Epic Battle, Epic Gameplay


A hero dies. Alliances torn asunder. Betrayal  thick as the smoke of war. A city to be reclaimed. Legends come alive. Victory, however short, is still sweet.

for the past three weeks I’ve been doing the quests in DragonBlight, to get here. The Wrathagte quest. After flying on the back of a dragon taking out enemies, I’m summoned to see Sauerfang’s son, to begin the assault on the wrathgate. 


If you haven’t gotten here yet, or don’t play Warcraft, then I’d skip this. Here is the cinematic which starts and ends perhaps the greatest piece of gaming ever created.  Even if you don’t play, check out this clip, as it’s still some great storytelling.



What follows are some screenshots (naturally), followed by my closing thoughts.


Wrathgate on fire, right after the cinematic.
Wrathgate on fire, right after the cinematic.











Following orders to see Thrall, in a VERY empty Orgrimmar
Following orders to see Thrall, in a VERY empty Orgrimmar











Attack on UnderCity
Attack on UnderCity











A long, long LONG fight...
A long, long LONG fight...











Let's go home, old friend
Let's go home, old friend










The absolute Epic feel of fighting with Thrall and Lady Sylvanas in order to reclaim UC, is something many games try to accomplish (the epic feeling I mean), and few ever do. To be able to do so in an MMORPG, is nothing short of amazing.  By the end of the this very long fight (close to 25 minutes) I felt I had aaccomplished something. I FELT like a hero. That my fighting actually meant something. It’s not something I’ve ever felt in a game (the closest was Planescape: Torrent) and dammit, I want to do it again. 

After a month of release, Wrath of the Lich King is nothing short of phenomenal. For those who quit, start again. For those not in Northrend yet, get on over there, it’s a trip you’ll never regret.

9 thoughts on “Epic Battle, Epic Gameplay

  1. Hey Scott. I recently got a job at Wal Mart. If I get a discount card because of that, I just may have to get into War Craft. For some reason, Guild Wars isn’t cutting it for me any more. But then again, most people into WOW tell me that Guild Wars is a weak knock off, anyway.

    Until then, I guess I can vicariously live the WOW life through your blog….

  2. Congrats on the job, Rich! Hope you do get involved in Warcraft, it’ll be a blast playing with you. Hell, I’d even roll a new character and level up with you. If you ever do join, make sure you use the refer a friend, so we both get free time.

    Mike, hands down, Planescape is my favorite game. I play it at least once a year, and never get bored with it. I always wished they’d done a sequel. I’d love to see Morte in battle again!

  3. Bane Shepherds on Shu’halo is my guild. I originally belonged to TENAC after starting up at that server. When Blizzard offered free moves, I moved my mains to Dawnbringer, but that realm has been locked for close to a month. So I never got to play there.

    Meanwhile, I got started up over at Shu’halo.

    I only now got back up to lvl 45 as of today. However, there were a large number of absent members who never showed up in a small guild that had only 25 players. It was run by Trooper.

    Trooper never had any patience with the lower levels and pretty much ignored us, even though he was only lvl 43. Khaosflame had the highest lvl at 44.

    A bunch of people left TENAC, and shortly afterward Trooper abandoned it, turning it over to Khaosflame. Khaosflame had the guild for a total of two days before disappearing for close to two weeks without saying anything to anyone.

    Khaosflame had given me the second-in-command slot when he woo’d me to come back to TENAC. Then I was the one left holding the bag. So I added my alt to the membership and ran off with my main.

    My absence was noted immediately and even before I told people that I had run off to start my own guild, they were coming to look for me.

    I told them to sign the charter with their alts and wait until I had enough sigs to register it. I needed only three sigs after everyone had done that. Then I heard someone asking and begging for people to sell him bars of mithril and I had eight stacks stored. So I traded him and his friend a stack of mithril bars for the sigs and found a newbie for my last needed sig and now we have our guild and everyone has brought their mains aboard and we are having a great time.

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