No Further Proof Needed

As if we needed any further proof that La Femme Nikita is a worthless, illiterate, lying, no talent, sack of shit, here’s the only proof you’ll ever need.

Now I never knew Joe McGee. Never traded emails, friended him on myspace, or read his books. I do know he was well liked by everyone who knew him, have never heard anything derogatory about him, and that he spent a lot of time helping others.

Shit for brains Pacione, unwilling to admit he has no talent, or any evidence of humanity has decided to talk trash about the recently deceased McGee. He’s butt hurt because Joe, like everyone else, saw that Nikita can’t even write a grocery list, let alone a story.

I’ve ignored Nikita for awhile now, but this is the final nail in Nikita’s coffin. Mentally ill or not, the greasy haired troll will be held accountable by everyone. There will be no pity. There will be no remorse. Only keeping NIkita in the obscurity he deserves is acceptable. As much as he’s pissed off people before now; this will enrage a whole new round of people, and woe unto the Illinois hemmorhoid, when they get a hold of him.

42 thoughts on “No Further Proof Needed

  1. What’s wrong, don’t like when someone who disliked the author in life showed that open dislike for him in death? What you going to do now harass every publisher or do a petition to make sure I never get a story published again? I didn’t speak vulgar of him. It wasn’t talking trash as you claimed, but it’s with a deep honesty as you try to say and try to convince people to let my work also die with me as well — but that is only got to happen one way burning my manuscripts and murdering me.

  2. At this point, your reputation precedes you, Nikita, and no publisher worth knowing would ever take you seriously. If for some reason they did, that’s not someone I’d ever submit to, and I would warn anyone away, who even had a thought about working with you or anyone desperate enough to publish your illiterat ramblings.

    You’re a little piece of shit Peaches, but considering the family you come from, how can anyone be surprised?

  3. If he knows what is good for him (and he doesn’t,) Nick won’t ever talk crap about someone else “taking a shit” on an author’s grave.
    Nick.. you just made yours. Metaphorically speaking of course. I know better than to threaten anyone in public.

  4. Well, congratulations, Nick. You just proved yourself to be one of the supreme assholes of the world. Every word in that blog entry was trash, showing a complete disrespect for a man who was a better writer than you and more charitable than you. That’s right, while you just talked about charity and did nothing, he made the most of his time, feeding families this Thanksgiving. He didn’t have to boast about it, he went and did it.

    You’re a vile little sub-human cretin. Now we just need to find a zoo that’ll take you.

  5. “I didn’t speak vulgar of him. It wasn’t talking trash as you claimed, but it’s with a deep honesty”

    Nick, this is bullshit and you know it.

    You *were* vulgar, absolutely and totally vulgar. What you said was beyond trash. It wasn’t honesty, it was jealousy.

    Stop being a damned liar and start admitting *you* are the cause for your own problems. And this one, well… I may not have known Joe but I agree, you stepped over the line and I hope, I *hope* you get what’s coming to you, and soon.

    Like being tossed into some insititution where you obviously belong. Or Jail. Or a home. Somewhere that people can actually make sure you get the help you need, since your family obviously doesn’t give a shit.

  6. Pacione is the Attention Whore equivalent of that skeezy crack addict who offers to do you quick behind the Dumpster.

  7. I’m speaking honestly now, and according to Nicky’s own logic, that means I should be immune to his wrath.

    Nicky… you, sir, are a douchebag. Honestly.

  8. could be a prick and say something mean? Nicky you WERE a prick and you said all sorts of nasty and mean stuff. You are a hypocrite, an asshole, and the lowest scum of the Earth. When you die nobody will have a single nice thing to say about you.

  9. He always does that. He complains when people say the smallest thing and says that they are being nasty. Yet, when he does the exact same thing, he calls it “honesty.”


  10. “What you going to do now harass every publisher or do a petition to make sure I never get a story published again?”

    Nicky, your writing is so terrible that we could do nothing and you would never get a story published again. The fact that any publisher (who you didn’t bribe) published anything of yours blows my mind. And that’s “deep honesty” on my part.

    You’re a failure as a writer and as a human being, Nicky. Normally, when someone you know dies, you’re supposed to say nice things or say nothing. You’re supposed to highlight their good qualities and omit any enmity you have toward them. Since you have no redeeming qualities, the best you can hope for when you die is for no one to say anything.

  11. Any editor who even THINKS about publishing your badly written, incomprehensible stories will likely take 5 minutes to google your name and find out very quickly that doing business with you is a bad idea Nicky. You’re the one that’s getting in the way of your getting published. YOUR OWN ACTIONS and repugnant behavior. We don’t have to lift a finger.

  12. Very true Melany, and the fact is I’ve submitted one piece of work this year, and it was accepted, with a pro rate. I’m batting .1000, sadly Nicky can’t even keep his bat up.

  13. Melany — I hope you have a miserable social life, well as a matter of fact you can’t hang onto a boyfriend longer than six months after you left me. And yes I am getting published in more places, just I haven’t finished writing new material to send off but should be finishing off I.O.W.A. That anti-abortion yarn that someone pirated the shit out of on
          You really need to shut your mouth more often because you’re revealing too much of someone’s personal life. You’re just a coat-tail rider as much as this Scott faggot is. Your mother dying is the best day in my life. I wanted to throw a dance on her grave party. As you assholes attempted to do with my publishing company but you sadly failed to see that happen. I already been published a few times within the year but the print appearance is long overdue. Getting published on (link deleted) helped me a little bit.

  14. Yeah, like no one had anything nice to say about your mother Melany, Good riddance to the ex-would-be-mother-in-law. I feel like I’ve been divorced. I am glad she’s gone.

  15. Whether or not Melany has had a boyfriend last more than six months is immaterial Nicky, because she’s actually had real live dates since she managed to shed the blight on her life that was Nickolaus Albert Pacione. How’s your love life been since then, had any dates that weren’t with your hand? And the time you deluded yourself into thinking some poor girl you talked to online was coming to meet you for romantic reasons doesn’t count snookums.

    You’re about as desirable as a used condom sitting forlornly in the middle of the road, no one’s quite sure how it got there and they’ll be damned if they’re picking it up so they just avert their eyes and walk around it.

    And for the disgust of a wider audience the quick PS I call Nicky’s Night Out, please don’t look of you’re eating.

  16. If you think I’ll allow you to put a link to your AC crap on my blog, you’re an even bigger idiot than I’ve given you credit for, and that’s saying something. And unlike you, I don’t delete posts, not even yours.

    And whose coattails am I riding? Yours? Not bloody likely. You have no career, no talent, no abilities that I’d want. I do quite well on my own, have a nice group of regular readers, and certainly don’t need you for anything other than the lulz.

    I guess not selling a single copy of anything at your book signing, then getting arrested for sleeping outside has made you a bit more crankier than usual. still, all it shows is just how, despicable, unlikable and crazy you are. You need to stop using your disability for all your failures and woes. It’s not the bipolar which is the problem, it’s the fact you’re an asshole. An asshole with no talent at that. and when you die, people will go, “Who?”

  17. Dear Melany –
    You are an inspiration to me. Not only did you do what was best for your child, but you were smart enough to get away from teh Nicky, who -most likely- would have killed you at some point and blamed it on his “illness.”
    Hon, you can crash at my place any time you want. Oh, and feel free to ride on my coat tails because, unlike Nick, my career is heading to the stars.
    Hmmm… perhaps I shall put you in my novel..

    Keep on, keepin’ on, my sister!

  18. When are we going to hear about the great success that was the book sale?
    Come on, Nicky. Surely you have something to crow about, rather than acting like a complete shit?

    Oh wait, my mistake.

  19. I can’t hold on to a boyfriend longer than 6 months? Boy won’t David be shocked to hear that. We’ve been together more than a year now Nicky boy. I was there for him when his mother died a few months ago. I was the first one he told when his new temporary job became a full time permanent job. In fact he and I have a date a week from now for dinner and dancing. So I think my social life is just fine. So how is your social life? When was the last time you had a date? That’s with a real woman who knows it’s a date by the way not some poor girl you talked to once on the net.

    And lots of folks had nice things to say about my mother when she passed. I still get cards and phone calls from folks who said she was an awesome person. Who is going to mourn you when you die Nicky? Will anyone be at your funeral except your grandmother?

  20. And if you’re ever my way Jane you’re more than welcome to stop for a drink and to shoot the breeze. =D I even promise I don’t talk just about Nicky because there are better things in life to spend your time on!

  21. Nicky’s more than welcome to attempt to make me look like I have no social life like him. =) Unfortunately for him I’ve got a LOT going on with work, friends, David, Lions Club, family, and I’m even going to volunteer a couple of days at the local movie theater selling tickets. He can’t hurt me that way. =D

  22. Nikita’s jealous, because I’ve been in actual relationshiips. I’m loved by friends and family; have a great core of regular readers on my blog, and able to enjoy my life.

    The twat that is Nikita, thinks putting a link to his AC crap, tied to his name, won’t be removed. Hint, Nikita, it’s easy to delete the links and I have. You won’t be getting any hits from my blog.

    Poor La Femme Nikita, still hurt from not making any sales on his book signing. I’m sure Granny will kiss your booboo and make it better. Wait, what am I saying? The only thing that would make you better is a total frontal lobotomy.

  23. “Nikita’s jealous, because I’ve been in actual relationshiips. I’m loved by friends and family; have a great core of regular readers on my blog, and able to enjoy my life.”

    And Rain is cute!!!!!

  24. Oooh, I can get my studded collar out of retirement now! The leash is a bit frayed though, (what can I say, the cat thinks it’s a chew toy), but still works! ;p

  25. Take a piss in my boyfriend’s urn? Wow I didn’t know he was dead yet. I’m not into necrophilia after all. You can’t piss on the grave/ashes of someone who isn’t dead yet Nicky.

    And no…I’m not awesome. I’m just me. =D You guys are the ones made of win and awesome.

  26. I think the comment log here sets a new record for this blog.

    Yes, Melany’s awesome.

    Nicky’s family really needs to supervise his internet use, or better yet, take it away altogether, now that they’re aware he’s still got access. If making online enemies were a cottage industry, he’d be rich by now.

  27. Close, but there was an earlier post, back in August, if I remember, where there were 50 comments. Can’t remember if it had to do with Nikita, or the one where Dagstine tried giving me writing advice.

    Nikita also seems to forget, that like many things in life, internet access is a privilege, not a right.

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