TinFoil Hat Brigade

Mike “the sky is falling” Philbin is at it again, posting his paranoid rants about the NWO, over on SL. http://shocklinesforum.yuku.com/topic/8511/t/OT-N-W-O-as-reported-by-the-Financial-Times-today.html.

He then goes into his usual litany of other conspiracy theories, ignoring when he gets called out, and taking pot shots at others who point out his ego driven behavior.  In one post, he links to an article from bloomberg.com saying we’re under the War Powers act of 1939. I read the article, and responded here: http://shocklinesforum.yuku.com/topic/8511/t/OT-N-W-O-as-reported-by-the-Financial-Times-today.html?page=2. My comment is down about halfway. In short there is nothing in the article that says that. The closest is this quote,

“If I am a regional Fed bank president, I have had my power diminished a lot,” said Ethan Harris, co-head of U.S. economic research at Barclays Capital Inc. in New York, who used to work at the New York Fed. “I think of it as war powers for the Board of Governors.”

Hardly the same thing which Tin Phoilbin claims. So it shouldn’t come as any surprise, that all this says about him is he’s an attention whore. Saddled with barely adequate writing skills, and novels that are as unreadable as they repulsive, what’s left, but to create troll laden threads?

The fact people respond to him in any serious manner is a shame.  Maybe, like in Peter Pan, if we no longer believe in him or his foolishness, he’d go away.

10 thoughts on “TinFoil Hat Brigade

  1. How do you know Mike Philbin is wrong on a given subject?

    He’s talking about it.

    Seriously, I love how somebody can put facts and figures in response to Failbin’s rhetoric, and he responds with even more insulting behavior. Get off your ego trip Philbin. You can’t even put two and two together.

  2. Honestly responding to him seriously kills time and helps him make an even bigger fool of himself. I’m not going to reply to his claims of police brutality though as it’s just rather sad, especially when you compare it to what used to happen.

    I heard a story from the 80’s when a guy caused trouble in a pub, the police threw him in the back of the van and just beat the crap out of him before dumping him on the street. Nowadays the UK police seem to be more and more ineffective, they don’t scare the criminal element and it’s gotten so bad that people don’t bother reporting crimes because they know nothing will be done.

  3. Of course, Dagstine had to barge in on the thread to kiss Phailbin’s ass. I particularly liked Jack Haringa’s comment on page three.

  4. I’m a little surprised the thread hasn’t been snipped and locked. Several people got in some nice zingers. It’s no secret that Matty is scissors-happy, and fond of sending out reprimands. Still, there are those board members who seem to enjoy a certain amount of immunity, for whatever reason.

  5. I’m surprised as well. It never ceases to amaze me just how arbitrary his cutting can be. Could it be possible, even Matt sees how foolish Philbin is being? Nah, won’t hold my breath on that one.

  6. Matt probably doesn’t recognize it. He misses obviously snarky remarks and troll posts, and misiinterprets perfectly serious, polite comments as being snarky. Maybe he’s too busy giggling at the LOLCAT posts.

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