Having had a night’s sleep, albeit greatly shortened, and looking at the day’s headlines, I see it’s not a dream I had.

Obama, really did win. And now the work begins. As he reminded us in his speech last night, we’re fighting two wars, in the midst of an economic meltdown, and a hard road lay ahead. I voted for Obama, not just because I’m a Democrat, but I believe in his message. I believe in change.

16 years ago (!) I was 27, living with my sister and working at a Burger King. Bill Clinton was running for President then, and despite his broken zipper problem, I believed in his message. We had eight years of prosperity, a balanced budget, and no wars. In spite of every “gate” thrown at the Clinton’s they overcame, perservered and I think made the country a better place.

I felt the same thing last night as I watched Barack give his speech. This morning, as I walked to work, the clouds seemed a little fluffier; the sky a bit more blue.

And the future a lot more hopeful.

I want Obama and the new congress to succeed. I want change, a better life for myself and my nephews and niece. I think he can do that. If he can’t, I’ll be the first to say so.

And now, with the election over, I return to the slime filled dungeons of the nitwits, who I’ve neglected for far too long. Hope they didn’t miss me too much.

6 thoughts on “Afterglow

  1. I think I’ll get out my copy of Blazing Saddles and watch it tonight. A very prescient film, IMHO. Given half a chance, I believe Obama will acquit himself on the national and world stages even better than Bart did in Rock Ridge, against very similar opposition. I don’t see him holding a gun to his own head to gain sympathy, though.

    Every time somebody praised Sarah Palin for being one of the ‘common folk’, I flashed back on that scene where Gene Wilder comforted Bart after the townsfolk were so rude to him.

  2. Oh wow! I thought I was the only one! I love that line – you know, morons. 😀

    I have to say the whole thing does remind me a lot of Labour’s landslide and Blair’s victory. There was a short time of ‘the feel good factor’ but it wasn’t utilised and things went sour (especially with Blair’s association with Bush).

    Be fascinating to see if Obama is just like Blair and all talk, or if he can actually fulfill his promise.

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