Blizzard’s response to the patch problem

Ever since the 3.0.2 patch for WoW was released on the 6th, there have been many, many issues regarding the servers, and glitches.  To rectify the problem somewhat, Blizzard issued this statement, taken from their wow forums.

Since the release of the latest patch, Echoes of Doom, we have gone through a series of optimizations in order to increase overall game performance. We’ve seen steady, stable populations and a flurry of activity and excitement during the Hallow’s End event and the latest rumblings of zombie attacks. It’s been an exciting time for us as we draw closer to the release of our second expansion, Wrath of the Lich King.

We’ve reached a point where we feel we can now accurately evaluate the events since the patch release. Though overall downtime has been minimal, players have experienced latency, inaccessible instances, and general frustrations. We are therefore announcing that we will be issuing compensation to accounts in all realms in the US, Oceanic, and Latin American regions. Accounts that are currently active and in good standing will be credited with an additional three days of game time.

We would like to thank you for your patience during this time and look forward to seeing you in game!

5 thoughts on “Blizzard’s response to the patch problem

  1. My son always notices little things that you can click on , so it took him to point out that clicking on the giant pumpkins in the inns is worth 1950 XP! So I took my mage around last night for it, and my pally tonight!

    Oh, snap, I should take my level 70 – my son says that’s 4gold a pop!

  2. LOL. I have trick or treated at all the areas my poor lvl 33 could reach. A lot of them were simply to powerful to get into. I also found out that if you do all the low level quests, even a lvl 70 can go up in reputation. So I have seen a horde of lvl 70s out doing good deeds.

  3. I was getting almost 4000 xp for the giant punpkins, as wells as the daily quest of putting out the fires and smashing the pumpkin. It helped me get from 52-57 in a week of fairly casual gaming. I’ll hit 58 today and then head to the outlands.

  4. Yeah, the low level quests give some good experience rep, to raise your status with various factions. I’ll end up going back and doing a lot of those I’m sure, but I just want to get Kharisi leveled up first.

  5. I got my mount. You were right that humans get horses. But I was a bit miffed when the one I picked was a chestnut and I got a bay. But then you can’t expect programmers to know the actual meaning of horse colors.

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