A Flounce and an Upgrade

I’ll start with the upgrade first. I was at the PCWorld.com website yesterday, and there was an article about the beta for Vista SP2 being available. The author stated he had no real problems, and the entire upgrade took about half an hour. Great. I’m a glutton for Microsoft punishment, and once I got home, d/led the 388 meg file and began the installation process. That was about 6:30 PM.  When it finally finished, it was close to 1 AM. That’s right, six and half hours is what it took . Now, I wasn’t up all that time, I do need my beauty sleep, after all. Still, the SP1 patch took less than 2 hours, and that was twice as big! About 3 hours in, I began hunting for my restore discs, and whatnot, as the monitor was off. Not from my doing, but when it started to patch Vista it turned off by itself, and nothing I did would change that.  Grumpy and annoyed, as it was cutting into my writing time, I went to bed, and woke up to use the bathroom at 1 AM or so.

That’s when I saw that it was done.  It’s too soon to say what the effects of this SP are yet, but I can say, it seems to be a tiny bit faster. Even if the upgrade process took hours, and literally kept me in the dark doing so.

Now the flounce. This isn’t about one of the nitwits. In fact, it doesn’t even concern SL, Odark or any of the suspect messageboards. This has to do with my guild in World of Warcraft.  It started with this thread here, http://www.myextralife.com/forum2/viewtopic.php?f=22&t=16957&start=0.

For the brief rundown, a member was told by Blizzard he needed to change his character name, EuzaBandage, as it wasn’t RP enough for the RP server we’re on. One reply by Yensid, stated that he’d reported fellow guildies for naming violations. Yes, the man with Disney spelled backwards, had reported others, fellow guildies at that, for naming violations. He goes on to defend his actions, and in theory, he has every right to do what he did. However, the guild also has a charter, and guidelines that have to be followed as well. Rather than bring it up with a guild leader, he chose to act on his own, and alienate a lot of people. In one of my comments I even said I wouldn’t group with someone who had done that, and I wouldn’t.

Apparently he thought most would agree with him, and when they didn’t, it led to this thread, http://www.myextralife.com/forum2/viewtopic.php?f=22&t=17150. The Flounce. A fairly non dramatic flounce, but a flounce nonetheless. As others have said, it’s a game people, lighten up. If you truly want to RP, turn off the names that hover in the air over the characters; don’t use some of the decidedly non RP gear or vehicles. But don’t piss on someone’s parade because of a name.

Perhaps with the flounce, he’ll realize the immaturity of his actions, and change. Perhaps not. However, leaving a guild as strong and enjoyable as AIE, for douchebag behavior is the stuff of SL, not WoW.

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  1. “As others have said, it’s a game people, lighten up.”

    I still remember the time I was on vent, and a group of us were running MC (we were a mix of 60s through 70s, about twenty). A lot of us were joking and we’d pulled some mobs a couple times and got everyone killed (or nearly so, as we were close to the entrance), and the raid leader suddenly shouted over vent “This isn’t a GAME!” and the rest of us, almost simultaneously, replied “Um, yes it is!”

    Good times.

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