Grind and Its Rewards

I’ve been pressed for time lately, due to some mandatory OT at work; having a wayward nephew crash with me until his umpteenth halfway house has a bed open, working on a poem for a collection, and precious time for Azeroth. I managed to spend a good portion of today playing, so I could get to 58-the minimum level to go to the Outlands. I hit 57 this morning; did some quests in silithus, and of course the daily Hallow’s Eve quests.  When I hit 142,000 or so of 159,000 exp needed to get to 58, I grinded my ass off. I was running over silithus killing everything in my sight.

For 90 minutes. Kill, loot, skin. I was so tired of killing and wandering, but I just had to get to the Outlands. When I finally dinged, I hearthed back to the inn, sold all my junk (making close to 10 gold just in loot) and began the trek to the Dark Portal.  I hopped a flight to Orgrimmar (over 8 minutes to get there), ran to the zepplin, to get to Stranglethorne Vale, and finally another flight to Stonard. Once in Stonard, I got on my trusty chicken mount and made my way to the dark portal. Earlier in the day I mapped it out, as it’s not easy to get to if you don’t know where you’re going, and finally made it there. 

Once out of the portal and in the Outlands, my breath was taken away. There are players who may take the beauty for granted, but it was new to me. I just stood there and looked around. all those kills, all that skinning, all the running was worthwhile.

Tomorrow I explore.

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