Larry the Loser

Lorenzo the limpwristed, loser is at it again on SL,

with thinly veiled threats against someone, most likely Janrae. I’m so tired of the chickenshits like Larry. They have a huge chip on their shoulder, all because they’re douchebags. They spend time plotting revenge, nursing grudges and living a life of bitter jealousy. To compensate for being such a shitheel, they pick on others. All big talk in misspelled words, often in bold or caps.

Larry, you’re a despicable, worthless piece of shit. The tragedy in your life, is the fact your kid will spend their entire life being embarrassed by you. You have no talent, no redeeming qualities, and are one of the biggest liars I’ve come across.  You’re a joke. A farce. A fart from God’s ass. Nothing more. You have no substance, no dignity and certainly no respect. 

For all your tough talk, you’re nothing but a punk ass bitch. You lie about your credits, your health and everything else under the sun. If you were dying of thirst, I wouldn’t even piss on you; it would be a waste of body fluid.

In short, Larry, go fuck yourself.

4 thoughts on “Larry the Loser

  1. Brilliant!

    I feel sorry for his kid.

    He’ll be the one in the playground, alone, because everyone will be saying, “His dad’s a loser!”

    Poor kid.

  2. That thread’s up to four pages now. The thing is, I don’t think the threat’s even thinly veiled; it might as well be covered in clear plastic wrap.

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