Full circle

I got my first office job (what I’ve always referred to as my first “real job”), when I was 19 years old. It was working for the Maricopa County Superior Court. Unlike today, when everything is computerized, the minutes of every trial had to be placed in numerical order. There were about 13 of us, who spent 8 hours a day putting large stacks of paper in order.

One of my coworkers, Marilyn, who was only a few years older than I am now, hated me. She hated me for smoking at my desk (back when you could smoke indoors and at work), hated overhearing my latest drinking escapades, and definitely had no interest in my personal/romantic life. In short, I was being what most 19 y/o’s are: drunken, horny idiots. I developed some attitude at her, and for the last couple of months I was there (I only lasted 6 before I was fired), it was very tense. 

That was 24 years ago. I now have a coworker who goes on at lengeth about her drinking escapades, cheating on her husband, and everything else under the sun. She just turned 21. I know this because she invited everyone-myself included-to her party.

I now know all too well, how Marilyn felt. And the thing is, I could waste my breath repeating everything she had told me, but to what end?

Sometimes, we have to learn the hard way, or even worse in hindsight. NOw if you’ll excuse me, I have some kids to chase off my lawn.

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  1. There comes a point for us all when you realise that all young people are idiots, all new music sucks and the world is a lot crappier and dumber than when you were young.

    My moment came when I was 14 I think.

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