A Quiet Holiday

For the first time in a number of years, I’ll be alone for Thanksgiving. Normally my family all get together, but Mom is on a cruise to the Bahamas, my sister is in FL, and my nephews will be visiting my sister. So it’ll be just me and Detta, my trusty feline companion. I’ll be making my own feast, lest you think I’ll be turkey-less. I’ve ordered a precooked meal that serves 4-6 from my local market, and will be enjoying that.

I’ll watch the Macy’s parade as I have since I was a kid, eat too much and take a nice power nap. Once I wake up, I’ll put on some coffee, have some pumpkin pie and play WoW until my eyes bleed. I’ll do some writing, and be Thankful for everything in my life.

Even the Legion. (to be continued)

4 thoughts on “A Quiet Holiday

  1. I finally beat the quests in the Deadmines. I had kept trying to find enough people to do it. A lvl 52 dranei hunter had offered to help, but only if I could get enough people together to handle it. You see, once you go past the instance, everything there is elite. Which skews everything past it’s lvl #s.

    I finally gave up and started trying to lvl up. I am running my character on Shu’halo, not my old main. I got Jordan up to lvl 28 today. And it happened. A member of my guild asked if anyone would go with them to the deadmines. I said yes, but only if they would invite Khaosflame (the lvl 52) and he was invited and we went.

    Most of them were around lvl 19.

    There is a big Tauren in the mines just past the instance and I have seen him wipe out a lvl 45, when two of us were trying to do it together.

    This time we had seven people. It worked out and I finally did it.

  2. Wish you were in PA, Rain. I’d invite you to my Mom’s for Thanksgiving. You’d have dinner with Indians (the Asian variety) and have left overs to take home… provided you don’t slip into a turkey coma.

  3. Turkey coma’s are always a distinct possibility! I appreciate the thought, but not sure my desert blood could handle East coast weather anymore!

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