It Ends With a Whimper

As of noon yesterday, the plague is no more. Well, the zombies are gone, as are the infected crates, roaches, and people. The floating Necropolises are still there, ever a reminder that Arthas is approaching.

It was almost anticlimatic. Yet the fact, that Azeroth was turned upside down in five days, disrupting quests, AH sales, dailies, remains a memory of gaming I’ll never forget. IN spite of my own frustrations at times, I thought this was one of the best things to ever happen.

I’m looking forward to more, hopefully I’ll make it to 70 before then…

2 thoughts on “It Ends With a Whimper

  1. Overall, I enjoyed it a lot. Mostly, I suspect, because Earthen Ring got locked and I had to play a different character over at Sho’halo. Since it was only a lvl 10, I got a better feeling for the invasion as I was always running away from places and sneaking around to make certain the zombies did not get me.

    On a different note, I discovered that the annoying player who keeps dragging me into stuff and such is actually a kid. She mentioned to a newbie that she had to play quietly because her four sisters and brother were asleep.

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