waitress work, I know how those things work out.

  8. I babysat in high school, but didn’t have a job with regular hours until I was in college, and got a summer job at The Children’s Place. It was alright — rearranging clothes on the racks when people would pull something off to look at it, and shove it back in the wrong place, and restocking the racks from what was left in the changing rooms. It probably paid minimum wage.

    The only remarkable thing about it was how sloppy people can be in the changing rooms. No you don’t have to go put the clothes you don’t want back on the racks, but it would at least be nice to either put them back on the hanger, or leave them on the bench, rather than in a heap on the floor.

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