More Whining From Nikita

While Rusty has done a thorough job of going through La Femme NIkita’s latest manic episodes, I had to comment on one particular passage, as he doesn’t seem to think his own behaviour is anything but honorable.

The World Wide Web needs some governing parties to make sure assholes like the ones who go around violating copyrights and impersonating someone need to be cracked down, Illinois got some new laws passed and this is something I do have faith in and that’s the system.  The way the literary industry well the horror industry is – they carry themselves like it’s a God Damn dictatorship.  That was why I wrote the one article – the new publishers who seemed to sleep their way into the publishing side of things;  act like there is no room for authors like me in the industry , well this is a free country.          

They do need a few Republicans in charge of this too because they do get the job done in this department. 

Well, Nikita, what about sending fraudulent paypal invoices? What about death threats? How about those threats of bodily harm? Hmmm, are you sure you want your right to be a douchebag on the internet taken away?  That would leave you so much time to do something like, oh I don’t know, learn how to write!

See, I’m a published writer now, so you can’t bitch about me talking down about how horrible your work really is. Not that it makes a difference. You don’t need to be a garbage man to know shit when you see it. And everything you do, NIkita, is shit. Your stories are laughable, your AC articles unreadable, and your attempts at editing are not worth the paper they get printed on.

You should stop pretending to be something you’re not. Something you’ll never be. A writer worth reading. The best you can call yourself is a typist. And a bad one at that.

10 thoughts on “More Whining From Nikita

  1. Scott . . .

    Why waste your time with him?

    The best medicine for people like that is to just ignore them, because the reason they act the way they do is in order to provoke a response . . . so don’t give him a response.

    He’ll hate that no one is paying attention to him or writing about him. He’ll act out even more, but when he finally comes to the realization that no one is listening, he’ll go away.

  2. Brad, you clearly have not known Nicky as long as we have. There is no ignoring him. He spreads slander and intimidates women and children.

    One of the reasons for staying on top of him is to heat the heat focused on those of us who can handle it so that he does not find himself a new set of victims.

    Another reason is that when people who have been victimized by Nicky google him, it picks up blogs like Raingods’ and Rusty’s and they see that they are not alone.

    Several young boys have been rescued and protected by the anti-nicky brigade. That is really the bottom line.

  3. Well, you’re both right. I know, it’s a politician’s answer, but it’s true. If you look at my blog postings for the past 3-4 weeks, my threads about the nitwits have dwindled, considerably. I’ve not lost interest, but Rusty is so on top of things, as well as auotaim, that anything I write about them at this point is superfluous. However, that doesn’t mean I won’t post anything if I feel something is worth mentioning. Nikita came after me for a comment I made on SL months and months ago; then when I started my blog in July, he started posting his lunacy here as well, including a death threat, which is still on one of the comments. He’s been good and not bothered me with his foolishness for a good long while, mostly because of autoaim and SA, have kept him busy.

    And Cuss is right, if someone stumbles on my blog doing a search for Nikita, I’d want them to see him for what he really is, and avoid doing business with him at all costs.

    Having said that, I don’t really enjoy poking him, as it’s not nice making fun of the handicapped, yet he brings it on himself. There are some, who poke him, I think, for their 15 minutes of internet fame, and their as misguided as Nikita is. I do what I do for the reasons Cuss outlined, no more, no less.

  4. I something nothing productive in poking fun at a mentally stunted man who has severe emotional problems.

    What’s the point of it?

    That you HAVE to make fun of him because of his inane and vitriolic blog rantings and threatening emails?

    Even though you know that he is not the brightest bulb in the world and is pretty much harmless.

    Again, what’s the point of it?

    It’s the people who keep talking about him and writing blog entries about him that keep his name and antics alive. Without them, no one would give a shit.

    And I’m certain even with all the blog entries and talk, most people still don’t give a shit.

  5. No offense taken, at all. The problem is, leaving him alone, doesn’t mean he’ll go away. I’ve seen him snipe at people who haven’t had anything to do with him for years.

    As long as he continues to take swings at myself and others I know and respect, I’ll swing back.

  6. In my second post (above), “something” = find.

    Scott: It’s much like my “relationship” with various people who post at TODP—they nitpick my every post on Shocklines, create supposed “motives” out of the ether for everything I write, and attack me.

    They disrespect me, laugh at my stumbles, and so on.

    I’ve found that putting them on ignore is the best medicine, because they’re just doing that stuff to provoke a response from me. And whatever response I may give, it just feeds their antics, and they poke fun some more.

    I usually gets emails from writer-friends telling me about what’s being written about me over there.

    I just ignore it.

    Meaning this . . . Pacione can disrespect you and people you care about, and threaten them, but in essence, you’re just helping him by putting his antics all down in print.

    Just because the people at TODP write crap about me doesn’t mean that I have to go over there and respond.

    Everyone already knows that Pacione can’t write worth spit, so it’s not like all the blog entries and such from people about him is hurting his writing career . . .

  7. We’ll just have to agree to disagreee on this topic. The link which critgit provided to ETT, sums up part of what I feel about the topic. There are some things people have done, that quite frankly, are no better than Nikita’s antics. I don’t associate with them, or visit their blogs. I don’t blast them on my site, because what they do is on them. However, if you go through my blog roll you’ll notice some links that are missing, in regards to other sites that go after Nikita.

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