A Legend in His Own Mind

Well, it’s that time to pay a visit to the emotionally stunted, talent challenged, La Femme Nikita. He’s managed to post another blog entry from the depths of dial up, invoking his own importance, martyrdom, and ignorance.

Seems that when I get an article published or an editorial picked up, these bastards act likle the natives are restless with each comment. The constant misquoting of my blogs and you stealing my work repeatedly asshole is biting you repeatedly in the ass.

Well, I’m not sure what likle means, but can assume he means like. The fact this sentence still makes no sense, is by now, beside the point. The constant misquoting of his blogs, is a big Dagstine of a lie. Everyone who quotes you, does a simple cut and paste of a brief section, no misquoting. However, even this simply concept is lost on the mental midget.

The son of a bitch from Finland decided to harass my family via the mail system, and correct me of I am wrong isn’t that against the law?  Especially when there is no return address on the envelope.  I know how they got my grandmother’s name they were going on another website that was out there and I didn’t create this.   I am angry as hell they are stalking my family’s blog postings and all of that too especially when one admitted they’re going around stealing my posts from AssociatedContent.com.

Sending mail, with or without a return address is not a crime. Pretending to have talent, also is not a crime, but should be.

The obsession this fucker has is one of the most unhealthy and seems like he’s a serial killer waiting to happen.

Hmm, this from a creature who regularly sends death threats, fradulent paypal invoices, promises physical violence, promotes hate crimes, and  prints paranoid posts that have no basis in logic. Wanna see a serial killer in the making, look in the mirror NIkita. Though, being the chickenshit you are, maybe you’re too afraid to take anyone on, other than online.

Nikita’s sense of importance is amusing to no end. The fact he thinks having someothing posted on AC, somehow legitimizes him, or his writing, is delusional, to the point of insane. His power trips, of thinking he can ruin anyone’s career other than his own (if he had one that is), is grandiose thinking on his part. He can’t even get out of granny’s basement, let alone tie his own sleepsack.

In an effort to portray himself, as a misunderstood, picked on, martyr, he truly reveals himself for what he is, one of the true cyber trolls he loves to crow about.

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