Dagstine’s Delusions of Grandeur

Well I admit it, I’ve all but ignored Sir Lawrenceof Disturbia for awhile, but that’s about to change. He’s been a busy boy this afternoon, posting all over Shocklines as if he were healthy, and not stricken with ear cancer, or epilepsy as he claims. By now we know the old ploy: If I post enough idiotic threads, people will notice me! And he’s certainly taking that to heart today.

For your amusement, he started a thread about whether the US will become a third world country http://shocklinesforum.yuku.com/topic/8283. I don’t think for a minute Larry has anything other than shit stirring in mind with a topic like this. Something for the nutjobs like dlatham and trentaylor to leech onto. He drops one interesting nugget (aside from his assertion he has epilepsy, apparently he no longer has cancer. Maybe his diseases morph depending on the season, who knows), and that’s is he got 1000 dollars for his “article” on Coney Island.

Now, even if he did get tapped to write an article on CI, 1000 bucks for his crap? Any paper or magazine that can spend that kind of money for an article can certainly afford with a name. Sorry Larry, in spite of your ever changing amount of credits, no one knows who you are. And the ones who do, know better than to have anything to do with you.

His next post, is this one, http://shocklinesforum.yuku.com/topic/8284¬†about the myspace mom case. If anyone else but Larry had mentioned this, it would actually mean something. Yet this is the guy who hid behind the VV alt, pretending to befriend only to throw said troll under a bus. He posted about watching Rusty’s house while sipping coffee, and has threatened everyone with e-lawyers. Yet, we’re supposed to feel that he actually thinks what the woman did was wrong? Sorry Larry the both of you were cut from the same mold.

ANd by the way, I received a real payment for my piece, not 1000 bucks, true, but I know I can spend what I earned because it’s real.

3 thoughts on “Dagstine’s Delusions of Grandeur

  1. You’ve got to admit, Daggy’s stupidity is good for a laugh. And we laugh thinking, “Thank God I’m not like him!”

    He has no idea. No idea how worthless his name in this business. He has sullied it with so much bullshit …

    Oh, it takes more brainpower to take a shit than try and figure out this troll.

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