10 thoughts on “It Is My Fault…or is it?

  1. you’re three hours earlier than I am. And you work outside the home. I’m a sort of spoiled workaholic doing what I love best.

    And yes those pictures made me drool and that link to the video for the up-coming addition to WoW did not help matters. It is awesome.

    Oddly since they finished the most recent upgrade or whatever it was they did for six hours today, I’m running far better than I was before they did it. I kept going up levels and not seeing a serious change in results. Now I am.

  2. Well I’m glad it’s running smooth, I’ll see how the exp. is when I get online tonight. I made it to 52 last night, but didn’t get my new pet 🙁

    That video is great! And I forget at times, the time difference, though that will be changing pretty soon. I’m on track to get to 55 before the expansion comes out, well ahead, now that I’ve found some good areas to grind in.

  3. Oh I’ll get to 70 and beyond; but in the Wrath of the Lich King, you have to have at least one character at 55 in order to create a Death Knight. The DK is a new Hero class that simply looks bad ass. The expansions do have more areas; WotLK, will update graphics, add more mounts, and a slew of other things as well.

  4. I’m going to add a page for WoW on my blog. I have a lot of thoughts about it. I have decided that I will play for a couple of hours while I am having my first cup of coffee in the mornings, and then again when I’m stopping for the night. It really does relieve a lot of stress for me.

  5. Not at all. If you want to play as a dranei, or blood elf, you would; or a death knight for that matter, but you can go to all the new areas with original characters.

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