Fish Update

As many who know me, both online and in person, are aware, my favorite singer is ex Marillion frontman Fish.  I became a huge fan when I first heard him sing on Misplaced Childhood, some 20 plus years ago. His departure from the band, and difficulty of getting his CD’s in the states, never deterred my enthusiasm for the man and his music.

This all culminated in my finally seeing him live this past July at the House of Blues in Hollywood, CA. The avatar I have on SL and Odark as well as one on my blog here are of Fish and myself. For me, it was liking meeting Stephen King or CLive Barker. It was a highpoint in my life, and one I will remember until I become worm food.

In an email this morning, Fish had this to say:

She took internal photos of my throat and vocal chords with an endoscope and pronounced that I didn’t have nodules.
I thought everything was going to be diagnosed as down to heavy usage and prescribed a rest from singing for a while.
Just as I thought I had an all clear she pointed out a white area on one of my chords and said “But this is worrying!”
As soon as I heard the phrase “irregular cell growth” my mind went cold and focused.
I knew what it meant.

Needless to say I was shocked. He then went on to write,

I was in hospital yesterday and had an examination under general anaesthetic which involved taking a biopsy from one of my vocal chords.
I now wait on the results.

Either way I have come to grips with this as much as I can under the circumstances.
In all honesty I am 50 year old, I smoke(d), drink, have a “colourful” history, have sung nearly 1700 gigs in 27 years and have conducted probably three times as many interviews. It’s like standing on the M1 and expecting not to be hit by a car  😀

I wish Fish and his fiance Katie nothing but the best. My thoughts go with the Big Man and his family, in hopes that everything comes out okay.

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