It’s good to be a death Knight

While playing my death knight, I got to become the persona of evil. I slaughtered soldiers, civilians, peasants and priests. I’ve shot a cannon at a shore full of soldiers with their own weaponry. I’ve spoken with the lich king and gotten some nifty gear. I’ve killed innocent prisoners, and rode a frost wyrvern as I set fire to a town. 

The quests for the death knight raise the bar for any type of game, MMO or otherwise. Had I not added him to my guild already, I’d start another one just to go through them again. 

And, I’m happy to report, the only major glitch I’ve come across was the long, long queue to get in the game. There was little lag, only one disconnect and some good teamwork. Given all the problems that were experiences over the past few weeks, this comes as a relief. I’ve got some new screenshots I’ll post later tonight or in the morning, as I’m in another damn queue.

8 thoughts on “It’s good to be a death Knight

  1. And just how in the hell is the alliance supposed to resist the evil of your guys? All I hear about is the Death Knights.

    Did they fail to give anything cool to those of us who would rather play the good guys?

    I had a funny incident yesterday. I was running my lower ranked character, Mohanjaraam. This female drenai lvl 16 challenged him. I responded that I don’t fight ladies. And the character said, “hey, it’s okay, I’m actually a dude.”

  2. Well you can create an alliance death knight, though the quests I believe are similiar. Once you get through the DK quests, you then go out into the rest of the world and do quests like other groups. I would swear my DK mount (an undead horse) is faster than my normal mount, and I got to steal the horse first! It’s really a blast, and the last two quests are more fun than most games around.

    I’ve had that happen, the guy playing a girl, etc. Always a lot of fun. Their “reasoning” is they’d rather look a woman’s butt all through the game instead of a guys. Sounds like Pacione logic at work.

  3. I moved all of my characters, except my horde character, off Earthen Ring today.

    There are so many things that I have had to learn the hard way because no one ever thought to tell them to me. I will miss a few of the people, but I’m not comfortable there. Also the queue issue is getting to me.

  4. I can understand the frustration with the queue; however at this time, with the new expansion, queues are on all the servers. Some may not be as bad as ER, but there’ll still be queues.

    You can always email me when you have questions.

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