Upcoming Unemployment

I got into work today, and was immediately taken into my bosses office for a sit down. Seems that word went out Friday, that as of Jan. 15, ourĀ  call center offices here in Phoenix will be closing. In an effort to save money, everything will be consolidated into our Houston headquarters. No one, not even the bosses it seems, saw that coming. If I wanted to move to TX and keep my job, I could. But frankly, that’s not an option.

I’m sitting at my desk and wondering what the hell, to do next. I’ll update my resume on monster.com and start going through the want ads obviously; but if a company like mine, is now having problems, then the economic situation is a whole lot worse than anyone thought.

15 thoughts on “Upcoming Unemployment

  1. I’m not too, too worried about it, yet. It’s 6 weeks away or so. I have some money saved, my 401K to use and a small severance when the time comes.

  2. That’s good that can keep going and don’t have to let it ruin your christmas.

    I walked out of a job in early december, so kicked back and enjoyed the holiday, and got back to work in the new year.

  3. Unsolicited advice: View it as an open door, go out and find a job you like. I went through a similar thing in 2003 after working 17 years for Sears. I took a hit in income, but I actually enjoy what I’m doing now (writing for a living, imagine that).

  4. Unless you really need that 401k money to pay the bills, don’t touch it, because the tax penalties for tapping into it will be exhorbitant.

    I’m sorry to hear that you’ll be out of a job in a few weeks, but you may get lucky and find another before then.

    I attended a birthday party for a relative yesterday, and you would not believe how many people I met who had recently lost their jobs. It’s getting really gruesome.

    Best of luck to you, Rain.

  5. Thanks for the kind words everyone. And Rusty, I know what you mean about the 401K, I learned that the hard way once. It’s there though, if I need it.

    As Susan over on Odark said, “You know we’re in bad shape when they’re laying off consolidation counselors!” And I can slice it anyway I want, it’s still a layoff.

    At the very least, I can get some writing done.

  6. Sending good vibes your way, my friend. I agree with Lee. Perhaps this door closing will open another door to a better job.

    And keep an eye on that 401k. Depending on how it’s set up, it could get eaten away if left untouched.

  7. I so want to get into WoW but I know it’ll take over my life – I have no control! You should see me when I get the urge to pop in the old Diablo discs. Some friends of mine got into WoW and they ended up buying another computer just for that. This way people could still surf on the other.

  8. I’ve given up drinking, smoking and drugs, WoW is my only vice left. yeah, I’ll be really fucking boring at any cons I go to. On the other hand, I’ll have no incriminating pictures to worry about either. You can do what Cuss did, Jerrod, dl the trial edition and see how it goes.

  9. sucks man, that your just not good enough to keep your job. But don’t worry that 401k will keep your WOW subscription going for a lifetime.
    Your just wishing you could convert it all to gold.
    then you could buy anything you want at the auction house.

    Man, I guess it’s night elf porn for you from now on

  10. Well you must have missed the part where I said, “…our call center offices here in Phoenix will be closing. In an effort to save money, everything will be consolidated into our Houston headquarters.”

    But that’s okay, anyone with force and Luke in their name can’t have their lack of reading comprehension held against them.

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